Kingdom Hearts III: The 10 Best Gummi Ships & Teeny Ships (Ranked)

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There are plenty of reasons that fans fell in love with Kingdom Hearts III.

Outside of the new worlds and new abilities there were a few other surprises to be found. One of them was tons of brand new gummi ships.

Gummi ships in Kingdom Hearts started out as a way to travel between worlds. You could also have space battles like side quests.

In Kingdom Hearts III though, gummi ships expanded way more. From new ship designs and more missions, there’s a lot more that you can do with gummi ships.

and with so many options available it can be hard to decide what’s the best ship to travel with. Especially when there are prizes up for grabs.

Whether you prefer aesthetics or high stats or even something else, these are my top choices of the lot.

10. Tonberry

Tonberry gummi ship in kh3

With no speed or mobility, the Tonberry ship may not seem like much.

But in comparison to many other ships, Tonberry has some solid stats.

What’s more, it’s a Tonberry. While there are plenty of Final Fantasy elements in the game, this is a nice little slip in.

For those who aren’t that into Final Fantasy though, they basically get a turtle hermit ship.

To get the Tonberry ship design you have to head to the Misty Stream and take a picture of the Tonberry constellation. Easy peasy!


9. Moogle

Moogle gummi ship from kh3

The Moogle is another solid ship to have with a good amount of stats.

That and it’s also a rather adorable ship to have floating around the cosmos.

The Moogle ship can also be achieved by photographing its constellation. The difference is that this one is in Starlight Way.

While it has zero in mobility stats, it has a good amount of other stats for when you’re starting out in the game.

Besides that, you have to admit the idea of flying around as a Moogle sounds really fun. Especially because they’ve been around since the very first game.


8. Airship

Airship gummi design from kh3

The Airship gummi ship is not as well-known compared to many other ships but it does have one of the highest speeds.

The main reason that it is not higher on the list is that it has a rather low offense.

Compared to the other entries, this ship seems more suited for quick mission work.

It can be acquired by battling against the Space Worms. They’re a Grade A Boss Battle and can be found within the Misty Stream. Seems a bit much but it’s just one of many battles you have to do. With how many rewards there are in Misty Stream though, it’s worth it.


7. Kooma Panda

Kooma Panda from kh3

A teddy bear. Yes it’s a Heartless but still, teddy bear.

The Kooma Panda ship, other than being a fun aesthetic, made its place on this list for having a good amount in HP and Offense.

You can claim this gummi ship by undergoing the Speed Skirmish 4 mission in the Misty Stream.

Honestly though, it’s like a giant plush toy with an overstuffed belly. The way that it has a little cape too makes for a fun piece.

It’s not the best of ships in terms of speed but it does have a higher than average Offense. So if you want to have a flying bear ship in KH3 you can.


6. Necho Cat

Necho Cat gummi ship from kh3

Raise your hand if you like, no, love cats.

If you do then the Necho Cat ship is definitely a gummi ship to have.

Acquired by taking on the Countdown 9 Mission in Misty Stream, it’s best to use a ship with good speed and rolling for this.

Once you get the ship you basically get to fly a purple cat plush with a big bell and shiny tail.

Compared to the other gummi ships this is a rather high on the HP scale. Sure, it doesn’t have all that much in its other stats but it’s still fairly good.

Once again, you’d have a purple flying cat ship.


5. Ultros

Ultros gummi ship from kh3

Let’s be honest: the Ultros is a pretty weird ship.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea of it being in an octopus.

But the face though, there’s just something wrong with it.

On the front it just looks weird. On the stat side though it has the highest HP out of any ship.

It even beats the top entry on this list. However its other stats are rather standard to rather low.

As a result it lands a solid middle spot on the list.

To get the ship you just have to photograph the Ultros constellation in The Eclipse.


4. Sirius

Sirius gummi ship kh3

For those that are looking more for overall good stats or faster ships, Sirius may not fit your needs.

Those who know gummi ships though, will agree that it ranks high for its Offense and Speed.

The way it also looks somewhat like the standard gummi ships is a plus.

It’s also funny how it seems smaller in comparison to so many other ships and yet it has one of the highest Offense points.

What’s more it has a negative in Power and Rolling, with zero Mobility. Which is odd.

Just the way this seemingly tiny ship trumps the rest in terms of its attack power is like some inside joke for the game.


3. Omega

Omega gummi ship kh3

A tank is basically is the best way to describe this ship.

While it has no mobility and speed, it bests the Sirius in terms of HP and Power.

That and there’s whole negative stats and it having a way stronger Rolling stat.

You can get the Omega by photographing the Omega constellation in the Eclipse.

For ships that can do a lot in battle, this is a good ship to have.

Simply put: it’s a top tier ship to play with for fun or serious missions.

What’s more, as a tank looking ship it makes for a strong figure. When you put together the stats, looks, and how it’s acquired, you can see why it’s third on the list.


2. Endymion

Endymion gummi ship

Here’s a question: does anyone see Mobile Suit Gundam when looking at this ship?

Glancing over the ship’s color scheme and how its front looks like a helmet, it’s there.

Who knows, maybe it was something slipped into the game.

The Endymion ship can be found if you photograph the Endymion constellation in Misty Stream.

Now when comparing this ship to the Omega it seems better for missions/battles.

There is a specific reason that this ship is better than the previous entry too. You have to admit, this one has a better aesthetic than the former.

Sure Omega is more intimidating. But this one is a sleeker and faster ship as a whole.


1. Golden Highwind

Golden Highwind gummi ship

Whether it is because of stats or looks, many can agree that the Golden Highwind is the best of the lot.

You’ll get the Golden Highwind by battling against the Schwarzgeist.

The Schwarzgeist can be found in the green tornado in the center of the Misty Stream galaxy. However you cannot simply battle with any old ship.

This is where the Endymion ship comes in. While the Omega ship has a higher HP and offense, speed is needed in this battle.

Specifically a speed of at least 200 which the Endymion ship has.

In short, once you’ve got the Golden Highway it’s all smooth sailing on the gummi ship superhighway.

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