KH2.5 Dense Stone Farming: Locations & Common Uses

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Sniper nobodies are the only enemies that drop Dense Stones in KH2/KH2.5.

These Nobodies can be found primarily in The World That Never Was, but they also show up rarely in the Land of Dragons.

Snipers drop Dense Stones at a base rate of 12%. This can be increased with the Lucky Lucky ability equipped.

Tip: Lucky Lucky stacks, so equip as many as you can on as many characters as you can.

Once you give the synthesis moogle 20 Dense Stones, they become purchasable for 200 munny each.


Where To Farm Snipers

Sniper Nobodies in the Hall of Empty Melodies / Kingdom Hearts II
Sniper Nobodies in the Hall of Empty Melodies

The best place to farm Snipers is in The World that Never Was (also known as the final dungeon).

They can appear in a few places, but the spot you can always find them is in the Hall of Empty Melodies.

The Hall of Empty Melodies is the large room right after Twilight’s View (the staircase with the save point). Between four and eight Snipers will always appear here.

Farming them is as easy as clearing them out then going back to Twilight’s View and using the save point to return to the world map.

Rinse and repeat until you’ve got all the Dense Stones you need!

Note: Snipers sometimes appear in other parts of The World that Never Was, but the Hall of Empty Melodies is the only place where they always show up.

If you’re looking for some Snipers before going into the final dungeon, then you can also find them in the Land of Dragons.

They can appear in the Summit area after clearing both the world’s stories (two keyholes will be next to the name on the world map).

In Kingdom Hearts 2 & KH2.5, enemies reset when you run two areas away.

This also resets which enemies appear, so if Snipers don’t show up on the Summit, you’ll have to run back to the Village to try again.


What Are Dense Stones Used For?

Donald’s ultimate weapon, Save the Queen+ / Kingdom Hearts II
Donald’s ultimate weapon, Save the Queen+

Dense Stones are used to make the following synthesis items:

  • Petite Ribbon
  • Ribbon
  • Save the Queen
  • Save the Queen+

The Petite Ribbon increases all elemental resistance by 10%.

The Ribbon accessory increases all elemental resistance by 20%.

Save the Queen increases Donald’s Strength by 5 and Magic by 6. It also provides the Hyper Healing ability, which makes Donald revive faster if he gets KO’d in battle.

Save the Queen+ is the upgraded version. It has the same strength and magic stats, but gives Donald MP Haste and MP Rage, both abilities that help Donald constantly keep a full MP bar.

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