Top 10 Hardest Trophies To Get in KH3 (and Re:Mind)

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What kind of completionist are you?

Is just getting to the end of a game enough? Or do you want to try to get the most out of the experience by trying every little thing?

One thing that drives most completionists is achievements and trophies.

Collecting every trophy in a game truly shows your devotion and dedication.

It proves that you’ve fully mastered the game, inside and out.

And for this list we’ll be going through some of the hardest and most challenging trophies in Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as it’s DLC, Re:Mind.

So buckle up and get your Keyblades ready for action, this is going to be a hectic journey.


10. Classically Trained

Classically Trained Trophy in KH3

Starting off our list we have a real test of skill.

No, I’m not talking about being able to cast powerful spells or be able to perform combos. I’m talking about the skill to beat arcade games.

Kingdom Hearts 3 features a bunch of little minigames in their Classic Kingdom segments.

These games, based on old Mickey Mouse cartoons, are in the style of Game & Watch games.

You find these games throughout your journey, but they can be quickly forgotten about. This is probably why only about 25% of players have this trophy.

Not only do you have to collect them all, but you must also beat the set high score. This can be really fun and easy, or really boring and time consuming, depending on who you are.

Some minigames can be quite the challenge, like the hot dog one.

However, your time is rewarding with a fancy trophy and a unique keyblade.


9. Thermosphere

Getting Thermosphere Trophy in KH3

Kingdom Hearts 3 completely revamped the Gummi Ship stages, making them open world and much more complex.

Just like Classic Kingdom, these segments can be really tedious or super fun.

Traveling through open space, shooting materials to collect, finding treasures and constellations; I think it’s all really enjoyable.

This trophy requires you to defeat a hidden boss within the Gummi Space, the Schwarzgeist.

There’s a few steps to take before even finding the boss, and when you get there he won’t be willing to go down without a fearsome fight. To find him, you’re going to need your Gummi Ship’s speed to be 200 or more.

Otherwise your ship won’t be able to gain enough speed to get into his whirlwind.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Gummi stats by now, this is where you’re going to want to learn.

The Schwargeist is no push over, either. It’ll rock your socks off if you aren’t prepared.

Make sure your ship has plenty of HP and offensive blocks first.

This boss will hit like a truck, so defense should be a priority as well.

The repair kit can come in clutch, as it can heal you during the battle. Just make sure to dodge everything and attack his shields when they’re down.

Winning this fight nets you the trophy AND a fancy new golden Gummi Ship!


8. Centurion

Getting Centurion Trophy in KH3

Classic arcade games aren’t the only thing you’re going to have to be skilled at.

You’ll also have to be a true gamer like Rex and get a high score in Verum Rex!

I hope you like driving mechs, because you’ll probably be driving one for the next couple hours trying to grind the perfect route to get 12,000,000 points.

This trophy can be cranked out pretty easily if you know the exact tactics of which mech is best, which route to take, and which enemies to focus on.

Without a guide, it’ll take you quite a few tries to get the right grove.

I’d recommend using the purple Gigas mech for a majority of the game, as it fires the quickest and has a pretty quick and powerful explosive weapon.

You’ll also want to try to take out the enemy mechs in groups – as it’ll rack you a lot more points than one at a time. Use the traps in the environments to your advantage too, as they’ll be pretty much your only way of killing a group.

Combos are also your best friend, as they’ll rack your points up much faster than anything else.

Don’t waste too much time in between actions and rack up your chain. Be quick, be precise, and be hostile.


7. Master Chef

Getting Master Chef Trophy in KH3

Who would’ve thought that the hardest Kingdom Hearts boss would be an egg?

Cooking in KH3 can be the most nerve-wracking and stressful thing you can put Sora through.

Especially if you’re aiming to get an excellent rating on every recipe. And I mean every recipe, even the hidden ones!

For starters you’re going to need to get all of the ingredients and recipes in order to start this achievement.

There are 28 recipes in total, with 20 of them found during your quest, and the rest locked behind the Flantastic Seven.

So not only do you have to worry about precise timing and extremely careful button controls for the cooking minigames, but you’ll have to beat several mini “bosses” to even get started!

It’s a pretty rough scene in the food industry.

Just take your time with your cracking, flambéing, chopping, and grinding, and you’ll be as excellent as your dishes.


6. Data Scraper

Getting Data Scraper Trophy in KH3

It’s time for some hardcore parkour!

Sora’s going to be jumping, sliding, and skating all throughout the streets of San Fransokyo.

During the night, you’ll be given the challenge to complete Flash Tracer courses. And in order to get the trophy, you’ll need to earn an A rating on each course.

Like the rest of the minigame missions, this can be easy or annoyingly difficult depending on your precision.

Make sure you’re speedy and going through every ring – it’ll net you more points.

It’s pretty straight forward, though:

Aim to destroy lots of enemies in your way, all while moving quick to the goal. Fast reaction attacks like thunder and shotlocks will definitely come in handy against bigger groups of Heartless.

