KH1.5: How To Get Donald’s Fantasista Staff

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Fantasista is an endgame weapon for Donald. It gives him an additional 3 MP, which is a good boost for the team’s resident Mage.

You’ll need to synth 30 other unique items with the Moogles before the Fantasista can be made.

And the Fantasista requires rare ingredients that are all dropped by unique heartless located across the many world.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Now let’s discuss how to get this stuff!


Getting Fury Stones

The big version of a small classic / KH1.5
The big version of a small classic!

Gigas Shadows can be found in Wonderland.

The best way to find them is to save in the Queen’s Castle and then enter and exit the nearby bizarre room until you see a bunch of small Shadows appear.

You’ll have to beat two waves of small Shadows before the big boys appear.

When the Gigas Shadows show up, immediately cast an Aero spell on Sora. This prevents the Giga Shadows from damaging Sora, so be sure to keep it up!

If one of the Giga Shadows deals any damage to Sora, it will vanish. The more Giga Shadows you defeat, the higher the likelihood of a Fury Stone dropping, so you don’t want any of them running away!

Here’s a breakdown of Gigas Shadow drop rates:

Gigas Shadows Defeated Chance of a Fury Stone
1 0%
2 0%
3 10%
4 20%
5 35%
6 50%
7 100% + a bonus Fury Stone

Remember that after defeating them, you have to return to your Gummi Ship and then go back to Wonderland to make them able to spawn again.


Getting Power Stones

The Most Annoying Primates / Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5
The Most Annoying Primates

Sniperwilds are pink monkeys that appear in Traverse Town’s Second District. They scope out the place using strangely creepy glowing eyes.

If they spot you, then it’s already too late.

Once Sora gets sighted, a Sniperwild will start multiplying infinitely while sniping with powerful slingshot attacks. If this happens, you’ll have to leave the area to reset them.

The trick is to sneak up behind them, hit them with a Stop spell, then whack them a few times before running away.

Sniperwilds require a fair amount of practice, as well as trial-and-error to learn how to defeat. The good news is that you don’t have to defeat too many to earn Power Stones.

Once you defeat more than one Sniperwild, you have at least a 50% chance of a stone dropping.


Getting Mythril Stones

The Hidden Bug / KH1.5
The Hidden Bug

Mythril Stones drop from the Pot Scorpion in Agrabah.

When you enter the Palace Gates area and see twelve unassuming pots, you’ve found the Pot Scorpion. It’s hiding in one of those pots (makes sense).

Breaking all the pots except the one with the Scorpion has a 10% chance of the last pot giving you a Mythril Stone. Defeating the Pot Scorpion itself has a 35% chance of another dropping.

The Pot Scorpion is a tough fight, especially early on. It’s invincible unless it gets knocked on its back, which can only be done with a well-timed guard parry.

You’ll have to watch and learn how it attacks to be able to parry it.

Once it is on its back, you can whack it a few times before it gets back up.

It’s kind of a grueling battle if you’re not high level or not good at parrying.

If you have Aerora or Aeroga, you can use that to knock the Pot Scorpion over without having to parry.

But you don’t have to fight the Scorpion!

You can simply break the 11 other pots and if you don’t get a stone, leave the world, and come back to try again – no fighting necessary.

Tip: Breaking all 11 pots also gives you 1000 experience, making this an excellent early leveling spot.


Getting Energy Stones

This is not a Stealth Mission / KH1.5
This is not a Stealth Mission

Stealth Soldiers are the heartless that have Energy Stones.

These guys appear in Hollow Bastion, both in the Grand Hall and Entrance Hall areas.

They’re invisible, hence the ‘Stealth’ part of their name. You’ll have to rely on your lock-on to locate them.

This also makes it tricky to know if they’ve spawned, but there’s another way to tell.

Entrance Hall: If a Large Body and two Wizards appear near the center fountain then the likelihood of a Stealth Soldier appearing is high. So, defeat the riff-raff quickly and get to hunting!

Grand Hall: If two Large Bodies appear during the second wave of Heartless near the lower part of this room, then a Stealth Soldier will probably appear with them.

Fighting a Stealth Soldier involves locking on and keeping up pressure with your attacks.

If you give them too much leeway they’re likely to escape, or deal a lot of damage, so you’ll have to make sure you don’t give them the chance.

Energy Stones have a flat 35% chance of dropping.


Is Fantasista Worth It?

The Staff helps with magic / Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5
The Staff helps with magic.

Yes. It’s one of Donald’s best weapons.

Three MP may not sound like a lot, but it makes a huge difference.

Load the duck up with abilities like MP Rage, MP Haste, and MP Gift, and you’ll see him slinging a ton of spells without having to worry about the cost.

Also, gathering all the materials gives you the chance to see a lot of cool Heartless and earn a ton of experience, as well as a lot of other items in the process.

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