KH2.5 Dense Gem Farming: Locations & Common Uses

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The Samurai Nobodies are the only enemies that drop Dense Gems in all of KH2.5.

And if you’re looking for farming locations, these silver sword slingers can only be found in the following areas:

World Exact Location
Twilight Town Tower – Wayward Stairs
Twilight Town Mansion – Basement Hall
The World That Never Was Crooked Ascension
The World That Never Was Naught’s Skyway

Each Samurai has a 12% chance of dropping a Dense Gem. This can be increased by equipping as many Lucky Lucky abilities as you can.

Tip: Once you turn in 20 Dense Gems to a synthesis moogle, you’ll be able to purchase them for 400 munny each.


Farming Dense Gems

The Samurai’s Reaction Command / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
The Samurai’s Reaction Command

Out of all your choices, the Basement Hall in the Twilight Town Mansion is the best spot to grind for drops.

There’s a save point in the adjacent room, so you can warp in, fight the Samurai, and then reset them going back to the world map & landing again.

Defeating Samurai nobodies can be a tricky enemy if you’re inexperienced. Their big thing is their reaction command ‘Duel Stance.’

When Duel Stance happens, Sora’s command menu goes blank.

Eventually, the command ‘The End’ will appear in a random slot – and if you choose it fast enough, Sora will instantly defeat the Samurai. Mess it up and you’ll take a lot of damage.

It might be best if you just avoid The End altogether, unless you’re out for the challenge.

Tip: You’ll need 16 Dense Gems to be able to craft one copy of everything that requires them via synthesis.


What Are Dense Gems Used For?

They’re a key ingredient to make Mythril Crystals / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
They’re a key ingredient to make Mythril Crystals

Dense Gems are key ingredients in two important synthesis recipes:

  • Donald’s Save the Queen weapon
  • Mythril Crystals

Save the Queen (and its powered-up form, Save the Queen+) are Donald’s best weapons in the game, so that’s cool.

Mythril Crystals, however, are an important material on their own.

So much awesome stuff uses Mythril Crystals – including the Ultima Weapon, which is easily Sora’s best keyblade in KH2.

So Dense Gems are a vital synthesis ingredient that’s totally worth slaying Samurai for.

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