Where To Farm Mega-Potions in Kingdom Hearts (And KH1.5)

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Mega-Potions do actually drop from a whole handful of heartless, including the Air Pirates, Aquatanks, Pirates, Search Ghosts, and much more.

If you need one of these enemies for another drop item, then it can make sense to farm one particular heartless. But if you just want tons of Mega-Potions then I would recommend trying to synthesize the potions instead of farming for them.

The reason is because you might honestly be able to acquire all the ingredients to make lots of these potions faster than if you were just farming Heartless repeatedly.

And with all that said, there isn’t any store that actually sells Mega-Potions in the game.

So you’re pretty much relegated to farming in some way – either farming for potion drops themselves, or farming for synthesis materials to create your own.

But let’s look at all your options here.

Mega-Potion Synthesis Menu Item in KH 1.5

Mega Potion Drops

There’s quite a lot of different Heartless in the game that have a chance (albeit small) to drop a Mega-Potion.

Some boss fights also have a drop chance, but those aren’t farmable.

You could attempt to chase down almost any specific heartless, since it boils down to which enemies you want to farm, rather than a “perfect spot” for farming these potions as drops.

But with that said, your enemy options include:


Air Pirates:
These high-flying pirates can be found in Neverland and in Monstro, and they have a 1% chance to drop a potion.


You know these guys when you see ‘em – the big giant angler fish looking monsters that lurk in Atlantica.

They may be a bit harder to find, but they have a 4% chance to drop a Mega-Potion.


The best place to find these guys is probably in Neverland, but they do appear in both Neverland and Monstro.

They have a 1% chance to drop a Mega-Potion alongside their other booty.


Search Ghosts:
These horrifying creatures (with a weird dangly eye…) can be found haunting Halloween Town, Monstro, Atlantica, and Traverse Town.

Since they’re rather abundant in Traverse Town’s Second District, these guys might be a good choice for farming. More specifically if you head into the Traverse Town Hotel and visit some of the rooms – you should find plenty of Search Ghosts to take out for drops.

Note that they do come with a 1% drop chance for Mega-Potions – but you can equip your party with Lucky Strike to increase those odds.


Wight Knights:
Yet another creepy creature, this time wrapped in bandages.

These guys can be found stalking around Halloween Town and they have a very small 0.5% drop rate. So arguably, these would be the worst enemies to farm unless you specifically need other stuff from Halloween Town.

Wight Knights in Halloween Town / KH 1.5 Screenshot

Synthesizing Mega-Potions in Original KH1 (For PS2)

If you’re playing the original Kingdom Hearts then you can visit the Moogle Shop to synthesize Mega Potions. You’ll need to have List II and the following materials:


x1 Blaze Gem:
These gems are easiest to farm in Agrabah from the Bandit and Fat Bandit Heartless.

More specifically, try checking the Cave of Wonders in Agrabah. We also have a guide on farming Blaze Gems so take a look there for more info.


x1 Frost Gem:
We’re in Atlantica for these, since they only drop from the Sea Neon or the Sheltering Zone Heartless.

You’ll find these guys mostly just outside of Triton’s Palace (or directly inside it), and they’re fairly easy to take out. We also have a guide on farming Frost Gems too.


x1 Thunder Gem:
Luckily you can get Thunder Gems right alongside Frost Gems – both appear in Atlantica!

These ones drop from Aquatank and Screwdiver Heartless, which also can drop Mega-Potions themselves. Convenient, right?

And you only need 1 Thunder Gem per recipe so you probably won’t have to farm too many of these. But again, check out our more detailed guide if you’re looking for more farming info on these gems.


x2 Mythril Shards:
You’re best choice for farming lots of Mythril Shards is in Agrabah’s streets, specifically from the Pot and Barrel Spider Heartless.


Synthesizing Mega-Potions in KH1.5 ReMIX

If you’re playing KH1.5 or Kingdom Hearts Final Mix then you’ll need List I along with these materials:


x1 Spirit Shard:
These are fairly simple to get, since they drop from lots of locations & you can get them from Large Body Heartless and the Soldier Heartless (those little guys with the armor).

As for a location here, your best bet is probably Agrabah. Just run through the streets and you’ll find plenty of these enemies. We’ve also got our own guide on stacking up these shards so take a peek at that too.


x1 Power Shard:
You’ll get these mostly from Powerwild and Bouncywild Heartless, both of which spawn all over the place in Deep Jungle.

But you might have an easier time farming these if you hit Halloween Town and summon Bambi for drops. Either way is fine since you just need 1 Power Shard per recipe – but check out our farming guide for info on both methods.

Personally I’d recommend the Halloween Town technique, but either location is definitely doable. Your choice!


x4 Mythril Shards:
As mentioned earlier, these drop from the general Pot and Barrel Spiders, as well as the Pot Scorpion Heartless which is exclusive to KH1.5.

But either way you’ll still be getting these all from Agrabah’s streets.

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