How To Get Glide in Kingdom Hearts 2 (And KH2.5)

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Glide can be obtained and learned through leveling up Sora’s Final Form to level 3.

This is true of both KH2 and KH2.5, and Final Form is actually one of the hardest to level in the game. It only gains EXP when you defeat Nobodies while in Final Form – so a good grinding strategy helps a lot here.

But if you don’t have Final Form yet, you can get it randomly during one of your changes into another form (Valor, Wisdom, Master, Limit) but you need to have your drive guage maxed out.

So keep maxing your drive gauge, and keep going into drive forms. Eventually you’ll unlock Final Form and be able to grind it up to level 3.


What is Glide?

Glide is a staple ability in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Ever since Sora traveled to Neverland and got doused with Pixie Dust, he’s had the ability to glide around the map. Yet he loses it in KH2 (probably from the Chain of Memories storyline) so you’ll have to learn it all again.

With a simple button press after jumping, Sora will start to soar around and gently float to the ground, allowing for quick travel across large areas.


How To Learn Glide Permanently in KH2.5

Glide at first can only be used when Sora is in his Final Form.

However, you can level up your Final Form to get Glide as a permanent ability once you reach Final Form level 3. At that point you’ll be able to equip Glide as a regular ability in Sora’s Ability list.

So how do you level up Final Form?

Only by defeating nobodies while you’re in Final Form. And there’s a few areas you can look into for grinding:

– Twilight Town’s Mansion
– Naught’s Skyway, or anywhere near it in The World That Never Was
– Inside Yen Cid’s Tower, just run through the whole tower up to the top and farm as many nobodies as you can. Then hit the save point in the “Sorcerer’s Loft” at the top, leave the world, and do it again

You’ll also want a lot of Drive Recoveries for this process, but it’s well worth it.

Grinding Final Form in Yen Cid Tower 'Moonlight Chamber' / KH 2.5 HD

Final Form Levels Explained

The Glide ability upgrades as you level up your Final Form.

With each level, Sora’s Glide speed will get faster and faster.

The ability will evolve with each of the following levels:

While in Final Form, Sora will learn Glide LV1 automatically, then Glide LV2 at level 3, then Glide LV3 at level 5, and ultimately Glide MAX at level 7.

For regular Sora to learn and use Glide at any time, he’ll first learn the regular Glide ability at Final Form level 3, then he can Glide faster as he learns Glide LVL2 at Final Form’s level 5, and ultimately caps out with Glide LV3 at Final Form’s level 7.

There is no way for regular Sora to learn Glide MAX outside of Final Form.

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