15 Best Songs From The Kingdom Hearts III Soundtrack

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Music has always been paramount to the Kingdom Hearts experience.

Given the nature of the game, which merges Square-Enix’s classic Final Fantasy-style JRPG characteristics with the world of Disney properties, there’s always a ton of material for composers to work with.

This melting pot of Japanese influences and Western franchises allowed composer Yoko Shimomura to create some of the most memorable pieces in gaming history.

Japanese-American singer and songwriter Utada Hikaru has also been a staple of the game’s music, creating tracks like the first game’s Simple and Clean. From the KH3 soundtrack she got celebrity DJ and composer Skrillex to work with her on Face My Fears. And it’s just plain awesome.

As the 11th entry in the franchise and the final piece to wrap-up the main storyline, the game was a sort of an homage to fans who had been waiting so many years for the continuation of Sora’s journey. So it includes plenty of rearranged versions of well-loved themes from past games to get the nostalgia train going, along with plenty of entirely new ones.

While the original soundtrack isn’t out yet for purchase (we’ll probably have to wait until after all the DLC is wrapped up), there are many tracks uploaded online that you can listen to. And that’s good enough reason for me to rank my 15 favorite BGM tracks of the game that I hope you’ll agree are just fantastic.

15. Monstropolis Factory Field

Monstropolis is among the most well-designed areas in the game.

It really managed to capture the essence of the world shown to audiences in the Monsters Inc. movies.

This theme plays during the factory segments as you make your way through lasers and conveyor belts.

While at times it sounds like it belongs in a StarFox game – which is in no way a bad thing – its industrial feel fits the setting perfectly.

14. Toy Box Battle Theme

For the Toy Story inspired Toy Box area, Shimomura went for an inspiring style hand-crafted feeling to get players excited about being there.

The result is a song that could be mistaken for a Sonic The Hedgehog level track thanks to its fast pace and overall positive feel.

This very catchy tune plays during confrontations in the area and it goes perfectly with the colorful landscape.

I’d argue this will have you running around aimlessly during battles just so you can listen to it for a bit longer.

13. The Final World’s Theme

The Final World is something I’ll have a hard time forgetting.

It’s a sacred space – open, white and magical, and its theme drives the feeling home ideally. While in most cases I feel like the orchestral arrangements “dissolve” strong melodies and turn them into… well, just BGM, it works wonders to build a sense of incredible peace in this case.

At times, however, it does sound a tad eerie.

Like something isn’t entirely right… and something remains to be done.

12. Kingdom of Corona Battle Theme

One of the prettiest areas in the game has to be the Kingdom of Corona.

Both the landscape and its background music have all of that characteristic Disney flair, which makes you feel all warm inside.

Even the battle theme sounds positive and not like a confrontation at all. But combat in KH3 is so gorgeous that it kind of works!

If you’re paying attention you’ll hear a little reprise of the classic “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin play at different parts of the song too.

11. Gummi Boss Battle Theme

While many video game composers tend to save their best ideas and working neurons for the most important parts of the game, the truly great ones understand it’s up to them to determine which parts of the game will amaze due to their music.

Shimomura pulled out all the stops for this amazing boss battle theme.

Her arrangements for Gummi missions give them a sense of urgency and make you feel motivated to go through them.

10. The Consuming Dark

There’s nothing quite as important as good background music to get you invested in a fight.

This theme, which plays during several Heartless boss battles, is a perfect example of a song that makes you feel the tension as if you were holding the Keyblade yourself.

Hearing this makes me think of the battle against Sköll, Hans’ Heartless in Arendelle.

It may not be the hardest boss fight in the game, but that wolf is among the coolest Heartless I’ve seen in the whole franchise.

9. The Caribbean Battle Theme

At times it’s hard to decide whether I like a song or just the memories attached to it.

The Caribbean is one of the most unique worlds in KH3. While the cartoonish designs of most Disney characters are generally a good match for KH’s anime-style cast, a live-action movie like the Pirates of the Caribbean offers a new challenge for the designers.

And yet the KH3 game designers managed to create a memorable area that’s among the best in the game.

Hanging out there alongside Jack Sparrow on the Black Pearl and fighting Davey Jones to the beat of this wonderful track are definitely highlights of the story.

8. Scala ad Caelum’s Theme

This beautiful dramatic theme serves as the background music for Scala ad Caelum, the former seat of power for Keyblade wielders.

It’s funny how Shimomura decided to go all-out for a song that would only be heard for about 30 seconds. However, the same goes for the rest of the area and it shows a key level of detail we all want to have.

It’s fully modeled, immensely detailed, and just plain striking overall.

It feels as if something was cut in development and makes me wonder whether we’ll see the rest in a future release of the game or its DLC.

7. Dearly Beloved

This version of Kingdom Heart’s main theme is possibly the best one so far.

It breathes with excitement and plays with the listener’s expectations, knowing that fans are sitting there just waiting to be hit with the full strength of the track.

It’s a triumphant welcome back to longtime fans who’ve been with Sora from the very beginning, and it has a sense of finality that seems to say: “The wait is finally over”.

6. The Other Promise/Vector to the Heavens

Two somewhat sorrowful themes come together to create a heroic song of celebration.

After Roxas arrives at the last minute to help Sora and the rest, he’s reunited with his friends Axel and Xion and the team proceeds to kick Saix’s behind.

When all seems lost it’s nice to know a hyped character, epic music, and the power of friendship are always there to help.

5. Anti-Aqua Boss Battle Theme

After being stranded alone in the Realm of Darkness for over a decade, a corrupted Aqua has a bone to pick with Mickey and the rest of the gang.

Aqua has been a beloved best girl since her introduction as a playable character in Birth by Sleep, and this scene along with this song offers a very moving emotional moment.

I’d say this track tells the story of her journey; her rise to heroism and her fall into the darkness.

4. Oscurità di Xehanort

You know things are about to get real when your enemy’s theme is so special, the title isn’t even in English.

This intense battle theme accompanies the fight against Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort, what fans have taken to calling “The Nort Court”.

True to its name, it includes bits and pieces from Darkness of the Unknown and several other themes associated with Xehanort’s different incarnations.

It’s the perfect background music for a fight that takes the phrase “Me, Myself and I” to the next level.

3. Unbreakable Chains

Vanitas’ battle theme for KH3 is an all-new arrangement of his classic theme, Enter the Darkness.

The main change that places it above the original in my heart is the addition of a heavy rock element that gives it some extra kick and makes me want to hear it over and over again.

Echoes of the past continue fueling the fight in KH3.

2. Face My Fears

Skrillex was always a fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. And according to him, making music for the series was something he’d always wanted to do.

So when Utada Hikaru approached him about making a track together, he was in.

It took a while to find the time to meet, but once they did, they wrote the track in about an hour. Crazy story.

But it’s great to see a fan get to be a part of something they love. It’s an inspiring story that produced a wonderful song that ultimately rounds out an incredible trilogy.

Also don’t forget to check out the English version which I do like more myself, but I know it’s a tossup between the two.

1. Don’t Think Twice

Utada Hikaru’s love letter to the series that she’s been a part of since the very beginning makes a wonderful ending theme for Kingdom Hearts 3.

It’s a warm piece that welcomes us back from our journey through the many worlds of Kingdom Hearts.

This is a song with layered meaning that resounds with Sora’s final choice, as well as with the long wait for the game that fans were so patient with.

It may not be your #1 favorite but you have to admit, this is a darn good track that ultimately shaped KH3.

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