How To Farm Power Stones in Kingdom Hearts 1.5

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Power Stones are a synthesis ingredient only found in KH1.5 Remix (and Final Mix). They’re only dropped by the Sniperwild Heartless found mostly in Traverse Town’s Second District.

And the drop chance will increase the more waves you take out.

But don’t let them spot you, otherwise you’ll get a target on your back and probably end up with a “game over” screen.

Instead you’ll want to slowly take them out from the shadows one by one, preferably through long range spells like Firaga.

They also won’t spawn every time you enter the Second District. But when they do spawn, there will be three waves, so be sure to clear all of them out.

Sniperwild Spawning in Traverse Town Second District / KH1.5 Remix

Power Stone Farming

There’s only one Heartless in KH1.5 that drops Power Stones: the Sniperwild.

These are a new rare heartless added in Final Mix, mostly spawning in Traverse Town’s Second District, and they look like all the other monkey-themed heartless.

However these ones have slingshots – and they know how to use ‘em.

Getting spotted by one of these apes will spell your doom, as more will spawn and keep hitting you until you escape or perish.

I would recommend taking them out at a distance with ranged attacks like Firaga until all waves are complete.

This will take a bit of patience, and a lot of practice. So be aware of that.

But the drop chance will increase the more waves you take out. So keep going until they’re all gone (or until you get spotted).

Luckily the Second District in Traverse Town has lots of coverage and good terrain for sneaking around.

Sniperwild targeting Sora, Donald & Goofy / KH1.5 Remix

Power Stone Uses

There’s only a few recipes that require Power Stones, but they’re all worth getting.

Here’s a full list:

EXP Earring: Increases EXP gains by +20%. And you can boost this even more when you equip multiple earrings (if you can synthesize many of these!)

Create one using List I and x1 Fury Stone, x1 Power Stone, x1 Mythril Stone, x1 Serenity Stone, and x3 Dark Matter.

Titan Chain: This accessory boosts your strength by +4 and Defense by +2.

Craft it using List III and x5 Power Shards, x3 Power Gems, and x1 Power Stone.

Fantasista: A great staff for Donald filled with magical potential. It comes with +3 strength and +3 MP.

Craft it using List VI and x3 Fury Stones, x3 Power Stones, x3 Mythril Stones, and x5 Energy Stones.

Power Stone Dropping in Traverse Town / KH1.5 Remix

Are Power Stones Worth It?

If you’re in need of defense, EXP, or a new staff for Donald, then I would recommend getting a few stones.

Or if you want to synthesize every recipe so you have a 100% synthesis completion then that’s also a valid reason.

The hardest part is actually defeating these heartless. But with the right strategy it shouldn’t be too difficult to gather a few stones in a short period of time.

You can also search YouTube for some ideas on how to farm these guys.

One strategy is to summon Dumbo and just go around blasting.

But long-ranged magic can also work great here.

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