How To Farm Lucid Shards in Kingdom Hearts 1.5

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Lucid shards are dropped by only a few heartless: Shadows, Gigas Shadows, and White Mushrooms. You can also farm them using Bambi’s summon in Monstro.

But your best bet for farming would be the Shadows and Gigas Shadows that have a chance to spawn in the Wonderland Bizarre Room. If you enter the room and don’t see the basic Shadows spawn, then leave and come back in.

These are fairly easy to defeat, and Lucid Shards are the most common drop of all the “Lucid” synthesis items. So you can farm plenty of these pretty quickly.

And you can use these shards to forge a large handful of useful synthesis items, like Defense Ups and Dark Matter.

Sora close-up against a Shadow Heartless / KH 1.5 HD

Where Can I Get Lucid Shards?

Lucid shards can be farmed from only a few enemies, with the shadow heartless being the simplest ones to fight.

Luckily they’re pretty common drops and fairly simple to stock up on.

You can also use Bambi’s summon to farm these shards, but let’s take a look at all your options:


Yep, these are your basic every-day starter Heartless.

These runts have an 8% chance (3% in Final Mix) to drop a shard for you.

Since these are the most common heartless in the game, they’re sure to drop plenty of shards along your journey (you’ll run into these guys lots of times).

But if you want to farm more, the Bizarre Room in Wonderland has a chance to spawn a whole horde of them.

Sora attacking a Shadow close-up in Wonderland / KH 1.5 HD

Gigas Shadows

These much larger versions of the Shadows are here to smack back and take names.

If you’re playing KH1.5 Final Mix, these Gigas Shadows will be your best farming method. Note that they do not appear in the original PS2 version of the game.

They spawn as a rare encounter in Wonderland’s Bizarre Room.

Here’s how to coax them out:

If you enter the room and there are a whole bunch of normal Shadows around, like only Shadows, then keep defeating them (and picking up any Lucid Shards you happen to get). After a couple waves of regular Shadows you’ll get a swarm of Gigas Shadows.

Your drop chances for a shard increase for each Gigas you can defeat, with that drop rate hitting 100% if you can defeat 5+ in total.

Here’s a quick table of their drop rates for Lucid Shards:

Gigas Shadows Drop Rate (Lucid Shard)
1 Defeated 10%
2 Defeated 20%
3 Defeated 35%
4 Defeated 50%
5+ Defeated 100%

White Mushrooms

These are rare mushroom-shaped heartless that you’ll notice all over different worlds.

You probably know the gist by now, but basically you want to cast a certain spell on these mushrooms when they charade for the spell. If you do it correctly then you’ll have different drops based on which spells you cast & how many you get right (each mushroom disappears after 3 total spells).

If you see a mushroom floating above the ground like they’re levitating, that’s your cue.

You’ll want to cast Gravity, and so long as that’s the last spell you cast from the 3-in-a-row, it’ll always drop a Lucid shard.


Bambi (Monstro)

Summoning Bambi in Monstro and defeating enemies will fill up his gauge while he’s on the field.

If you manage to make it fill up x3 times, he’ll have a 60% chance to drop a Lucid Shard for you. Or if you can only manage to fill x2 gauges, he’ll have a 40% chance at a drop.

This can work for farming, but ultimately it’s probably faster & easier to farm the Shadows/Gigas Shadows.

Multiple Shadows spawning in the Bizarre Room / KH 1.5 HD

What Are Lucid Shards Used For?

Lucid Shards appear in a whole bunch of synthesis recipes in the game, such as:

Defense Up: Increase any party member’s Defense stat by +1.

You can synthesize this in KH1 (for PS2) using List III and x5 Lucid Shards, x3 Lucid Gems, x1 Lucid Crystal, and x1 Mystery Goo.

If you’re playing KH1.5, the recipe will instead be on List IV using x3 Lucid Shards, x3 Bright Shards, x2 Bright Gems, x1 Power Crystal, and x5 Orichalcum.

Dark Ring: A handy defensive accessory that offers +3 Defense, and +20% dark damage resistance.

You can make this in the original KH1 with List I and x2 Lucid Shards, x1 Bright Shard, and x2 Mythril Shards. Note that KH1.5 has a different recipe.


Cottage: Using this outside of battle will fully heal your entire party’s HP & MP.

You can synthesize these in KH1.5/Final Mix with List I, using x1 Lucid shard and x1 Bright Shard.

The original KH1 game has a different recipe that doesn’t use any Lucid Shards.


Power Chain: Just a simple accessory offering Strength +2. Synthesize it in KH1.5 ReMIX/Final Mix with List I using x2 Power Shards and x1 Lucid shard.


Gaia Bangle: Use this on any party member for +9 HP and +3 Defense.

You can make one in KH1.5 with List III and x5 Lucid Shards, x3 Lucid Gems, and x1 Lightning Stone.

The original KH1 recipe doesn’t need Lucid Shards.


Dark Matter: This is actually a synthesis ingredient that only appears in KH1.5, and you can create more of it via synthesis (to use in other recipes).

Make this with x9 Lucid Shards, x1 Gale, and x2 Mythril.


Master Earring: Help anyone in your party with a boost of +4 AP and +2 Defense.

This can be made in the original KH1 with List II and x3 Lucid Shards, x2 Lucid Gems, and x2 Spirit Gems.

KH1.5/Final Mix has a recipe not requiring any of these shards.

Sora getting a Lucid Shard in Wonderland / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Are Lucid Shards Worth Farming?

Since Shadows are highly common throughout almost every world in Kingdom Hearts, you might not have to farm any of these at all.

But if you do need to farm, they’re really easy to get. And the Bizarre Room is the place to be.

Wipe out lots of shadows and craft what you need, since a good chunk of the items listed above are worth a few minutes of extra farming.

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