Where To Get Blazing Stones in KH2.5 (Farming Spots + Uses)

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Blazing Stones are a synthesis ingredient dropped by two Heartless: Cannon Guns (6% drop rate) and Tornado Steps (8% drop rate). You can also find one Blazing Stone in a single chest in the Disney Castle courtyard.

But if you’re looking to farm these quickly, just travel all over Port Royal fighting both of these Heartless.

Or you can head to the Olympus Underworld area. That has lots of Tornado Steps on your second visit (and afterwards), which are fairly easy to beat, and have an 8% drop rate for these stones.

You can use them to synthesize the Firaga/Firagun Bangles, and the Acrisius accessories.


Farming Blazing Stones

Blazing Stones can be dropped by one of the following Heartless, and you can farm them easily in Port Royal or the Olympus Underworld (among a few other places):

Cannon Gun: You’ll know these guys when you seem ‘em: they’re just cannon-shaped heartless that are ready to blast off!

Quickly defuse these enemies for a 6% chance of getting a Stone.

You can find them in The Land of Dragons, Port Royal, and Space Paranoids.

And you can farm them in pretty much any of those locations.

Cannon Gun Heartless in Port Royal / KH 2.5 HD

Tornado Step: These are the blue flying things (or yellow in KH2.5/Final Mix). They have spikes on their heads and kinda look like squids, but with just 2 arms.

Strike down these arm flailing gremlins for an 8% chance at a Blazing Stone drop.

These also appear in many places, but you can mostly find them dancing around Port Royal and the Olympus Coliseum (Cave of the Dead Passage, Underworld Caverns Lost Road).

Tornado Step Heartless in Olympus Underworld / KH 2.5 HD

The two best methods for farming Blazing Stones in KH2.5 are:

1. Travel all over Port Royal taking out Cannon Guns & Tornado Steps wherever you see them, or

2. Head to Olympus into the Cave of the Dead Passage and fight Tornado Steps.

And if you just want one quick Blazing Stone, you can find one in a chest in the Courtyard in Disney Castle (KH2.5 only).


Blazing Stone Uses

These are only used in synthesis, although there is quite a few items you can make with these stones.

Firaga Bangle: Increases your defense by +3 and gives you +20% Fire Resistance. You can synthesize them after obtaining 5 different material types using x5 Mythril Shards, x1 Blazing Stone, and x1 Blazing Shard.

Firagun Bangle: The upgraded version of the Firaga Bangle, now with +25% Fire Resistance instead. It has the same recipe, but with an added x1 Serenity Shard.

Acrisius: Increases your Defense by +3 and gives you +20% Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder Resistance. After obtaining 20 types of materials, you can craft this recipe with x5 Mythril Stones, x1 Blazing Stone, x1 Frost Stone, and x1 Lightning Stone.

Acrisius+: Upgraded version of the Acrisius. It now increases your resistance to +25% instead of +20% and follows the same recipe, but with an added x1 Serenity Stone.

Tornado Steps in Port Royal / KH 2.5 HD

Are These Worth Farming?

While I wouldn’t recommend hardcore farming for Blazing Stones, it will be a good idea to gather enough to craft the items mentioned above.

The Acrisius is super helpful in surviving elemental attacks, and is worth getting for sure.

Since you only need 1 Blazing Stone for each recipe, you’re bound to come across and gather enough of them just by naturally playing the game.

If you don’t have enough yet, then try visiting Port Royal or the Olympus Underworld for farming some more.

Going out of your way to get them isn’t really worth it unless you got super unlucky and haven’t found enough of them to synthesize everything you want.

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