Abilities like Superslide and Glide will also be a big help.

And if you need help with the best route to take, don’t be ashamed to look up a guide on YouTube. I won’t judge, we’ve all been there.


5. Synthesist

Getting Synthesist Trophy in KH3

This trophy is less about skill and more of a test of patience and commitment.

To earn this you’ll need to complete the Synthesis Section of your Gummiphone by unlocking AND crafting all 88 synthesis recipes.

That means you’ll have to be grinding a lot of materials from enemies and locations if you want to have enough to craft.

Make sure to keep up with the Moogle Photo Missions, as they reward you with recipes too.

The collector’s goals for collecting different materials also are a necessity to get the rest of the recipes.

Materials can be found from specific enemies in the game, treasure chests, or even from blasting apart some space rocks with your Gummiship. The latter of which can be the most enjoyable in my opinion.

This is a task that I highly recommend finding a checklist to complete. There’s also this guide worth keeping bookmarked as well.

But some kind of list will help you keep track of what materials you need, and what you still need to craft, as it can get pretty confusing and overwhelming midway through.


4. Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Master

Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Master Trophy

To top mostly everything off, we have the final trophy you’ll be earning in the base game.

This is an accumulation of your efforts thus far. The true prize for any completionist.

If you haven’t already realized, this trophy is earned by completing and earning every other trophy for the main game. This includes all of the previous trophies we’ve mentioned, beating the story, getting to level 99, getting the ultima weapon, and so much more.

You’ll get quite a few of the trophies naturally as you play through the game, as long as you’re trying out everything the game gives you.

Only a few will be a lot more grindy and time consuming, where you’ll have to focus on it specifically to get the trophy rather than stumbling upon it.

Either way, this will definitely be a trophy you’ll have to get a checklist for, just going down the list of which trophies you can get now and what you’ll have to work towards.

But shouldn’t the trophy for getting all trophies be the hardest?

Well my friend, let me Re:Mind you…


3. Beyond the Curtain

Beyond the Curtain Battle for KH3 Trophy

We’re starting off the Re:Mind trophies with a real heavy hitter, literally.

Spoilers for Re:Mind ahead, just a heads up!

Beyond the Curtain is your reward for beating what is currently considered one of, if not the hardest boss in the entire Kingdom Hearts series.

Yozora is a very mysterious figure in the Kingdom Hearts universe at the moment. We don’t really know too much about him.

All we know is he’s deadly and ready to kick your butt several times over until you rage out and quit.

He’s incredibly fast, agile, can shoot from so many directions, and hits like a truck.

Strike him when he’s vulnerable, usually when he’s falling to the ground. There’s quite a few more chess-y methods to beat him if you’d rather just get the fight over with.

If you want to be a true guardian of light and face him on your own, try to get his patterns figured out and dodge a lot.

I know that’s pretty basic advice, but it’s something!


2. All-Rounder/Risktaker

Risktaker Trophy for Org XIII in KH3

This trophy, or well “trophies” as they kind of blend together, can be very confusing to understand (even I don’t fully understand it yet).

With the Re:Mind DLC came EZ Codes and PRO Codes.

These can be gotten from choosing your adventure type during the beginning Dive to Heart.

You’ll have to defeat Yozora to have both unlocked on your save, despite your choices.

These codes are like cheat codes with various pros and cons. Some let you one-hit enemies, while others force your stats to set to 0, or remove healing.

Each code can be unlocked through Merits, special challenges found in the premium menu.

For the All-Rounder trophy, you’ll have to complete all of the EZ Merit challenges.

For the Risktaker Trophy, you’ll have to earn the highest score from using Pro Codes while fighting various bosses.

There’s tons of graphs and stats out there to better help you understand this mechanic… but it can be very overwhelming upon first glance.

This is more of a learn-as-you-go sort of thing, so uh… good luck!


1. Analysis Complete

Analysis Complete Trophy / Xehanort Battle in KH3

Sure, the hidden boss of Re:Mind may be the hardest one to fight against.

But what do you have to do to unlock the chance to fight him?

Defeat 13 other extremely challenging boss fights, of course!

That’s why Analysis Complete is the hardest trophy to obtain in the game. Not because it’s necessarily the most difficult fight, but because there’s bloody 13 challenging fights to get through!

Each member of the Real Organization XIII gets their time to shine through an enhanced boss fight.

Don’t go into these thinking they’ll be like their main story counterparts. These are all new super boss style fights, similar to the Cavern of Remembrance in KH2FM.

Depending on your playstyle and skills, certain bosses can be either easier or harder than the rest.

If you really get stuck on one don’t be afraid to watch some guides, as there’s a lot more you’ll have to get through afterwards.

You can defeat them in almost any order you’d like, too. So try to challenge those you think you’re ready for.

Defeating all 13 member will net you the trophy, some good items, and access to the ending of Re:Mind/the final secret boss.

So it’s definitely worth the time, effort, and pain to get through them.

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