Best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 (All Ranked)

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The keyblade is arguably the most emblematic item from the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Sora has been using keyblades ever since the first game’s released, and they have only improved radically over time. Now the keyblade is an easily recognizable weapon that is known by gamers beyond the franchise thanks to its peculiar design.

However, as you Kingdom Hearts fans know, the keyblade that everybody knows is the Kingdom Key.

There are many stronger and better-looking keyblades in Kingdom Hearts III that all vary based on difficulty and rarity. But it’s up to you to decide which of these weapons you like the most.

17. Kingdom Key

Kingdom Key weapon kh3

The Kingdom Key is the first weapon that Sora starts with in KH3. It’s a classic that has appeared in every game in the series.

This legendary keyblade has been around since the first Kingdom Hearts, and it’s the first weapon to draw out Sora’s true power.

Similar keyblades are often wielded by other characters in the series, like Xion, Roxas, and Riku.

You don’t need to do anything to obtain this weapon. It is given to Sora as the story progresses at the beginning of the game.

It has the shape of a regular and traditional skull key with a small Mickey Mouse head at the end of its chain.

This weapon can draw out all of Sora’s power but it’s also very basic. So while it does deserve a spot here for its power, there are certainly more interesting designs beyond this one.

But there’s a reason why every version of this weapon is so effective!


16. Starlight

Starlight blade from kh3

The Starlight keyblade is not particularly difficult to obtain. In fact, its’ one of the first keyblades that you can obtain during the KH3 main story.

Completing the Classic Kingdom in Union Cross will get you the Starlight keyblade.

It might not be as strong as the Kingdom Key, but it does have a state of MP haste that makes it quite unique. It has a total of 4 magic points as well as 4 points of strength, which doesn’t make it particularly strong, but it might prove to be useful at some point during the game.

You can also obtain the Starlight keyblade after defeating the Demon Wave in the Keyblade Graveyard.


15. Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue keyblade from KH3

Midnight Blue is a keyblade to commemorate PlayStation. This blade even comes with the same color palette as the PlayStation 4.

It was only available to players who preordered KH3 for PS4 back before the initial release.

It has a cool shape with a moon at its furthest point. There’s also a moon at the bottom of the keychain which really adds a magical aesthetic to this weapon.

Leveling it up to the max will allow you to hit a total of 8 points with it as well as to have 8 points of magic.

The Midnight Blue is the exact same keyblade as the Star Seeker, but the color palette and name are different.

The keyblade boasts a design that includes both the X button of the PlayStation controller as well as the O button, further emphasizing the point that this weapon is based on Sony’s popular console.


14. Phantom Green

Phantom Green keyblade from KH3

The Phantom Green looks like the Midnight Blue keyblade but with a different color palette. Players could only get the Phantom Green by preordering the game for Xbox One.

This keyblade has the colors of each button of the Xbox controller on it. Pretty cool!

And no surprise that it has grown to become a fan favorite of the Xbox community.

It has thunder abilities and can reach the same level as the Midnight Blue keyblade.


13. Dawn Til Dusk

Dawn Til Dusk from KH3

The Dawn Til Dusk is the same design as the Kingdom Key with a unique color swap.

The green design resembles 7-Eleven, which is why the keyblade was created. It could only be obtained by preordering the game through Amazon in the U.S. or 7-Eleven in Japan.

Like the Midnight Blue and Phantom Green keyblades, this one is no longer obtainable.


12. Shooting Star

Shooting Star keyblade from KH3

Shooting Star is the first truly unique keyblade on this list.

Sora wears and uses the Shooting Star bravely, encouraging Big Hero 6 to upgrade his arsenal of weapons in the game.

You can obtain it as soon as you clear San Fransokyo. That is the city from the Big Hero 6 movie and one of the main stages later in KH3.

The keyblade features two different form changes. If you love awesome blade designs and good damage output, then the Shooting Star will serve you well.


11. Crystal Snow

Crystal Snow from KH3

The magical Crystal Snow caters to players who primarily use magic. So if you’re constantly blasting out spells then you’ll really like this keyblade.

The design resembles an elongated ice shard, and it defends very well against frozen attacks. Its design and effects are clearly based on Elsa’s Palace from the Frozen world.

This keyblade is actually named after Elsa; ‘Crystal Snow’ is an ode to the princess’ ability to create solid ice out of nowhere.

This is one of the most unique keychains in terms of design, and its abilities will prove to be quite useful as the story progresses.


10. Happy Gear

Happy Gear keyblade from KH3

One look at the Happy Gear keyblade should remind you of Monsters Inc, the world in which this keychain is based on.

The whole keyblade is designed around the machines that you can find in the factory where Sully and Mike work.

Besides its design, it also has a strength of 8 points, which makes it a lethal weapon for Sora to carry around.

However, it has a very low magic rating.

The Happy Gear is one of those keyblades that you’ll want for an aggressive, hack-and-slash playthrough of KH3. It’s one of the best at slaying enemies as if they were flies!

You can obtain it by completing the Monsters Inc. level.


9. Nano Gear

Nano Gear keyblade from KH3

The Nano Gear is one of the best mid-tier keyblades in the game and a very balanced weapon.

