KH1.5: How To Get Goofy’s Seven Elements (And Is It Worth It?)

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Seven Elements is a weapon for Goofy that gives him +4 strength and +3 MP.

It can only be obtained by synthesizing it at the Traverse Town Moogle Shop. The shield’s recipe unlocks after crafting 30 other unique items.

Seven Elements requires rare ingredients that are all dropped by unique Heartless that can be found across the various worlds.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blazing Stone x3
  • Frost Stone x3
  • Lightning Stone x3
  • Dazzling Stone x3

Now let’s get into the details!


Blazing Stone Location

Chimera Battle in Halloween Town / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Chimera Battle in Halloween Town

The Chimera in Halloween Town is the source of Blazing Stones.

This amalgamation appears in the Manor Ruins area.

You’ll have to defeat a few groups of Wight Knights to try and make it appear. When it finally does, get ready for quite a hectic fight.

When the Chimera appears, it will summon four Gargoyle Heartless. Using Thunder spells clears them out pretty quick, then you can focus on the big guy.

The trick with the Chimera is that once you deal enough damage, its heads start bouncing around (they appear as red, green, and yellow balls).

If Sora gets directly hit with a head, it will return to the body, and you’ll have to deal another amount of damage to make it return.

Knocking these heads back is how you determine how many Blazing Stones you’ll get when the Chimera is fully defeated. Check out the chart!

# of Head Deflections Drop Rate
0 35%
3 35%
6 50%
9 100% + a 40% chance of a bonus Stone.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to cast an Aerora or Aeroga spell on Sora and then make sure it never wears off. A head bouncing off an Aero spell totally counts.

With three heads bouncing around, constant Gargoyles spawning and the Chimera jumping all over the place, this fight can get visually crazy.

Keeping locked on to the big guy and never letting your Aero spell go away is the best way to stay on top of everything. And watch that MP!


Frost Stone Location

Grand Ghost inside Monstro / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Grand Ghost inside Monstro

Grand Ghost is the purveyor of Frost Stones.

Defeating the Ghost will always get you 1 Frost Stone 100%.

This huge haunter can be found in Monstro’s stomach. You can get there easily through the upper door in the entrance area (you’ll need high jump or glide).

Attacking the Grand Ghost normally won’t do anything but make it run away. The only way to deal damage is by healing it with items.

Grand Ghost has 300 HP. Each recovery item does a set amount of damage.

However, depending on what items you use to reduce the HP, you increase the odds of additional Frost Stones dropping.

Take a look at this chart to see what I mean:

Item Used Damage and Additional Item Drop Rates
Potion 50 Damage, no item
Hi-Potion 70 Damage, no item
Mega-Potion 100 Damage, Frost Stone (5%)
Ether 20 Damage, Ether (30%)
Mega-Ether 50 Damage, Ether (30%), Frost Stone (10%)
Elixir 200 Damage, Frost Stone (35%)
Megalixir 300 Damage, Frost Stone (100%)

Since you only need 3 Frost Stones, it’s a lot more item-efficient to just use potions and hi-potions to defeat it, then return to the Gummi Ship and come back to repeat the fight.


Lightning Stone Location

The Black Ballade Heartless Game in Deep Jungle / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
The Black Ballade Heartless Game in Deep Jungle

Lightning Stones are dropped by the Black Ballade.

This special Heartless appears in the Bamboo Thicket in Deep Jungle. It will be the only heartless around when it spawns, so it’s easy to spot when you’re hunting for it.

And this is the only way to get Lightning Stones in the game, so you’ll have to play their game to win.

The Black Ballade’s trick is that it uses a shadow jutsu to create copies of itself. Then they shuffle all around and you’ll have to pick out the original.

If you hit the original after they shuffle, you have a 10% chance of a Lightning Stone dropping. Smack the wrong one and you’ll take unavoidable damage.

Hitting the right one four times in a row gets you a Lighting Stone 100% of the time.

Keeping track of the right one can be very tricky. They all move so fast!

A good way to cheese it though it by keeping your eye on the original and then pausing and unpausing the game rapidly, essentially turning on slow-motion.

This helps a lot in keeping track of that original.


Dazzling Stone Location

Jet Balloon Heartless in Neverland / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Jet Balloon Heartless in Neverland

The Jet Balloon is the special Heartless that drops Dazzling Stones. It appears on the ship’s Deck in Neverland.

It has a 100% of dropping a Dazzling Stone when defeated, with a 20% chance of dropping an additional stone.

And this will be the only Heartless that appears when it spawns, so it makes it easy to know when it’s around.

Fighting the Jet Balloon is pretty annoying.

It’s extremely fast and loves flying away from Sora at top speed.

Even worse, it fires missiles that, if they make contact, will cause Sora to drop a lot of his munny. Luckily, these missiles can be deflected by using Aerora or Aeroga, so be sure to always have it up.

Chasing the Jet Balloon is annoying, to the point where it requires actual practice.

Learn how to fly around the ship and cut it off at the sails and stern, places where it loses a bit of mobility.

Fortunately, Stop magic works on the Jet Balloon.

Get as close as possible and hit it with Stop to help catch up. It doesn’t have a lot of HP, so it won’t take too many hits to topple, but catching it is the real problem.

Note: Jet Balloon does run away after a while if not defeated. How long it sticks around depends on how much munny Sora has, so the deeper your pockets the longer you have.


Seven Elements: Is It Worth Getting?

Goofy battling with Seven Elements in Deep Jungle / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Goofy battling with Seven Elements in Deep Jungle

It depends on Goofy’s level.

Goofy’s strength maxes out naturally at high levels (above 70), so any additional strength from weapons is wasted. That’s where Seven Elements shines, as the extra MP helps with MP Gift and using all his attack abilities.

At any level before 70, the Seven Elements isn’t really a good fit.

Save the King from the Hades Cup time trial, or the Mighty Shield found in the final dungeon are much better options, and are arguably easier to obtain.

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