KH2.5: How To Get The Gullwing Keyblade

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The Gullwing Keyblade can be obtained after speaking with the Gullwings in Radiant Garden’s Postern after completing the Battle of the 1000 Heartless fight.

In KH2 (and KH2.5), the Gullwings are fairies based on YRP from Final Fantasy X-2.

Just defeat the 1000 Heartless battle, then look for three floating fairies dressed like Yuna/Rikku/Paine. They’ll give you the keyblade.


Gullwing Keyblade Location

During your time in Radiant Garden, Sora and the Gang will meet a group of treasure obsessed fairies.

These fairies once aided Maleficent as mercenaries, but were left without a goal or purpose once she was forced out of Hollow Bastion. Donald tricks the fairies into helping Leon protect Radiant Garden, promising fabulous treasure in return.

A while after that, you’ll have to fight against a terrifying wave of 1000 Heartless and Nobodies.

If you emerge victorious, head to the Postern in Radiant Garden. This is just north from the Bailey, and there’s actually a save spot right in the Postern area too.

You should see the Gullwings floating around there.

The Gullwings YRP Location in Radiant Garden Postern (KH2.5)

Speak to them and the fairies will confront Sora and demand compensation for his lie. After showing how poor Sora, Donald & Goofy truly are (and all the battles they’re currently going through), the fairies decide that robbing your trio isn’t such a nice idea.

They’ll give you the Gullwing Keyblade as retribution.


Gullwing Keyblade Stats & Uses

The Gullwing keyblade stats are as followed:

+2 Strength, +3 Magic.

It also comes equipped with the ability Experience Boost, which doubles the EXP you earn from battle whenever your HP is below 50%.


Is The Gullwing Worth Using?

The Gullwing Keyblade is one of the worst and weakest Keyblades available in KH2, especially at the point in the game when you can obtain it.

The only real use you’ll get out of this keyblade is its Experience Boost ability. That will greatly increase your EXP gain whenever Sora is below half health.

There are much more effective methods of grinding levels, though. So this ability isn’t really worth the hassle (and potential game over) of using it.

It’s mainly used to help you get to 100% completion.

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