Best Synthesis Creations in Kingdom Hearts II (And KH2.5)

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Ah, synthesis. It’s a staple mechanic for Kingdom Hearts games, and yet can be easily overlooked.

At first glance it can seem rather complicated, or feel like too much of an undertaking and just not worth the time and effort.

However, synthesis is actually quite simple to understand – getting the items is the tough part.

Through the power of Moogle tinkering, your journey can become a whole lot easier (if you know what to synthesize). Here’s our picks of some of the best items you can synthesis in Kingdom Hearts 2.5.


10. Mega-Potion

Sora in Beasts Castle in KH2.5

Potions, what would you do without them?

The answer is die, a lot.

Without synthesis, the best potion you’re going to find is a Hi-Potion. Sure, it seems like it’s good enough, but it only heals you.

Wouldn’t you want a potion that heals not only you, but your entire party? Well look no further than the Mega-Potion.

This bad boy heals you and each of your party members by 40%. It’s a bit of a downgrade from the Hi-Potion’s 60% healing, so it’s not the ideal choice for 1-on-1 boss fights.

However, it’s a great option for field battles and any fight that involves multiple members.

You’ll never have to prioritize who needs healing the most.

Where to Find: Mega-Potions can be crafted after finding the Mega Recipe in your first visit to Beast’s Castle. It requires the following materials: 3 Mythril Shards, 1 Power Shard, 1 Blazing Shard, and 1 Lucid Shard.


9. AP Boost

Running in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden in KH2.5

AP, or Ability Points, are what allows you to equip characters abilities.

Each ability takes up a certain number of points, limiting how much you can equip. Sure you can increase your maximum AP by leveling or equipping certain accessories, but there’s another solution…

AP boosts increase your maximum AP by 1 point.

This may not seem like a lot. But if you’re desperately trying to equip a certain ability and just a hair away from having enough AP for it, these boosts can help immensely.

Where to Find: The recipe containing AP boosts can be found in Hollow Bastion, during your second visit to Ansem’s study. Each boost needs the following materials: 1 Mythril Gem, 3 Power Crystals, 3 Dark Crystals, and 3 Frost Crystals.


8. Star Charm

Inside Hollow Bastion Gang's Home in KH2.5

The star charm is a nice, average accessory that’s pretty beneficial early game.

It isn’t extraordinary in most senses of the word. But it does a great job doing what it does.

With a boost of +2 strength, +2 magic, and +5 AP, this little guy can give you the last little push you need to beat whatever boss is standing in your way early on.

It’s worth noting that this is the upgraded version of the Moon Charm.

Where to Find: The Moon recipe can be found at the Radiant Garden Restoration Site. The Moon Charm itself needs 3 Orichalcums, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 Twilight Shard, 1 Twilight Stone. Then can be upgraded to the Star Charm using a Serenity Crystal at a Level 3 Moogle.


7. Draw Ring

Agrabah Battle with Orbs in KH2.5

Picture this:

You’re fighting against waves upon waves of Heartless. Your health is dropping fast, and you’re fresh out of potions. The group of Heartless you just killed dropped small amounts of health orbs, but it’s just out of reach.

Before you can get to them, the final slash is made, and you see the white flash of light followed by the Continue/Load game screen.

If only you had just a little more reach to get those bits of health…

Well, that problem can be easily solved with a single item! The draw ring is an accessory that greatly increases the draw distance for Health orbs, Drive Orbs, and even Munny. No longer will you have to chase after all that cash on the ground. They just come flying to you.

Where to Find: This can be crafted after obtaining the Rare Document, given to you when you complete the Duality puzzle in Jiminy’s Journal. The materials needed are as follows: 1 Manifest Illusion, 3 Remembrance Shards, 9 Bright Shards, 5 Bright Stones, and 3 Bright Gems.


6. Ribbon

Ribbon inventory item screenshot from KH2.5

Just a ribbon? What’s so special about that?

What looks to be a simple ordinary ribbon holds an immense amount of protection – strange I know.

This piece of cloth provides +4 defense, and grants 15% extra immunity to fire, blizzard, thunder, and dark elemental attacks, making it one of the most defensive accessories in the game.

Protect yourself and your allies, while also looking pretty stylish.

Where to Find: The ribbon is actually an upgraded version of the petite ribbon. Both are recipes given to you through the Stylish Recipe, after completing the 100 Acre Woods. The materials for the petite ribbon are: 3 Mythril Crystals, 1 Orichalcum, 1 Dense Shard, and 1 Dense Stone. After you level your Moogle up to level 3, the petite ribbon can be upgraded using a Serenity Gem.


