KH2: All The Best Party Members From Every World, Ranked

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What good is a Kingdom Hearts game without your trusty companions?

If we’re gonna be unlocking keyholes in a bunch of Disney worlds, then we probably want some new party members to help us out. I mean, are we really gonna stick with Donald the whole game?

Many players actually choose not to switch out their main party of Donald and Goofy, as they don’t see the point in using a character they haven’t put much time into.

While this is fine, you end up missing lots of fun little moments and details you wouldn’t see by skipping out on the other characters.

Quotes, interactions, and limits are all unique and fun elements that come with each party member.

And here’s my list just focusing on party members in Kingdom Hearts 2/2.5, raking them in order of “best to use in battle” and also considering which ones are simply the best to spend time with!


10. Mulan/Ping

Mulan/Ping in Kingdom Hearts II

First on the list of Disney worlds for your journey is the Land of Dragons.

Even though this is Sora and the gang’s first time here, they’re immediately greeted by a familiar face. Mushu, having been a summon in the previous game, welcomes the group with open arms.

But being the tricky little devil that he is, Mushu then decides to coerce the gang into helping him and Mulan – or Ping at the time.

Sadly, that’s where main interactions between the group and Mulan stop, give or take some small scenes here and there. Without having enough time to really connect to the chemistry of the main trio, Mulan starts to feel just a little out of place.

Plus Sora, Donald, and Goofy just reunited after a long slumber. So it might be better to feel them out first as members, since they’ll be with you longer.

Mulan’s Limit, Dragonblaze, is also a bit lackluster. After it triggers, Mulan simply floats beside Sora while Mushu does all the work. While this makes for a pretty and flashy barrage of flames, it does kind of just feel like an upgraded version of Mushu’s summon from KH1.


9. Beast

Beast in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5

Speaking of familiar faces, Beast has returned and is now properly able to fight alongside the gang, rather than being a one-off member during KH1’s final act.

But in KH2 he’s back and moodier than ever, focusing only on his rose and his sorrow.

The Beast doesn’t join your group immediately, as he’s instead the first antagonist of the world’s story.

After knocking some sense into the big brute, he joins your side to repent for what he’s done. This makes his inclusion feel proper, and actually makes for a good parallel to his story in KH1.

However, Beast’s attacks are slow and lethargic, so he takes time to prepare.

He’s all strength and no magic, so if you want to use him I’d recommend replacing Goofy to keep some magic on your team.

Beast’s limit attack, Howling Moon, ends in a powerful AOE blast. If you find yourself surrounded by heartless during your time in the Castle, then this might be a great option for dealing a final blow.


8. Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow in KH 2.5 HD

Yarrrgh, it be the infamous pirate captain himself, Jack Sparrow.

In this world, rather than purely fighting heartless, you’re going up against cursed pirates!

So naturally it would make sense to have an expert swashbuckler at the helm. Jack is filled with sass and remarks, so he can be fun to have around. That, and his chemistry with Sora feels like an older brother, as Sora gets overly excited about pirate life and Jack plays along with it.

Jack’s attacks are a bit slow and clumsy, despite him being a quick footed pirate.

He’s also a pure strength fighter, so don’t expect any him to cast magic from his blunderbuss.

And his limit, Treasure Isle, can be a bit confusing to use. With a cutscene and a weird mechanic of swirling/trapping enemies in a treasure chest, this limit attack can be off-putting at times, and occasionally hard to plan out.


7. Simba

Simba in Kingdom Hearts 2

Simba is a bit different from the rest of the party members, as his world is kind of designed around his style of fighting.

The Pride Lands is similar to KH1 Atlantica, where it completely changes both movement and attack styles.

You can’t expect Sora, Donald, and Goofy to fight as they usually would when they’re in the form of animals.

This new playstyle can be hard to control at first, similar to swimming.

But having been a summon in KH1 (similar to Mushu) the gang already knows Simba, and already have an established bond. This makes it a lot more tempting to use him, as it feels like some good pals reuniting.

If you’re having difficulty getting used to Sora’s new lion form, then it might be interesting to use Simba, since his limit attacks are rapid and chaotic but are a bit easier to control.

The final attack of this limit is also a strong AOE move that can help clear the area if you get surrounded and overwhelmed.


6. Auron

Auron in KH2

The Land of the Dead can be a scary and dangerous place. So who better to help you through this literal hell than Kingdom Heart’s first Final Fantasy party member, Auron!

In this story of Olympus Coliseum, Auron plays a huge role, and feels pretty integral to the plot.

Having him in your party gives you a better connection with him, making the further plot of the world hit you even more.

If you’ve played Final Fantasy X, then you’ll probably feel even more attached to him.

Auron is pretty quick when it comes to attacking, yet is magicless. His limit, Overdrive, is a very satisfying move.

