KH1.5 Grand Ghost: Location + How To Beat It

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The Grand Ghost is a unique heartless that can be found in Monstro’s stomach.

You can easily get to the stomach by taking the upper doorway in the Monstro starting area (you’ll need either high-jump or Glide).

What makes the Grand Ghost special is that it drops rare Frost Stones, an item needed to craft the Moogle Badge and Crystal Crown accessories, as well as Goofy’s Seven Elements shield.

You’ll need seven Frost Stones to make one each item that requires it.


Grand Ghost Battle Strategies

Using an Item on the Grand Ghost / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Using an Item on the Grand Ghost

The Grand Ghost isn’t like the other ghosts.

Usually, you solve your heartless problems via keyblade, but attacking the Grand Ghost directly won’t do any damage.

You deal damage to the Grand Ghost by healing it with items!

Yes, it’s one of those enemies.

GG has 300 hit points, and each type of healing item does a set amount of damage to it. Defeating it will always drop 1 Frost Stone, no matter what items you use.

Depending on what item you use though, the Grand Ghost will drop various other items. Take a look at this table to see what I mean:

Item Used Damage and Item Drop Rate
Potion 50 Damage, no item
Hi-Potion 70 Damage, no item
Mega-Potion 100 Damage, Frost Stone (5%)
Ether 20 Damage, Ether (30%)
Mega-Ether 50 Damage, Ether (30%), Frost Stone (10%)
Elixir 200 Damage, Frost Stone (35%)
Megalixir 300 Damage, Frost Stone (100%)

What this all means is that you can increase your chance for an additional Frost Stone by using higher-quality items.

Remember: defeating the Grand Ghost by any means will get you a Frost Stone. What items you use to do so determines the chance of an additional stone.


Should You Use High-Quality Items?

Getting two Frost Stone drops from Grand Ghost / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Getting two Frost Stone drops from Grand Ghost

Probably not.

You only need seven Frost Stones for one of everything that needs them, and the Grand Ghost is promised to drop one when you beat it.

So if your time is worth more than your Elixirs and Megalixirs then sure, feed him your best stuff.

But honestly, it’s probably easier to just beat him with Hi-Potions and Mega-Potions, exiting to the Gummi Ship, and returning to beat him again.

You’ll get your stones constantly without spending your valuables.

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