KH1.5: Frost Gem Locations & Farming Methods

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Frost Gems are dropped by Sea Neons and Sheltering Zones, along with White Mushrooms. You can also get these from Bambi’s summon charge in Wonderland.

The best place to farm Frost Gems is either by filling Bambi’s gauge x3 times in Wonderland for a 30% drop chance, or by going to Atlantica to take down some Heartless.

The Sheltering Zone enemies in Atlantica have a 10% drop chance (8% in Final Mix), and if it’s defeated without critical hits or magic, it’ll split into three Sea Neons. And those guys have a 6% chance (2% in Final Mix) to drop a Gem.

If you try farming in Atlantica then the area right outside Triton’s Palace will be your best bet for finding these jellies. And since there’s a save spot in Triton’s Throne Room you can disembark there, clean up the areas outside his palace, then return to the save spot to leave the world & re-enter to keep farming.

Bambi Summon Animation Screenshot / KH1.5 HD

Where Can I Get Frost Gems?

There are quite a few options for these, so let’s take a look at everything you can farm.


Sea Neons

These are tiny jellyfish-like Heartless that can be found swimming throughout Atlantica and the End of the World. They can also spawn after defeating a Sheltering Zone without any magic or critical hits.

They have a 6% chance to drop a Frost Gem in the original game, and a 2% chance to drop one in KH1.5 Remix.

Sea Neons Splitting Heartless in Atlantica (KH1.5 HD)

Sheltering Zones

These are the bigger and madder jellyfish Heartless, and they should look just like Sea Neaons (only bigger). These are also found swimming in Atlantica and the End of the World, but the best spot for farming these guys is definitely outside Triton’s Palace & in the area just beyond that spot.

They have a 10% chance to drop a Frost Gem in KH1, or an 8% chance in KH1.5 Remix.


White Mushrooms

These rare heartless are a pain to find, but they’re filled with goodies.

If you play their game of charades and try to hit them with just ice spells (Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga) then you’ll likely walk away with some good stuff.

White Mushrooms will only drop a Frost Gem in two specific circumstances:

1) If you cast Blizzard just as the final spell then you have a 20% drop chance
2) Or if you cast Blizzard all 3 times then you’ll have a 60% drop chance

These mushrooms do have lots of gems to give away, but they’re not the easiest creatures to farm. So truthfully they’re probably the worst option for farming Frost Gems.



Summoning Bambi and taking down Heartless allows you to get special drops if you fill up his charge gauge enough times.

If you manage to defeat enough enemies to fill up Bambi’s gauge 3 times in Wonderland, he’ll have a 30% (20% in Final Mix) chance to drop a Frost Gem for you.

Note that Wonderland is the only world where you can summon Bambi to get a Frost Gem, and you need to fill up the gauge x3 times for that drop chance. This also only works in the Bizarre Room or in the Lotus Forest, so plan ahead to develop a route where you can take down lots of Heartless quickly to fill up the gauge.

Here’s Bambi’s full drop table for Wonderland so you can see what it offers:

Gauges Drops
x1 Filled Hi-Potion (100%)
x2 Filled Ether (100%)
Frost Shard (40%)
x3 Filled Mega-Potion (100%)
Frost Shard (60%)
Frost Gem (30%)
Outside Triton's Palace in Atlantica / KH1.5 HD

Frost Gem Uses in KH1/KH1.5

Frost Gems are used in a variety of different crafting recipes for synthesis, and they’re also one of the harder gems to get in this game.

But here’s a list of all the synthesis recipes you can make with these:

Mega Potion: A hefty potion that heals 30 HP for all party members. In the original KH1 you can synthesize this using List II and x1 Blaze Gem, x1 Frost Gem, x1 Thunder Gem, and x2 Mythril Shards.

The recipe in KH1.5 Remix is different and doesn’t require a Frost Gem.

Mega-Ether: Restores 3 MP for all party members. Make this in KH1 with List III and x3 Blaze Gems, x3 Frost Gems, x3 Thunder Gems, x5 Bright Gems, and x1 Bright Crystal.

The recipe in KH1.5 Remix is different and doesn’t require Frost Gems.

Rune Amulet: A simple accessory that’ll raise your MP and Defense by +1 each. This also enhances your magic & summon damage slightly.

You can synthesize this in KH1 with List III and x2 Blaze Gems, x2 Frost Gems, x2 Thunder Gems, and x3 Mythril.

If you’re playing KH1.5 Remix then the recipe will instead need List II and x3 Blaze Gems, x3 Frost Gems, and x3 Thunder Gems.

Ribbon: This is a very helpful accessory that’ll reduce your Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Dark damage by 20%. You can make it in KH1 with List IV and x5 Blaze Gems, x5 Frost Gems, x5 Thunder Gems, x5 Bright Gems, and x3 Gale.

KH1.5 Remix players will instead need List V and x5 Blaze Gems, x5 Frost Gems, x5 Thunder Gems, x1 Gale, and x3 Serenity Powers.

AP Up: Increases any party member’s AP by +1 point.

The original game’s recipe doesn’t use Frost Gems, but for KH1.5 Remix you’ll need List III and x2 Blaze Gems, x2 Frost Gems, x2 Thunder Gems, and x4 Mythril.

Sea Neon Heartless Battle in Atlantica / KH1.5 HD

Are Frost Gems Worth Farming?

You can make a handful of really useful items with Frost Gems. So I would recommend getting your hands on these sooner than later.

As mentioned above, the area outside of Triton’s Palace will be your best place to farm these from Heartless drops.

But if you do some test runs with Bambi in Wonderland then you could get into a groove and quickly grind out drops there too.

Either way, these gems are going to be a grind. But they’re absolutely worth the effort to complete all the synthesis recipes.

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