How Do You Get a Lucky Ring in KH2.5?

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The Lucky Ring is an upgrade of the Draw Ring.

You don’t need to craft a Draw Ring before the Lucky Ring, but you’d need the materials required to make the Draw Ring, plus a Serenity Crystal to upgrade it.

To craft (and upgrade) the Draw Ring into a Lucky Ring, you’ll need the Rare Document synthesis recipe. You obtain this recipe by completing the ‘Duality’ puzzle.


Obtaining the Rare Document Recipe

An Puzzle Piece in the Wild. / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
An Puzzle Piece in the Wild.

The puzzles in Jiminy’s Journal are filled in when you find their various pieces around the many worlds.

These pieces all look like white, floating crowns, and you’ll need a variety of abilities to access all of them.

There are six puzzles to complete, but it’s the Duality Puzzle that rewards you with the Rare Document recipe.

Here are the locations of all twelve pieces:

World Area
Atlantica Undersea Courtyard
Halloween Town Hinterlands
Halloween Town Town Square
Port Royal Isla de Muerte: Powder Store
Port Royal Town
Agrabah Near the Entrance to Palace Gates
Olympus Coliseum Underworld Caverns: The Lost Road
Olympus Coliseum Underworld Caverns: The Lock
Hollow Bastion Bailey
Disney Castle Gummi Hanger (Requires High Jump LV3)
Disney Castle Courtyard
Timeless River Pier (Requires High Jump LV2)

Once you have the recipe, it’s time to gather the materials!


Gathering the Materials

One of the rarest items in the game / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
One of the rarest items in the game

Most of the materials needed for the Lucky Ring aren’t too hard to come by. But you will need to be at the end of the game to craft this ring (or at least have beaten the game once).

Being above level 50 will also probably help a lot.

And don’t forget to equip as many Lucky Lucky abilities to get that drop rate as high as possible! A lot of these goods have exceptionally low drop rates so use all the help you can get!

Item Location
Manifest Illusion x1 3x in Cavern of Remembrance chests; dropped by Lingering Will boss
Remembrance Shard x3 Dropped by Iron Hammers and Camo Cannons in the Cavern of Remembrance
Bright Gem Dropped by Magnum Loaders and Surveillance Robots in Space Paranoids
Bright Stone Dropped by Tornado Steps and Driller Moles in the Olympus Coliseum Underworld
Bright Crystal Dropped by Strafers in Space Paranoids
Serenity Crystal Dropped by Bulky Vendors

Tip: All of these materials, aside from the Manifest Illusion, can also be dropped by Bulky Vendors.


What Does The Lucky Ring Do?

The Lucky Ring / Kingdom Hearts 2.5
The Lucky Ring

When equipped, the Lucky Ring gives that character the Lucky Lucky ability.

Lucky Lucky increases item drop rates by ~33%.

And this increase is multiplicative, not additive. So you’ll be getting much larger drop rate boosts if you can equip more Lucky Lucky abilities (or more equipment with the ability)

With enough Lucky Rings and Lucky abilities, you can get up to an 800% increase in drop rates!

So it’s totally worth creating a Lucky Ring.

Ironic that a lot of the materials you need for it have low drop rates.

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