KH1.5 Stormy Stones: Where To Farm & Common Uses

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Stormy Stones are a type of synthesis ingredient found only in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (and KH1.5 HD ReMIX).

And these materials are only dropped by one Heartless: the Neoshadow. These guys only appear in The End of the World, so that’s basically the only place you can farm for drops.

To be more specific, the best location to farm Neoshadows is at the Linked World area in The End of the World. This is the area just before the Final Rest checkpoint.

Fight all of the Neoshadows in that room (preferably with the Jackpot and Lucky Strike abilities) to claim your stones. Then go back to the save spot, leave the world, and then disembark again in the same location to keep farming.

You can use the stormy stones to synthesize two items: the Exp Bracelet and the Ultima Weapon.

Neoshadow heartless sinking into the ground / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Farming Stormy Stones

There’s only one enemy in the entire game that has a chance to drop Stormy Stones, and that’s the Neoshadow.

These look like normal shadows, but taller with really long limbs and antennae.

In KH1.5 they can be found in The End of the World, specifically at the Linked Worlds area.

Traveling backwards from the Final Rest checkpoint (just before fighting Ansem) is the best way to hit this area for farming.

Here you’ll have a chance to encounter a whole swarm of Neoshadows.

Swarm of Neoshadows spawning in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD

They are a rare spawn, though. So if they don’t appear right away you can head out and then go back in to try again.

Once you see them spawn, you’re going to want to take out all that you can – because stormy stones can only drop after 7+ have been defeated. Trinity Limit might help here.

Sora and Goofy fighting Neoshadows (KH1.5)

And once you beat the 7th Neoshadow, it’ll have a 35% drop chance for the stone – so having the Jackpot/Lucky Strike abilities to increase your drop chance will help a lot with your grind.

Sora hit by a Neoshadow in End Of The World (KH1.5)

What Are Stormy Stones Used For?

Stormy Stones are only used in two simple but very powerful recipes:

EXP Bracelet: This accessory will boost your gained experience rate by 30%! However, it’ll also lower your strength and defense, so use it wisely. Equip more if you dare to increase your EXP gains.

This bracelet can be synthesized with List V and the following ingredients:

  • x1 Energy Stone
  • x1 Dazzling Stone
  • x1 Stormy Stone
  • x8 Orichalcum
  • x3 Dark Matter

Ultima Weapon: The absolute best keyblade in the game, rocking +12 strength (+14 in final mix), +2 MP, and great crit rate.

Bestow Sora with this keyblade’s incredible power by synthesizing it via List VI and the following ingredients:

  • x5 Thunder Gems
  • x5 Mystery Goo
  • x3 Serenity Powers
  • x3 Stormy Stones
  • x3 Dark Matter
Sora getting a Stormy Stone drop / KH 1.5 HD Screenshot

Are Stormy Stones Worth Farming?

These might be one of the harder to obtain materials in the whole game – but they are absolutely worth trying to get.

The Ultima Weapon is more than enough reason to gather at least 3 of these stones.

But the Exp Bracelet can also be very useful if you haven’t hit level 100 yet.

You only need around 5 stormy stones to synthesize everything, unless you plan to make more EXP Bracelets – but even then you’d need maybe 6-7 stones max. Not too tough of a grind, all things considered.

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