The Best Abilities To Use in Kingdom Hearts 3 (Ranked)

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Kingdom Hearts 3’s wide range of different abilities allow for so many playstyles and set-ups.

There’s abilities suited for combo experts, for defensive players, and anyone in-between. So if you’re a little confused on which abilities trump others, we’ve created this little list of some of the best ones to keep an eye out for.

Of course, the best abilities all boil down to you, your tastes, and your overall playstyle.

If any ability on this list isn’t too your liking, try and discover one to fill in the gap.

Note: This list won’t include abilities added in the Re:Mind DLC. But those abilities are very useful and quite strong, so if you do have the DLC, don’t be afraid to give them a whirl too.


15. Block

Block Ability / Sora in KH3

Up first we have the ability that no player should go without, no matter what.

Block is beyond useful.

It can be the difference between you surviving an attack, or instantly dying (or taking lots of damage).

A simple well timed button press is all you need to be able to stand against the forces of darkness you’ll come across on your KH3 journey.

Not only that, but Block also opens up a whole arsenal of Counter abilities and other useful attacks that we’ll get to see later in this ranking.

So this is the one ability you don’t wanna be seen without, no matter what you’re build is.


14. Aerial Recovery

Sora using Aerial Recovery in KH3

Another key ability for any player is Aerial Recovery.

When a big Heartless decides to yeet Sora into the sky, normally he’ll take quite a while to fall back down.

Instead of waiting for Sora to be tossed around like a bean bag, take this chance to fight back.

This ability allows Sora to regain consciousness in mid-air after being hit.

This is a great set-up for aerial combos and attacks, especially against later boss fights. No more waiting to recover as you keep the fight’s momentum going and overwhelm the boss.


13. Payback Strike

Payback Strike in KH3

Going hand in hand with Aerial Recovery is the follow up attack, Payback Strike.

As the name implies, this is when Sora goes in for payback against whatever flung him into the sky.

After using your recovery, pressing the attack button will send Sora straight towards his attack, ready to pummel them into oblivion with a flurry of blows.

In a one-on-one fight this will be a godsend. But it can be a bit annoying in groups.

When you’re surrounded, Sora will attack whatever enemy hit him, rather than going after the locked-on target – which can be detrimental in more serious cases.


12. Counter Kick

Counter Kick Ability in KH3

To complete our little trifecta here, we have the yin to Block’s yang.

Just like how Payback Strike attacks after a successful recovery, Counter Impact will attack after a successful Block.

You’ll probably use this one a little more often if you time your blocks correctly.

There are a few other reprisal abilities you can equip instead of this one, but I like Kick the most.

This move will send surrounding enemies flying, and grant immunity during its animation sequence.

This is great for grouped battles. But other reprisal options could be nicer for one-on-one fights (as we’ll see later).


11. Glide

Sora Gliding in Pirates of the Caribbean World

Even after all these years, Sora’s held on to the Pixie Dust that he got from Neverland in KH1.

Because of that, now Sora can fly! (again)

Glide is more helpful for maneuverability than anything else. It’ll get you from one point of the map to the next very easily if you’re in a rush, or if you just want to glide around a bit.

This ability is double the fun with the open world like areas added in KH3.

Now you can glide all around a big city like San Fransokyo or down mountains in Arendelle.

In combat it can be used to get out of dangerous situations, or as a preparation for ground-based attacks.

The flight time gives you a moment to think of what to do next as you float to the ground.


10. Counter Slash

Counter Slash Ability in KH3

Just like Counter Impact, this ability allows Sora to strike after a successful block.

Unlike Impact, this move is great to use against one-on-one battles like boss fights and Data Organization battles.

This is because Sora attacks quickly and can use it in rapid succession.

This allows for a pretty constant stream of attacks to disrupt the enemy.

It’s easier to aim and focus this attack on one specific foe too, rather than a whole group of ‘em.

Of course, each reprisal is more of a personal preference. So if one works better for you than the other, go for it.


9. Auto Finish

Auto Finish Move in KH3

This ability is more optional, depending on your reaction time and focus during a battle.

When you’re in a situation command like a form change, a ride attraction, or a summon, you’ll be able to hit the “finish” reaction to do a very powerful final attack with whatever you’re using.

Sometimes when you’re not paying attention to the command menu and are just focusing purely on the fight at hand, you might miss your chance to use the final attack.

One might even hit the finish on accident and complete the attack to early.

Auto-Finish drops those worries and triggers the final blow automatically when its timer ends.

It’s nice to have equipped, even if you remember to press the command.


8. Rising Spiral

Rising Spiral Ability in KH3

Do you love doing aerial combos, but can never seem to get them off properly?

