How To Farm Serenity Power in Kingdom Hearts 1.5

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Serenity Powers are a type of synthesis ingredient found only in Kingdom Hearts 1.5/Final Mix. They’re only dropped by one Heartless, the Pink Agaricus.

This pink mushroom appears in one of a couple locations:

  • The Treehouse in Deep Jungle
  • The Undersea Cave in Atlantica

Between these two places, I would highly recommend the Deep Jungle location. It’s much easier doing this with the game physics than underwater as mermaid Sora.

And Serenity Powers are easily one of the trickiest items to farm in KH1.5, since this heartless will only drop one after you can strike him between 40-100 times consecutively.

You need to strike him while he’s stopped, and you want to aim for ideally 100 hits, depending on how many rewards you want.

To do this successfully you’ll want to have much MP as possible through items, equipped accessories, and maybe summons. You’ll also want Aerora in your quick spell list, and Raganarok as your quick command.

For in-game synthesis, you can use Serenity Powers to create three items: The Ribbon, EXP Earring, and the Ultima Weapon.

Pink Agaricus in Deep Jungle (Head Lock-on) / KH 1.5

Where Can I Get Serenity Powers?

This synthesis material might be one of the most challenging to farm.

The Pink Agaricus is a rare heartless that only spawns in two areas after completing a sort of puzzle.

If you go to the Treehouse in Deep Jungle, or the Undersea Cave in Atlantica, there will be three white mushroom heartless scattered around.

You’ll want to cast a stop spell on them.

Once all three are completed, the big Pink Agaricus mushroom will spawn.

I highly recommend farming in the Deep Jungle area, as it’s much easier to traverse and attack.

Once the big mushroom spawns, you’ll want to cast a Stop spell, then hit it as many times as you can when it’s frozen.

Here’s the Pink Agaricus’ drop table for Serenity Powers:

Total Hits Drop Rate
0-39 Hits 0%
40-69 Hits 10%
70-99 Hits 20%
100+ Hits 100%

In order to max out your hits, you’ll need as much MP as you can manage. Try using MP-boosting items, along with the Diamond Dust keyblade (or the Spellbinder keyblade), and maybe even Bambi.

Any MP boosts will all benefit you.

Sora casting Aero before Pink Agaricus / KH 1.5

Once you have lots of MP, you’ll want to cast Aeroga, then cast Stop, and then unleash Ragnarok and get in as many hits as possible.

Also make sure to lock onto the head of the giant Heartless, not the stomach.

This will probably take practice and lots of trial & error to get it down perfectly. But once you know what to do, it’ll be easier to farm for drops.

Sora Ragnarok Ability for Pink Agaricus / KH 1.5

What Are Serenity Powers Used For?

Serenity Power can be used to craft three useful items via synthesis:


EXP Earring: This accessory will boost any party member’s EXP gains by 20%, and this rate can be increased the more you equip.

Synthesize this using List I and the following items:


Ribbon: This is one of the best defensive accessories in the whole game. It grants any party member +20% damage reduction against fire, blizzard, thunder, and dark attacks. Plus you can equip more to stack the effects.

Synthesize this using List V and the following materials:

  • x5 Blaze Gems
  • x5 Frost Gems
  • x5 Thunder Gems
  • x1 Gale
  • x3 Serenity Powers

Ultima Weapon: This is basically your endgame keyblade, offering +12 Strength (+14 in KH1.5/Final Mix), +2 MP, and a great crit rate.

Synthesize this using List VI and these materials:

  • x5 Thunder Gems
  • x5 Mystery Goo
  • x3 Serenity Powers
  • x3 Stormy Stones
  • x3 Dark Matter
Getting a Serenity Power in Deep Jungle / KH 1.5

Is Serenity Power Worth Farming?

Lots of hard work leads to reaping great rewards, and these synthesis items are no different.

Serenity Power can be very annoying to gather and farm.

But these are used in some of the best recipes in the game.

It’ll be in your best interest to try and collect enough to make at least the Ultima Weapon and Ribbon – both are super helpful at any point in the game.

And the EXP Earring is nothing to sleep on.

You’ll only need about 7-8 Serenity Powers in total to synthesize each of its recipes once, so it shouldn’t be the worst grind you’ll ever face.

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