Where Do You Farm Serenity Shards in KH2.5?

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The best place to farm Serenity Shards is in the Timeless River from Large Bodies and Hot Rods. But these heartless have an exceptionally low base drop rate (4%).

That said, Serenity Shards can drop from a wide array of Heartless. But what makes Large Bodies and Hot Rods your best choice is that they appear in just about every section of the Timeless River.

This means you can simply do laps through the zone to continuously farm them, instead of hunting down one specific foe that may or may not reappear in a certain area.

And you’ll probably want to get a bunch of these – because you’ll need 21 Serenity Shards in total to create one copy of everything in the synthesis shop that requires these shards.

Tip: Remember to equip as many Lucky Lucky abilities as you can! The more you have, the better your drop rate will be.


Efficiently Farming Serenity Shards

The Timeless River / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
The Timeless River

Serenity Shards have a stupidly low drop rate. Only 4%!

And that’s without Lucky Lucky abilities or Lucky Rings equipped.

Because of that low drop rate, your best bet is to find a place where you can fight lots of Serenity Shard Heartless continuously without having to worry about leaving the world to reset them.

The best place to do this is in the Timeless River.

Enter the Scene of the Fire, clear it out, then go through to Lilliput, and then Building Site. Leave back to Cornerstone Hill and do it all again.

Here’s the route:

Scene of the Fire > Lilliput > Building Site > Cornerstone Hill > Scene of the Fire

Following this endless route repeatedly will have you fight over ten Large Bodies and about five Hot Rods per run.

Since Heartless respawn after going two screens away, following the route also ensures that there will always be something for you to farm.

This is also a good place to level your Wisdom Form. You’ll gain experience for every heartless you defeat, and the extra boost in magic from Wisdom Form is useful for clearing areas out quicker – especially if your lower level.


What Are Serenity Shards Used For?

Serenity Shard upgrading an Item / Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix
Serenity Shard upgrading an Item

Once your synthesis moogle reaches Synth Level 3, you can start adding Serenity Materials into your creations.

When you add a Serenity item to a recipe, it upgrades that item to a higher level.

For example, adding a Serenity Shard to your Mega-Potion recipe turns it into a Mega-Ether.

Upgrading an item this way counts as a separate recipe – so if you want to complete your synthesis recipe book, then you’ll need plenty of Serenity materials.

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