Where To Get & Farm Twilight Gems in KH2.5

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Twilight Gems are a synthesis ingredient in KH2.5 that are only dropped by the Assassin Nobody (12% drop rate). These are most prominently found in The World That Never Was.

If you’re looking to farm Twilight Gems, you’ll want to head to The World That Never Was and get to “Proof Of Existence”, which also has a save spot so you can disembark there from your Gummi Ship.

From that room, head to the Hall of Empty Melodies and you should find Assassin nobodies to take out. Beat them, then head back to the save spot to leave the world & re-enter.

You should be able to repeat this process until you get all the drops you want.

And these Twilight Gems are mostly used to craft Mythril Gems, Mythril Crystals, and Goofy’s Save the King shield.


Twilight Gem Locations in KH2.5

Only one enemy in the game drops Twilight Gems, and that’s the Assassin Nobody.

These sneaky boys have a 12% chance to drop a gem – and they aren’t exactly found is huge bundles all over the game.

They’re mostly in The World That Never Was, and the easiest spot to farm these nobodies for Twilight Gem drops is by disembarking at (or getting to) the Proof Of Existence save spot in TWTNW.

Proof of Existence Room in KH 2.5 HD

Inside that room you’ll see a lot of exits, one of them leading to the “Hall of Empty Melodies”.

Inside there you’ll find some Assassin nobodies. Clean house & then head back to the save spot, go to the world map, then re-dock in Proof Of Existence and repeat.

It’s worth noting that Twilight Gems can be also bought from a Moogle for 400 munny after you deposit 20 of them.

Hall Of Empty Melodies Screenshot from KH 2.5 HD
Image source

Twilight Gem Uses in KH2.5

Twilight Gems are used in a couple of different synthesis recipes.

Here we’ll tell you which recipes need Twilight Gems, how many, and what the synthesis recipes do:

Mythril Gems – Mythril is a very valuable synthesis ingredient that’s used in lots of recipes.

If you want to craft a Mythril Gem, then you’ll need to gather x1 Dense Crystal, x3 Dense Gems, x1 Twilight Crystal, and x3 Twilight Gems.

Mythril Crystals – These even more valuable Mythril pieces will have the same recipe as the Gems above, but with an added x1 Serenity Crystal.

Save the King – This is Goofy’s best shield in the game, and a must have for any good knight. It has +9 strength and comes with the Item Boost ability.

After you collect the Queen Recipe you’ll need to get x1 Orichalcum, x3 Twilight Crystals, x5 Twilight Gems, x7 Twilight Stones, and x9 Twilight Shards.

Save the King+ – An upgrade to Goofy’s already great shield, but now with the added ability of MP Rage (KH2) or Damage Control (KH2.5).
You’ll use the exact same recipe for the original Save the King, but with a Serenity Crystal.

Collecting all Twilight Materials in KH2 will reward you with a Serenity Crystal.

Close-up Screenshot of the Assassin Nobody / KH 2.5 HD
Assassin Nobodies in Battle / Image source

Are These Worth Farming?

You’ll want some gems for Save the King, since it’s Goofy’s best shield.

However, you may or may not need to farm Twilight Gems depending how many Mythril Crystals and Mythril Gems you need.

Those are used in lots of recipes, and are hard to come by outside of synthesizing them yourself. So getting Twilight Gems to be able to create a few Mythril items will be very helpful in the long run.

Luckily it’s fairly straightforward to actually farm Twilight Crystals, so if you ever need more for whatever reason then you’ll know exactly where to go.

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