How To Farm Mystery Goo in Kingdom Hearts (KH1.5)

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Mystery Goo in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 can be earned as a drop from White Mushrooms, Rare Truffles, or Black Fungus Heartless. All of them are uncommon (and unusual) enemies that can spawn throughout the many worlds in the game.

And these fungal heartless all have different methods of goo acquisition.

Tip: Returning to the Gummi Ship or Title Screen resets the RNG of Mushrooms appearing. If you’re having trouble encountering them, give this a try!


White Mushroom Farming

Casting magic on White Mushrooms / Kingdom Hearts 1.5

White Mushrooms require you to watch their actions and react accordingly.

Get it right three times in a row and you’ll be rewarded – although Mystery Goo only has a 10% chance of being that reward.

So be prepared for multiple attempts.

You can find White Mushrooms in the following areas:

  • Traverse Town – Red Room
  • Wonderland – Lotus Forest
  • Deep Jungle – Tree House
  • Agrabah – Treasure Room
  • Halloween Town – Graveyard
  • Atlantica – Undersea Cave
  • End of the World – Linked Worlds

Keep in mind these mushrooms are rare spawns, so you might need to exit and re-enter the correct area until they appear.

And here’s a list of how you should react, depending on what the White Mushroom is miming:

Shivering: When they hug themselves as though they’re cold, warm them up with a fire spell.

Sweating: The Mushroom will fan itself as though it’s hot. Cast Blizzard on it.

Yellow Light Above Head: A Mushroom caught in a yellow light means you need to cast a Thunder spell.

Floating: When the Mushroom is floating and flailing its limbs, cast Gravity on it.

Lying on the Ground: When the Mushroom is on the ground as though it has been defeated, give it a Cure spell.

Stops Moving: When a Mushroom stops moving, it needs you to cast Stop on it.

Spinning: A spinning Mushroom requires you to cast an Aero spell on it.

Even if you don’t get a Mystery Goo, you’ll still be rewarded with good items such as various elemental shards and gems.

Tip: If you give a mushroom the same spell three times in a row, you’ll get an Arts item of that element (e.g. Fire Arts). Presenting all seven different Arts to Merlin earns you the Dream Shield for Goofy.

Only the White Mushrooms in the End of the World ask for all seven spells. All the others only ask for three various spells, so if you find a Mushroom isn’t asking for what you need, go and try another location.


Rare Truffle Farming

Getting Tech Point by juggling a Rare Truffle / Kingdom Hearts 1.5

Rare Truffles are a blue Mushroom heartless that loves to fly.

They jump into the air, and if you keep them in the air with physical attacks, you’ll be rewarded!

The rewards you get depend on how long you juggle them in the air.

Mystery Goo is a guaranteed drop if you can juggle them one hundred times. Here’s the Goo reward list:

# of Hits Reward
10x 20% chance of a Mystery Goo
20x 100% chance of an Elixir and 40% chance of Mystery Goo
100x 100% chance of a Megalixir and 100% chance of Mystery Goo

Rare Truffles spawn in a variety of specific locations, with some being much easier than others to get your 100 chain:

  • Monstro – Throat
  • Halloween – Town Bridge
  • Neverland – Ship’s Deck
  • End of the World – Final Rest

Hands-down, the easiest place to juggle Rare Truffles is in Neverland.

Not only is the Ship Deck a big open area, but you can also fly!

Flight means you can easily stay next to your Truffle, and you have tons of space vertically to keep the chain going. It does take a bit of practice to figure out the timing, but after a few attempts you’ll have it down pat.

And as a bonus, you’ll get Tech experience with every hit.

Getting a 100 chain ultimately nets you 5050 experience, which is nothing to sneeze at!


Black Fungus Farming

Black Fungus are the third variety of Mushroom. They are also arguably the easiest way to earn Mystery Goo.

Black Fungus have a 100% chance of dropping Mystery Goo when defeated with a critical hit.

Black Fungus Heartless in both forms / Kingdom Hearts 1.5

You can find Black Fungus is a few places, but the most reliable—and easiest to access—is the bazaar in Agrabah.

You can find the Bazaar by exiting Aladdin’s house from the right sliding pole and then going straight through the door on the right door hidden on a ledge.

Find the Fungus is the same as any other shroom: enter and exit the area until they appear. You’ll know when Black Fungus are around when you enter the area with your Command Menu already red.

The best way to farm these fellas is by using the Simba summon.

Once you call the king, charge his roar attack three times and release — this will stun any nearby Black Fungus and prevent them from turning to stone (and becoming invulnerable).

Once they’re stunned, hit them with a fully-charged Simba roar to finish them off. A fully charged roar is a guaranteed critical hit. This means that you’re 100% likely to get a Mystery Goo.

A fun bonus is that there’s a 10% chance of a Mystery Mold dropping. These sell for 3000 munny!

Mystery Goo Synthesis Menu Uses / Kingdom Hearts 1.5

What Is Mystery Goo Used For?

This mysterious goo (best not to think about it too much) is a part of many high-end recipes, including the Ultima Weapon.

You’ll need 10 Mystery Goos in total for each of the four items that require them:

Mythril: A basic synthesis material, used in a variety of recipes. Requires 5 Mythril Stones, 1 Mythril Stone, and 1 Mystery Goo.

Three Stars: +4 Defense and 20% defense against Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Requires 1 Power Gem, 1 Shiny Crystal, and 1 Mystery Goo.

Atlas Armlet: +2 MP and Defense. Also increases Magic and Summon power. Requires 5 Blaze Shards, 5 Frost Shards, 5 Thunder Shards, 3 Dark Matter, and 1 Mystery Goo.

Ultima Weapon: A keyblade with +14 Attack and +2 MP. Requires 5 Thunder Gems, 3 Serenity Powers, 3 Stormy Stones, 3 Dark Matters, and 5 Mystery Goo.

Knocking the Goo from a Rare Truffle / Kingdom Hearts 1.5

Is Mystery Goo Worth The Trouble?


It’s required for some of the best accessories in the game, as well as the Ultima Weapon, which is easily the best Keyblade in the game.

Trust me—the effort is worth it (especially if you’re looking to do the extra Final Mix boss fight).

It’s up to you when figuring out what farming method you’d prefer to use.

The White Mushrooms are much easier to deal with but have a much smaller drop rate, while Rare Truffles have a greater opportunity but require more finesse.

You only need a total of 10 Mystery Goos to make every synthesis recipe that needs them.

Which farming method works best is up to goo—sorry, you.

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