5. Shadow Archive+

Zexion Absent Silhouette Battle Screenshot in KH2.5

By harnessing the powers of Organization XIII’s Cloaked Schemer, Zexion, we get this neat little accessory.

If you love using magic with Sora, then this is the charm for you.

In its base form it gives a decent boost of both +3 magic and +5 AP, but it really shines in its + form.

By upgrading the charm, you unlock its MP Rage ability.

Magic users might tend to take a lot of damage, but while wearing this charm, you’re actually benefitted by getting hurt.

MP Rage allows your MP to restore when you take damage. And you can even stack its ability when you equip more than one.

This is a rare instance where Donald could be extremely useful, if you equip a few on him.

Where to Find: Upon defeating Zexion’s Absent Silhouette, you are given the Book of Shadows, which allows you to craft this item. You need the following materials: 1 Lost Illusion, 1 Manifest Illusion, 1 Remembrance Crystal, 3 Serenity Gems. If you want MP Rage, you’ll need to upgrade it using a Level 3 Moogle and 1 Serenity Crystal.


4. Lucky Ring

Close-up of a Moogle shop in KH2.5

Remember the Draw Ring from a little bit ago? This is its upgraded version.

Why does it rank so much higher, you ask? Well, by upgrading the Draw Ring, you unlock an ability that nearly changes the ring’s purpose entirely!

This version of the ring greatly increases the drop rate of items.

If you’re struggling to find an item that drops from an enemy, then you’ll definitely want to take the time to craft this ring. It can be an immense help when farming materials to create all the other various items on this list.

Where to Find: After crafting the Draw Ring, you can upgrade it with a Level 3 Moogle and a Serenity Crystal.


3. Save the Queen (+)

Donald holding Save The Queen in KH2 battle

Now we’re getting to the best of the best for synthesis, the Big Three.

And the first of the Big Three is Save the Queen, Donald’s best staff. With a strength stat of +5 and a magic stat of +6, you’ll watch as Donald blows away enemies with mighty spells.

Not only does the staff pack heat, but when it’s upgraded to its plus form, it can become a lifesaver with the ability Hyper Healing.

This grants the staff greatly increased healing and recovery, allowing you to easily get back in the fight to continue your adventure.

Where to Find: The Queen recipe can be found in the Throne Room on your second visit to the Land of Dragons. You’ll need these materials: 1 Orichalcum, 9 Dense Shards, 7 Dense Stones, 5 Dense Gems, and 2 Dense Crystals. To get Hyper Healing you’ll need an extra Serenity Crystal and a Level 3 Moogle.


2. Save the King+

Save The King Synthesis Screen in KH2.5

Once you’ve saved the Queen, you can’t just forget about the King!

This shield is Goofy’s greatest weapon, and definitely something you don’t wanna miss out on.

Granting Goofy +9 strength, his might will hold true to his title of Captain of the Royal Knights.

But don’t think this shield is all muscle. It’s got a tactical side to it.

Upgrading this to Save The King+ bestows it the Item Boost ability. Working in tangent to Save the Queen’s Hyper Healing, this ability increases the effects of restoration items, allowing another level of strategy to your healing.

Where to Find: The King Recipe can be found in Port Royal, in a chest in the ship graveyard. To create, you’ll have these on your shopping list: 1 Orichalcum, 9 Twilight Shards, 7 Twilight Stones, 5 Twilight Gems, and 2 Twilight Crystals. Of course, you’ll need a Serenity Crystal for upgrading.


1. Ultima Weapon

Sora holding the Ultima Weapon in KH 2.5

The crown jewel of synthesis in any Kingdom Hearts game is the Ultima Weapon.

It is the culmination of your journey, all bundled inside one powerful Keyblade.

Having the highest stat balance of any Keyblade with +6 strength and +4 magic means this is the go-to weapon for fighting any bosses, especially the optional ones.

If you lean completely in one direction of either all strength or all magic, then there are other Keyblades that might be better, like Fatal Crest or Fenrir.

But if you like to keep things balanced, this blade is a no-brainer.

It also comes with the helpful ability MP Hastega. This ability doubles your MP restoration, allowing you to strike hard and cast spells often.

Where to Find: The Ultimate recipe can be found in the basement of the Old Manor and is a bit pricey to create but definitely worth the effort. It requires: 13 Orichalcum+’s, 1 Orichalcum, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 Dense Crystal, 1 Twilight Crystal, and 7 Serenity Crystals. You’ll also need an Energy Crystal in order to lower the 13 Orichalum+ requirement down to 7, the exact amount in the game.

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