Where To Farm Gale in Kingdom Hearts (And KH 1.5)

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Gale is only dropped by the Invisible and Angel Star Heartless in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and in the original KH1.

The best spot for farming this is in the Linked Worlds area in The End of the World, where you’ll find groups of Angel Stars and Invisibles that repeatedly spawn.

The simplest method is to land at the “Final Rest” save spot, which is located just before you fight Ansem.

Then backtrack into the “Linked Worlds” area, or run back through a few areas in End of the World & take down as many of these enemies as you can.

For in-game uses, you can synthesize a handful of items with Gale, including Megalixirs, some great accessories, and even the Ultima Weapon in the PS2 version of the game.

Sora, Donald & Goofy attacking an Invisible Heartless / KH 1.5 HD

Gale Farming Methods

There are only two Heartless that can drop gale, both end-game Heartless.

Here’s what you can pick from:


Angel Stars

This Heartless isn’t such a sweet angel like the name suggests, and it’s more like an eldritch horror.

You’ll notice it flying around the End of the World with 4 white wings, even though it looks like some kind of contraption (with no face).

These Angel Stars have an 8% drop chance for Gale (or a 20% chance with x3 Lucky Strike abilities).

Angel Star Heartless in End Of The World / KH 1.5 HD


You’ll definitely recognize these guys if you don’t already.

Invisibles are giant, menacing, claymore-wielding Heartless that can also be found in the End of the World. They have a 6% chance to drop Gale (or an 18% chance with x3 Lucky Strike abilities).

And these guys can also be found in groups with Angel Stars, mostly in areas close to the final save spot before the Ansem fight.

Sora and Goofy fighting an Invisible Heartless (End Of The World) / KH 1.5 HD

What is Gale Used For?

Lots of items can be synthesized with Gale, and they’re mostly all great:


Megalixir: Fully heals your entire party’s HP and MP.

Synthesize this in the original KH1 using List IV and x5 Bright Shards, x3 Bright Gems, x1 Bright Crystal, x1 Shiny Crystal, and x2 Gale.

Or if you’re playing KH1.5, the recipe will instead be in List V and use x5 Lucid Gems, x3 Lucid Crystals, x2 Gale, and x1 Dark Matter.


Atlas Amulet: This accessory boosts your MP and Defense by +2 each, as well as significantly enhancing your magic and summon power.

You can make this in the original KH1 with List IV and x2 Shiny Crystals, x1 Mystery Goo, x3 Orichalcum, and x1 Gale.

KH1.5/Final Mix will have a different recipe not needing Gale.


Ribbon: This accessory is one of the best defensive items in the game. It’ll reduce all fire, blizzard, thunder, and dark damage by 20%, as well as increasing your defense by +3.

You can synthesize this in the original KH1 using List IV and x5 Blaze Gems, x5 Frost Gems, x5 Thunder Gems, x5 Bright Gems, and x3 Gale.

Or if you’re playing KH1.5, the recipe will instead need List V and x5 Blaze Gems, x5 Frost Gems, x5 Thunder Gems, x1 Gale, and x3 Serenity Power.


Dark Matter: This is a rare synthesis ingredient only used in KH1.5/Final Mix.

You can synthesize lots of this material using List V and x9 Lucid Shards, x1 Gale, and x2 Mythril.


Ultima Weapon: Sora’s endgame keyblade, offering +12 Strength (+14 in Final Mix) and +2 MP, along with an increased critical hit chance.

You can forge this in the original KH1 using List V and x5 Lucid Gems, x5 Power Gems, x5 Thunder Gems, x3 Mystery Goo, and x3 Gale.

Note that KH1.5/Final Mix’s recipe doesn’t need any gale for the Ultimate Blade.

Gale drop at End of the World / KH 1.5 HD

Is Gale Worth Farming?

Since this is an end-game level ingredient, it’s used in a lots of powerful end-game synthesis recipes.

But even though it’ll be harder to farm than other items, it’s still worth your time to gather as much as you can – even just for the Ribbon, plus maybe some Megalixirs, and the Ultima Weapon (if you’re playing the original KH1).

The drop rate is pretty decent compared to other end-game ingredients too – so this shouldn’t be too much of a slog.

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