KH2.5 Power Stone Farming (Locations & Tips)

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Power Stones are dropped by Luna Bandit and Silver Rock Heartless.

The best place to farm these fellas is the Bazaar in Agrabah.

Enter the world at the Palace Gates save point and you can enter the Bazaar, roll through the enemies, and then go back to that save point to return to the world map and reset everything.

Luna Bandits have an 8% chance of dropping a Power Stone, while Silver Rocks have a 6% chance of dropping a Power Stone.

As usual, equipping Lucky Lucky abilities helps raise those drop rates substantially.

You need 8 Power Stones to synthesize one of everything that requires them.


How To Farm Power Stones

Luna Bandits and Silver Rocks in the Bazaar / Kingdom Hearts II
Luna Bandits and Silver Rocks in the Bazaar

Lunar Bandits love ganging up on you.

They appear in groups of two or three and surround Sora quickly.

If you find yourself in the center of a beatdown, a quick Reflect spell should give you some space.

Use of area-of-effect attacks like Thunder or Sora’s Magnetic Strike are great tools to mop up the groups, especially when Silver Rocks join the fray.

Speaking of Silver Rocks, their Reaction Command is Swift Shot.

Swift Shot is an attack that launches the Silver Rock at another enemy and is always worth catching when it pops up.


Using Power Stones

Making Power Stone items / Kingdom Hearts II
Making Power Stone items.

Power Stones are used in a lot of synthesis stuff!

The most important item Power Stones play a part in are Elixirs and Megalixirs, items that restore HP and MP to full.

Both items require 1 Power Stone in the recipe.

Aside from awesome recovery items, Power Stones also take part in making the Buster Band, which has the highest single defense boost of all accessories.

These stones are great to have a large amount of, simply because they are instrumental in creating the best healing items in the game.

After talking about Power Stones so much I want to go play my Dreamcast, though I can’t figure why…

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