How To Get More Potions in Kingdom Hearts (And KH1.5)

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Regular Potions in Kingdom Hearts can be bought from the Item Shop in Traverse Town. Dewey (in the blue shirt) sells them for 25 Munny each, and the price increases to 60 Munny later in the game (this is when you can buy Hi-Potions too).

The Item Shop in the First District is by far the easiest way to get more, since Potions are really cheap & the Item Shop is accessible for basically the entire game.

Potions & Hi-Potions for sale in Traverse Town / KH 1.5

But if you wanna save some coin then Potions can be dropped by Air Soldiers, Bandits, Soldiers, and repeatedly farmed from certain barrels in Deep Jungle (yes, just regular barrels).

So the best place to farm for Potion drops is probably in Deep Jungle, because believe it or not, the barrels in the Treehouse & at the Campsite have a 20% chance to contain a potion.

And you can visit Deep Jungle really early in a playthrough. So you could technically land there, farm the barrels for any drops, then leave & re-land again to keep farming them.

Another reason Deep Jungle can work out is because it’s pretty easy to break these barrels – so you can get through this process fairly quickly.

Not to mention that you might be saving your munny for other things to buy (like weapons or accessories). So in that case it could certainly be worth farming Potion drops from empty barrels.

But let’s look into more detail on where else Potions can drop – just in case you really want to stock up to 99 without spending all your munny.

Sora inside the Item Shop in Traverse Town / KH 1.5

Where To Get Potion Drops

There’s quite a lot of Heartless that have a chance (albeit small) to drop a Potion.

Since potions are a relatively low tier healing item, and are mostly only used early game, it might be best to just try to fight a bunch of different enemies to get munny for buying potions, rather than trying to farm them.

But if you’re a penny pincher then you do have some options:


Air Soldiers: These high-flying, goggle-wearing baddies can be found soaring throughout Traverse Town, Agrabah, Monstro, Wonderland, and Hollow Bastion.

They have a 2% drop chance for potions – so yeah it’s pretty low.

In fact, all of the heartless that can drop Potions only have a 2% chance to do so!


Bandits: Watch out for these sharp-bladed thieves.

They can be found Agrabah and Monstro, and have a 2% drop chance for Potions.


Soldiers: Here we’ve got your classic armor-wearing foes, first seen in Traverse Town on your very first visit.

But they can also appear in Wonderland, Agrabah, Monstro, and Hollow Bastion.

And yes, they also have a 2% drop chance for Potions.

Sora attacking a barrel at the Deep Jungle Campsite / KH 1.5

Deep Jungle Barrels: Alright, this isn’t really an “enemy”, but in Deep Jungle there are an assortment of Barrels all over the place.

The barrels in the Treehouse and at the Camp have a 20% chance of containing a Potion, so if you really wanted to farm, I’d suggest hitting this world.

One way you can do this is to land at a save spot (either near the Tree House or at the Camp) and then head out swinging for these barrels. Pick up any drops you get, then go back to the save spot to leave the world & then disembark in the exact same spot.

It’ll be a little tedious, but this is actually one way you can farm pretty early – especially if you’re low on munny, or if you want to save your munny for other purchases.

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