How To Get High Jump in Kingdom Hearts (KH1.5)

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High Jump is obtained from a chest hidden in Monstro’s Mouth, on the ship you see just before entering the rest of his body. More specifically, this chest is located near the save spot where Geppetto is standing.

But you can only open this chest after defeating the Parasite Cage for the first time.

And once you open the chest you’ll unlock the ability, but you have to equip it in your “Abilities” menu to actually use it.

This is also the first “Shared Ability” that you’ll get in the game. This means when you equip it from your Abilities menu it’ll be active for everyone in your party.

High Jump Treasure Chest Location in Monstro (KH1.5 HD)

Getting High Jump (Mini-Guide)

High Jump can be found in a Chest hidden within Monstro, right next to Geppetto’s ship.

However, you cannot open that chest until you progress further into the World’s story.

Basically just run through all the different sections of Monstro’s interior and you’ll eventually bump into a room that starts a cutscene with Riku. In this cutscene you’ll hear Pinocchio yell from deeper within the whale.

This leads to a boss fight where you’ll find Pinocchio trapped inside a giant weird plant-looking Heartless – the Parasite Cage.

Parasite Cage Screenshot Battle #1 (KH1.5 HD)

Team up with Riku and dispel this beast, then return to the mouth where you’ll get one more cutscene featuring Riku. Then you can open up the chest to unlock High Jump.

Make sure to equip it and reach heights unimaginable.

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