Using the power of the Keyblade and Auron’s “Battlefields of War”, a flurry of slices, slashes, and other words for cutting are used against the heartless. His final limit move is an AOE where him and Sora create a windmill of slices, attacking all those around them.


5. Aladdin

Aladdin in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

This isn’t the first time the gang has trekked the harsh deserts of Agrabah.

Having met all of the characters before, Sora already has great chemistry with everyone. Teaming up with Aladdin feels like teaming up with an ole chum.

And being a street rat means one has to be quick on his feet. Evading guards and enemies like sand in the wind. Of course, Aladdin is just that.

His scimitar attacks feel light and speedy, while he nimbly dodges and weaves around. Same can be said for his Limit, Trick Fantasy.

In this limit move he partners up with Sora. Then you and Aladdin rapidly slice through enemies with satisfying ease (and flashy displays of swordsmanship) ending it all with a swift high-five.

Since Sora is in charge of The Genie through his summon, Aladdin is magic-less. Be sure to keep that in mind if you decide to switch them out.

If you’re only worried about missing out on healing magic, Aladdin has your back, as he comes with 3 potions and 2 ethers right out the gate – more than any other world-exclusive party member.

Let’s just hope he bought those potions and Abu didn’t swipe them from a traveling merchant…


4. Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington in KH2 HD screenshot

What’s this? What’s this? The Pumpkin King is back and spookier than ever.

Or jollier than ever, as he’s just discovered Christmas.

Just like Aladdin, Jack’s already good pals with the group. And he immediately jumps at the chance to invite them to experience this new found holiday with him.

Jack is a pretty strong fighter, both strength-wise and in the magic department.

This allows for a rare case where Jack can replace either Donald or Goofy.

Jack’s Limit, Applause-Applause, is one of the flashiest and most fun to watch in the game. Being the over-the-top performer that he is, Jack performs a dance with Sora, using various spooky creatures like ghosts and pumpkins, before finishing with a light show.

Even if you don’t plan on using Jack for long, seeing this limit is worth every bit of time.

In my eyes, the only downside to using Jack is having to decide which member to replace, since Goofy and Donald get really fun & unique costumes for Christmas Town and Halloween Town.


3. Tron

Tron in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Tron, and Space Paranoids as a whole, is a unique situation for this list.

Rather than just being another Disney world you fly to, Tron’s world is deeply connecting to the overarching plot.

Living inside Ansem the Wise’s computer, Tron acts as Radiant Garden’s defense program. This creates a good story-based incentive to have him on your team.

Traversing the digital world is going to need a digital guide, especially with how incompetent Sora and the gang can be when it comes to computers.

Like Jack, Tron is pretty capable of handling both strength and magic, using his mainframe hacking abilities.

Tron’s limit combines both brains and brawn. Joining together, Sora beats up enemies while Tron hacks the area around them.

If you like the sci-fi aesthetic (or love this movie) then you’ll definitely want Tron by your side.


2. Donald & Goofy

Donald & Goofy in KH 2.5 HD

Of course Donald and Goofy would rank high on the list, since you pretty much use them (or at least one of them) throughout the entire game.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy stick together through thick and thin. And always have each other’s backs.

Being able to equip them with new weaponry is also a huge plus, as you can’t change world-exclusive party member weapons – just some accessories.

Donald and Goofy are the most customizable and upgradable members in the game. So it makes sense that they’d be the most useful.

If you’re the kind of player to grind and configure your party to the exact settings and preferences you want, then you’re going to be more inclined to stick with these two throughout the whole game.

And if you’re trying to go above and beyond by attempting to defeat all of the optional bosses, the data organization, and absent silhouettes, then it’s worth your time perfecting Donald and Goofy’s builds. Since they accompany you through most of that content.

And don’t worry about missing out on limit moves. Donald and Goofy each have their own unique limit set to help Sora when he needs it most.


1. Riku

Riku in Kingdom Hearts II

Reunited at last, on the same side, against the same enemy.

It’s been a long time coming, so how could you not partner up with Riku in the final act?

Up till now, you’ve always fought on the opposite side of Riku’s might. So now’s your time to harness that power for yourself.

For protection against spoilers, I won’t say too much in regards to the game’s last act. But Riku becomes very vital during the very last portion of the game.

This makes the time you spend with him useful, so you can get to know his fighting techniques and style.

Having Riku on your team is practically like having two Soras, meaning he’s fully capable with pure strength and magic.

His limit is also one of the most satisfying and exciting to watch, as him and Sora team up and take on enemies – with some quips along the way.

After growing attached to these two through KH1 and KH:CoM, nothing beats the feeling of finally fighting side by side.

If only it could’ve been like this from the start…

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