Where To Farm Fury Stones in Kingdom Hearts 1.5

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Fury Stones are a type of synthesis ingredient only found in Kingdom Hearts 1.5/Final Mix. They’re only dropped by the Gigas Shadow Heartless, which appear exclusively in Wonderland.

These big shadows have a rare chance to spawn in the Wonderland Bizarre Room.

They look just like the regular Shadow Heartless we all know & love, except they’re huge.

To farm these guys, you can land at the save spot in the Queen’s Castle and then enter the Bizarre Room from there. If you enter and don’t see the basic Shadows spawning, then leave and come back in.

You’ll want to make sure you see regular Shadows only, and then you’ll need to defeat all of the shadows that spawn, because that will unleash the Gigas swarm.

If possible, try to defeat all 7 Gigas to guarantee at least one stone.

You can use these stones to synthesize the EXP Earring and the Fantasista staff for Donald.

Sora attacking multiple Gigas Shadows / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Fury Stone Farming: Location + Tips

Fury Stones are only dropped by the Gigas Shadows, and you’ll need to defeat at least 3 of them if you want a chance at this drop – defeating all 7 will get you a 100% chance at a drop, but that’s easier said than done.

Being runts no longer, these much larger versions of the Shadow Heartless are here to ruin your day.

They spawn in a rare encounter in the Wonderland Bizarre Room. If you enter the room and there are lots of normal shadows around, that’s a good sign & exactly what you’ll want to see.

Regular Shadow Heartless appear in the Bizarre Room / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Keep defeating the smaller bois until the big bois spawn.

Your chances of any specific Gigas Shadow dropping a Fury Stone will increase greatly for each Gigas you defeat, climbing up to a 100% chance when you defeat 7 of them.

But whenever a Gigas Shadow hits you, it’ll despawn. Just one physical hit is enough to cause it to despawn, even if you didn’t actually lose the fight or drop to 0 HP.

So you’ll need to be playing offense & defense for this battle.

But here’s a drop table for these stones to help you strategize:

Gigas Shadows Drop Rate
1 Defeated 0%
2 Defeated 0%
3 Defeated 10%
4 Defeated 20%
5 Defeated 35%
6 Defeated 50%
7 Defeated 100%
Sora getting tech points for blocking a Gigas Heartless / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Fury Stone Uses

This synthesis ingredient is only used in a couple recipes, but they’re both worth making:

EXP Earring: Each one of these earrings you equip to any party member will increase their exp gains by 20%, with this effect boosted the more you equip.

You can forge one of these earrings with List I Synthesis and the following ingredients:

  • x1 Fury Stone
  • x1 Power Stone
  • x1 Mythril Stone
  • x1 Serenity Power
  • x3 Dark Matter

Fantasista: This is a fantastic staff for Donald that’ll raise his strength and MP by +3 points each.

Harness its power by synthesizing it using List VI and these ingredients:

  • x3 Fury Stones
  • x3 Power Stones
  • x3 Mythril
  • x5 Energy Stones
Getting a Fury Stone drop in Wonderland / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Are Fury Stones Worth Farming?

The Gigas Shadow fight may be rare. But if you can take out waves of them, you have a good chance of getting lots of stones – especially if you have drop rate abilities equipped like Lucky Strike and Jackpot.

You’ll only need 4-5 of them to complete all the recipes, you need unless you want more EXP Earrings. And even then, you’d probably need 7 or 8 Fury Stones max to create enough EXP Earrings to stack.

It shouldn’t be too difficult of a feat – but be sure to avoid getting hit by any of Gigas Shadows.

If you get hit even once it’ll cause that Gigas Shadow to despawn, lowering your drop chances.

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