Where To Farm Energy Gems in KH2.5

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Energy Gems are dropped by the Fortuneteller and Emerald Blues Heartless.

These two foes are found only in Agrabah, specifically in the Cave of Wonders Entrance Area and the following Valley of Stone.

Both Fortunetellers and Emerald Blues have a 4% chance of dropping an Energy Gem. Yes, this is an exceptionally low drop rate.

Remember to equip as many Lucky Lucky abilities as possible. Even with a full stack of them, you’re still only going to occasionally be getting Gems. They are that uncommon.


Optimal Energy Gem Farming Route

Emerald Blues are what you’ll be fighting the most / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Emerald Blues are what you’ll be fighting the most

Luckily, there’s a fairly good loop you can run to make the most of your time. It looks like this:

Palace Walls > Cave of Wonders: Entrance > Valley of Stone > Stone Guards > World Map > Palace Walls

Save Point at Palace Walls / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Save Point at Palace Walls

Start at the Palace Walls save point.

Turn around and head towards the Cave of Wonders: Entrance.

Hidden pack of Emerald Blues / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Hidden pack of Emerald Blues

At the entrance, clear out the initial Heartless and then run around behind the giant head to fight a hidden pack of Emerald Blues.

Valley of Stone / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Valley of Stone

Next, enter the Cavern and go through the Valley of Stone, where you’ll fight a few Fortunetellers and some more Emerald Blues.

Stone Guardians / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Stone Guardians

At the next area, Stone Guardians, use the save point to return to the world map and then return to the Palace Walls to start over.

Another lucky break is that Emerald Blues aren’t tough to beat.

You can blow through them with either Thunder magic, or any of Sora’s AOE finishers, like Magnetic Strike and Explosion.

Fortunetellers like to fly around, so any aerial attack boosts will help. If you guard or Reflect their crystal attack, you can knock it back to deal large damage.

Ultimately, neither of these Heartless are too tough.

The biggest challenge is getting the Energy Gems to drop at all!


Using Energy Gems

Adding a Gem to a Recipe / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Adding a Gem to a Recipe

Energy materials (Stones, Gems, and Crystals) are a support material.

They aren’t required for most recipes – but are super helpful.

Here’s how they work:

Adding an Energy Gem to a recipe cuts the ingredients required in half.

For example, if an item requires 10 Blazing Stones, you can add an Energy Gem and reduce that to only 5.

So you don’t need to farm Energy Gems. But they are super useful, especially if you’re out to synthesize lots of the more powerful items and accessories.

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