The enemy knows he has the advantage on the ground. So why wouldn’t he want to stay there.

It’s time to disrupt his day with a Rising Spiral.

Using this ability, Sora will start to perform a combo and hoist the enemy straight into the sky, prime for a beating.

Since most enemies aren’t huge fans of being flung 40 feet in the air, they’re gonna be quite vulnerable to hacking and slashing.

This ability combined with several air combo related attacks is sure to be a rainy day on the Heartless’ parade.


7. MP Haste

MP Haste after casting magic in KH3

Wizards are always in need of a quick mana boost. Casting spells constantly is very draining.

MP orbs never seem to drop when you need them, and that mana bar is always taking its sweet old time filling back up.

It’s time to stop waiting and continue casting with MP Haste!

Each MP Haste you have equipped will recharge you MP faster by an extra 10%. You can stack this as an ability, through equipment, through weapons, you name it.

The more MP Haste abilities you have, the faster it goes.

So if you’re working towards a more magic-based Sora, then this is an ability you’ll want to horde plenty of.


6. (Aerial) Combo Plus/Boost

Aerial Combo Plus in KH3

Here we get into our collection of combo essentials.

If you want to be a great Kingdom Hearts player, combining attacks into a string of powerful combos is key. You won’t get by easily with a few simple slashes here and there.

To aid your strategic button mashing, there are several abilities to add to the string of attacks.

You’ll start out with the Combo/Aerial Combo plus abilities.

These will increase your combos by one extra attack, and will add another one onto your combo each time you equip more (or manage to get more of this ability through equipment/weapons).

So having quite a few of these will make you into a fighting game-esque champion.

On the other side we have Combo Boost, which will enhance the strength of your attacks the longer the combo goes on.

So basically, the more you fight, the more they’ll fright.


5. Master Treasure Magnet

Master Treasure Magnet Ability in KH3

MP Haste is helping you out when you can’t reach MP Orbs in time, but what about HP?


Other colorful orbs and items lying about?

I think it’s about time you became a walking talking vacuum cleaner.

Master Treasure Magnet is a beauty of a skill in KH3. No matter how far away you are, any and all orbs and prizes will come flying straight towards you!

No more running around like a mad man, picking up the scraps of health left behind.

No, the orbs will no run like a mad man towards you.

It’s very helpful in group situations and against enemies who put themselves at a distance. Slurp up the goodies and get ready to keep fighting the good fight.


4. Leaf Bracer

Leaf Bracer after Curaga in KH3

Healing is necessary, no matter which game you’re playing.

This is no different for KH3 – especially up against the optional boss fights.

Cure is super useful and probably going to be your most used spell.

But it has one major flaw:

If you get attacked trying to cast it, it’ll fail.

That’s where Leaf Bracer shines.

Equipping it will let you heal with Cure even if you’re hit, almost guaranteeing you another chance at life.

For only using 1 AP, this is a no brainer for any ability set-up.


3. Second Chance

Second Chance Ability in KH3

Second Chance is a staple for the Kingdom Hearts games.

It’s always there in every game, even in the mobile app, and for good reason.

It’ll be your saving grace in quite a bit of circumstances. Let’s say the battle is getting heated, and you don’t manage to cast a Cure in time before the big heavy blow from the boss.

You think it’s all over, but Sora remains at 1 HP.

This is the work of Second Chance.

It’s here to make sure Sora is still standing after a serious attack. Just don’t rely too much on it, because there’s only so much it can take in one battle.


2. Withstand Combo

Star Medal Equipment with Withstand Combo Ability / KH3 Screenshot

Second Chance may be useful against a single mighty hit. But what if an enemy is more focused on quick combos?

You can survive one hit – but not 10 in a row.

Give Second Chance the backup he needs with Withstand Combo.

This ability functions the same as Second Chance, but with combos instead.

You’ll remain protected throughout the entire combo with 1 HP, giving you a chance to breathe and heal after a flurry of assaults.

Just hope the enemy doesn’t quickly decide to go for round 2.


1. Combo Master

Combo Master in Toy Story World / KH3 Screenshot

You can survive an enemy’s attack, heal yourself during it, and get a lengthy combo afterwards.

Things are looking great.

But wait, Sora’s combo missed halfway through and then BAM, you’re sliced in two.

Now you’re sitting there wondering how much better life would be if Sora’s keyblade didn’t slip off like butter – and if the enemy wasn’t great at dodging.

It’s time to cast your sorrows away and stop ruining great combos by becoming a Combo Master.

Equipping Combo Master ensures that your combo meter won’t reset if you miss or get interrupted.

Use this ability to make sure your enemy gets the full force of your attack and send him back in the depth of darkness.

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