KH1.5 Mythril Stones: Farming Tips & Uses

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Mythril Stones are a synthesis ingredient only found in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix (and Final Mix). The only way to get Mythril Stones is by defeating the Pot Scorpion Heartless, which can only be found at the Palace Gates in Agrabah.

The best farming strategy is to make sure you break as many empty pots as possible before you hit the Scorpion. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a Mythril Stone drop, going from a 10% chance up to a 35% chance.

These stones can be used to synthesize the EXP Earring, Cosmic Arts, Mythril, and the Fantasista.

All 12 empty pots in Agrabah / KH1.5 HD

Mythril Stone Farming

Mythril Stones are only available from one heartless in Agrabah: the Pot Scorpion.

This creature is only found at the Palace Gates in Agrabah, so you’ll basically want to fight it, get any drops, then leave the world & re-enter to keep farming.

And there’s a specific puzzle you’ll want to complete to not only spawn the scorpion, but to also enhance your drop chances as well.

When you approach the Palace Gates you should see an array of 12 pots. If you don’t see these pots then clear the area of heartless, then leave it and re-enter.

Out of all 12 pots, 11 are empty, with 1 pot hiding the monster inside.

Sora breaking empty pots before Pot Scorpion / KH1.5 HD Screenshot

If you break the pot with the scorpion first then you’ll only get a 10% drop chance at a Mythril Stone once you win the fight.

If you break less than 11 empty pots and then the scorpion, it’ll have a 20% drop chance.

If you destroy all 11 pots first, and then hit the scorpion, this gives you the highest possible drop rate of 35%.

Luckily there’s a trick to this fight.

To find out which pots are empty, all you have to do is try to push them. Don’t swing your Keyblade, just run into the pots.

You can only push the empty ones, and the one containing the Pot Scorpion will not budge when you run into it. So your goal should be to push all empty pots away from the scorpion to smash the empty ones safely, without hitting the Scorpion.

Once you’ve cleared all 11 pots then you can start the fight, and it’s not exactly the toughest of the new rare heartless. So defeating it is fairly simple.

Battling Pot Scorpion in KH1.5 HD Remix

Mythril Stone Uses

Mythril Stones can be used in a number of great synthesis accessories in KH1.5.

Here’s a full list of all the recipes you can make with these stones:

EXP Earring: An accessory that can be equipped to any party member. It boosts their gained experience by 20%, and you are able to equip many of these earrings for an increased boost.

To craft this you’ll need List I as well as x1 Fury Stone, x1 Power Stone, x1 Mythril Stone, x1 Serenity Power, and x3 Dark Matter.

Cosmic Arts: A powerful accessory that offers HP +9, MP +2, and AP +2. It also boosts magic and summon power.

You can craft this accessory after obtaining List V using x5 Bright Shards, x3 Bright Gems, x1 Bright Crystal, and x3 Mythril Stones.

Mythril: This is a fairly rare yet very helpful synthesis material that’s used in various recipes.

You can craft a piece of Mythril using List 3 and x5 Mythril Shards, x1 Mythril Stone, and x1 Mystery Goo.

Fantasista: A powerful staff for Donald only available in KH1.5. It gives him +3 MP and +3 Strength.

You can craft it with List VI and x3 Fury Stones, x3 Power Stones, x3 Mythril Stones, and x5 Energy Stones.

Goofy jumping into Pot Scorpion Battle in KH1.5

Are Mythril Stones Worth Farming?

Since these are relatively easy to farm, all in one area with a simple puzzle, I would recommend getting as many as you’d want.

If you’re grinding to level up and gain lots of XP, then getting one (or more!) EXP Earring will be a really good idea.

The Fantasista Staff and Cosmic Arts are up to you if you want them or not, depending on your current equipment and what kind of builds you’re going for.

And finally, if you’re in need of more Mythril but don’t want to grind for it, then collecting these stones will let you craft some more (which can sometimes be a lot simpler).

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