It contains elements from almost every single member of the Big Hero Six franchise, having at least one reference to every character somewhere on the blade.

With Nano Gear you get full stun protection and a solid set of additional features, such as base starting stats of 7 strength and 5 magic.


8. Grand Chef

Grand Chef keyblade from KH3

The Grand Chef is yet another well-rounded keyblade (similar in stats to the Nano Gear) that is represented by the lovable Ratatouille movie.

You can obtain it by completing the Ratatouille mini games and increasing the Le Grand Bistrot to a rating of 5 stars.

This is gonna be hard so prepare for some frustration if you undergo this challenge.


7. Hero’s Origin

Heros Origin hercules keyblade kh3

Hero’s Origin is one of the strongest keyblades available early in the game(after the first world, actually).

It focuses mainly on physical attacks and has elements that evoke Zeus and the Gods of Olympus from the world of Hercules.

You can use Hero’s Origin to create a massive shield with its form change. With low-tier magical bonuses, you’ll want to use it only if you plan to remain physical with your enemies.

Just keep in mind that this keyblade really isn’t meant for magic. So you really want to use it mostly for physical attack strategies.


6. Hunny Spout

Hunny Spout keyblade in KH3

Coming straight out of Winnie The Pooh’s world, the Hunny Spout keyblade is meant to be even more of a “middle of the road” weapon. Even more so than the Nano Gear and the Grand Chef.

It might not be as strong, but with its form change you’ll find that it quickly becomes a valid weapon of choice.

The overall design is resembles some unique aspects of the Winnie the Pooh story. It even has the traditional honey pot that Pooh so dearly loves.

You can get it just by competing the 100 Acre Woods missions.

Although simplistic in nature, the Hunny Spout features one of the best designs of any KH3 keyblade.

It’s an ideal weapon for those who are looking to approach the game in a more free-play manner, though the best focus here is on physical attacks.


5. Favorite Deputy

Favorite Deputy Toy Story KH3 Keyblade

The Favorite Deputy’s name references Woody the sheriff, which makes since because it’s the insanely awesome Toy Story keyblade.

Its design is a long cactus that reminds you of the Wild West. But arguably the best element of this weapon is the little green alien that everyone loves on the keychain itself, which gives it a nostalgic touch of the Toy Story spirit.

The blade can transform into a giant hammer with its form change and it can deal some pretty crazy damage.

With this form change you’ll be able to smack the ground and leave widespread damage.

While this isn’t very effective for all bosses, it does pack a punch and it works well for large groups of heartless.

For base stats it has a magic of 3, which is OK, but its regular strength of 6 compensates for it and makes this a great physical keyblade. Not to mention it has such a classic design that every Disney/Pixar fan should recognize.


4. Ever After

Ever After Tangled Keyblade KH3

Ever After is one of the best keyblades for magic weilders. You can get it early in the game so it’s also easy to level this up and keep it with you the entire game.

It’s fairly poor as a physical weapon with only 2 points of base strength. But its magic starts with a base level of 7, easily making it one of the strongest magical keyblades for any players focused on spells.

Keep in mind that constantly sticking to magic with this keyblade will likely deplete your MP fast. So it’s best to keep some Ethers stacked and get used to physical combat with this keyblade every so often too.

Its form change allows you to hit multiple targets at once as you climb on top of a representation of Rapunzel’s tower. Also as it levels up you’ll gain some handy skills to help replenish your MP faster.

I really can’t think of a better keyblade when it comes to magic-heavy players.


3. Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate Pirates Keyblade in KH3

The Wheel of Fate has two form changes and they both rock.

One allows you to morph this awesome blade into a flag, while the other one will let you turn it into a spear.

Each form can help you adopt a different approach to combat, but both tend to feel very in battle with normal heartless.

You can choose whichever appearance you like the most, which is awesome for versatility!

With a base strength of 8 points, it’s one of the best physical keyblades and will certainly aid you in physical combat with lengthy extended combos.


2. Classic Tone

Classic Tone KH3 keyblade

The Classic Tone is one of the best weapons in the game. It has 11 points of strength and a staggering 14 points of magic – not to mention the incredible MP Haste, which allows you to regenerate magic much quicker than ever.

The Classic Tone is a top tier magic keyblade that will ensure your opponents a path of destruction with its magical abilities.

You can use its form change to deal area damage as well as single-target damage, but this weapon is difficult to obtain – you need to complete every minigame and set your own high score in each of them!


1. Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon from Kingdom Hearts III

The Ultima Weapon is the endgame keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3(and in most other KH games).

It has a base starting point of 13 strength and magic power, making it the indisputable champion of keyblades in the game. Just imagine its power as you get it leveled up!

To create the Ultimate Weapon you’ll need to do some farming. Specifically you’ll need to obtain 58 synthesis materials, 7 Orichalcum, 2 Wellspring Gems, 2 Pulsing Crystals, and 2 Lucid Crystals. You can use this guide to help you along the way.

Its abilities allow you to perform better combos both in the ground and in the air, which further enhances the total damage that you can deal with this weapon.

This blade’s form change allows you to storm through any bosses in the game, and really you can get through most bosses even with just this weapon at its base level. Not to mention this thing looks crazy powerful.

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