Where To Get Dense Shards in KH2.5 (Farming Spots)

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Dragoon Nobodies are the only enemies that drop Dense Shards in KH2/KH2.5.

These high-jumping Wyrms can be found in a few places, and they start reliably appearing once you unlock The World That Never Was.

Here are all the possible farming locations where these Dragoons spawn:

World Exact Location
Twilight Town Tower – Star Chamber
Twilight Town Mansion – Library
The World That Never Was Naught’s Approach

Dragoons have a 12% chance of dropping a Dense Shard, which is rather good (all things considered). This drop rate can be increased by equipping as many Lucky Lucky abilities as you can.

You’ll need 26 Dense Shards to make one of everything that requires them.

Tip: Dense Shards become available for you to purchase from Moogles after you turn in 30 shards to the synthesis bank. They’ll cost 100 munny each.


Efficiently Farming Dense Shards

Fighting Dragoons in Twilight Town Mansion / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Fighting Dragoons in the Mansion Library

The Library in Twilight Town’s Mansion is the best place to farm Dragoons for shards.

Three of them will always spawn here, and there’s a save point in the next room. So you can return to the world map to reset them pretty quickly.

As for some battle tips:

When you see a Dragoon materialize in the air, get away from it – they always appear with a jump attack that deals large damage and creates a shockwave that can further increase the hurt.

The best way to deal with these dudes is to give them lots of space.

When you see them appear in the air, get away until their shockwave disappears.

Try to engage them in the air as best you can.

It’s not fun being stuck underneath them, as they love jumping. And it doesn’t take too many of them to bring you to the game over screen.

Sora can use the Reaction Command ‘Learn’ when it appears, and this allows him to temporarily be able to use the Dragoon’s jump against them.

This is an effective way to quickly mop up a group, though this command doesn’t appear too often.


What Are Dense Shards Used For?

Creating items with Dense Shards / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Creating items with Dense Shards

Dense Shards are key components in a variety of synthesized items, with the list including:

  • Mythril Shard
  • Mythril Stone
  • Petite Ribbon
  • Ribbon
  • Save the Queen
  • Save the Queen+

Mythril Shards and Stones are important in many other synthesis items, so those are definitely useful.

And Save the Queen (with its + version) are easily Donald’s best weapons in the game.

Not to mention that the Ribbons offer great defense against pretty much everything, so it’s worth your time to gather up as many Dense Shards as you can and put them to good use.

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