The Best KonoSuba Waifus, Ranked

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As the undisputed funniest isekai anime of all time, KonoSuba boasts a multitude of amazing girls.

You have magicians, goddesses, thieves, and there’s an entire group of lovely succubi working at the totally ordinary cafe in Axel.

But which among them have stolen the hearts of viewers?

Is Aqua still a good waifu if she’s the reigning useless goddess?

I hereby present my ranking of top-tier KonoSuba waifus, and some choices may surprise you.


10. Sylvia

Sylvia KonoSuba anime screenshot

Yes, she’s the main villain in the Legend of Crimson film — but come on!

Look at her vivacious figure and confident expression.

As one of the Demon King’s high-ranking officials, her ill reputation makes ordinary citizens shiver in fear. It doesn’t help that Sylvia boasts significant resistance to both physical and magical attacks because she’s a chimera.

But there’s a catch.

She’s not your typical mature-looking woman.

In truth, Sylvia is an intersex entity. Kazuma learned this the hard way (pun intended) after enjoying her soft and more female characteristics.

Yet this isn’t an automatic turn-off either.

Anime fans should know by now that feminine characters can be attractive and waifu-worthy even if they have male body parts.

In fact, I’m sure many fans will see it as a bonus that Sylvia is the way she is.


9. Lolisa

Lolisa screenshot from KonoSuba anime

It doesn’t matter whether you call her Newbie Succubus or Lolisa.

She’ll always be one of the highlights of the first season because she made Blessings On This Wonderful Shop! the legendary episode that it is.

Lolisa might be 3,000 years old – but it clearly doesn’t show.

In reality, her first appearance had the energy of a fresh graduate going to her first day at work. That’s an appropriate description since Lolisa is the newest employee at the Succubus Cafe.

Anyway, I adore her character design.

Lolisa is extremely cute.

The contrast between her timid personality and lewd outfit (for work purposes, of course) just makes her all the more attractive. I can’t blame Kazuma for defending her and accepting a beating from the other girls.


8. Megumin

Megumin KonoSuba anime screenshot

There’s no denying that Megumin is the most popular girl in KonoSuba.

She probably got more famous after the release of the movie, which featured her hometown.

I mean, Megumin is so easy to love.

If you go on YouTube, the hilarious 39-second edit of her and Kazuma’s explosion training skit already has 1.6 million views.

Likewise, Megumin’s iconic delivery of her “Explosion!” line is eternally ingrained in the hearts and minds of millions of fans.

This isn’t just about her kawaii loli look.

From her overpowered fire magic to her charming chuunibyou personality, Megumin is someone who’ll participate in your shenanigans as much as you’ll partake in hers.

And aren’t the best couples the ones who are also the best and goofiest of friends?


7. Yunyun

Yunyun in KonoSuba anime

Yunyun’s backstory is simultaneously amusing and depressing.

Even if she’s the future leader of the Crimson Magic Clan, Yunyun is quite the outcast — not just in the village but in the entire Kingdom of Belzerg.

She celebrates birthdays and plays multiplayer games by herself due to her social isolation — but she doesn’t deserve to live such a lonely life.

Yunyun has a heart of gold, and just happens to be constantly misunderstood.

Moreover, she’s pretty (like her pink skirt), intelligent (she can cast spells other than explosion magic), and determined to prove that she deserves to be the next head of the clan.

Yunyun always feels like Megumin is one step ahead in their (imaginary) rivalry. But she wins on my list.


6. Aqua

Aqua KonoSuba anime screenshot

This so-called useless goddess isn’t that useless.

Yes, Aqua decidedly learned party tricks first instead of adventuring skills. And yes, she read lots of manga titles instead of doing her divine duties.

But she has admittedly become more endearing (and ridiculously hilarious) the more time she spends with Kazuma and the rest of the squad.

Aqua is the literal god of the Axis Cult, yet she doesn’t care if she has to sleep in a stable or do manual labor.

As long as she can excuse herself out of battling giant frogs and others shower her with praise, she’ll take on any challenge.

Just like what Kazuma says, Aqua’s beauty is incomparable to mere mortals.

Her presence is unlike any other. To the point that fans can’t even agree whether she’s wearing a pantsu or not (or if it’s invisible).


5. Sena

Sena from KonoSuba anime

Yes, Sena deserves her spot right above a literal goddess.

For one, her design is immaculate.

Her outfit is like a mix of the police uniforms in You’re Under Arrest and Isuzu Sento’s dress in Amagi Brilliant Park.

I’m a huge fan of uniformed characters, bespectacled ladies, and women in law enforcement — and Sena happens to be all three.

Furthermore, Sena’s dedication to her job is attractive in its own way.

Her work as a prosecutor is difficult and takes a toll on her brain every single day.

Yet she perseveres all the time in the name of justice and equality.


4. Eris

Eris KonoSuba anime screenshot

The Goddess of Fortune makes her way to this spot in our ranking, with her gentle demeanor and pristine beauty.

Despite the power she holds over the fantasy world and how she’s the ultimate decider of where people go upon death, she’s softhearted and very approachable.

I guess that’s partly because she’s not above everyone else:

Funnily enough, Aqua—the goddess of the opposing Axis Cult—is still her superior, and usually offloads her responsibilities onto her.

But I believe that Eris is also just innately compassionate.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t go the extra mile just to make Darkness (one of her many followers) less lonely, all without expecting anything in return.

Plus, Eris has a lovely scent, and will always look the way she is because she’s immortal.

Just like the title of the series says: Eris is truly “God’s blessing on this wonderful world.”


3. Luna

Luna in KonoSuba anime

Luna’s constant presence throughout KonoSuba significantly helps make this isekai world appealing and comforting.

She’s reminiscent of the lovely women in RPGs who guide new players & never really disappear as you progress.

In particular, Luna is like Katheryne from Genshin Impact, who’s always eager to provide daily commissions.

This comparison is fitting because they’re both from the Adventurer’s Guild.

Aside from her well-endowed figure and golden hair (and eyes), Luna can effortlessly brighten anyone’s day with her smile and amiable personality.

This beauty is a hard worker.

She’ll sacrifice many hours to ensure that all events and emergencies have full documentation.

Luna wants to be with a lovely man, but the choices around her (i.e. the drunkards at the guild) are far from appealing. I wish her the best of luck in love.


2. Darkness

Darkness KonoSuba anime screenshot

Honestly, Darkness and my top pick can switch places.

That’s how ahead they are in terms of waifu-ness.

And Darkness ticks many boxes:

She’s from a noble family who will break tradition if it doesn’t coincide with her values and beliefs. Also, Darkness is a devout follower of Eris, a fellow top-tier KonoSuba waifu.

Third, she’s a crusader who will protect not only your heart, but also your life.

And more importantly, Darkness is a masochist.

That’s why her paladin role is perfect. She gets to defend the innocent while also increasing the chances of being punished.

Darkness easily has the most hilariously lewd thoughts, squirms, and moans in KonoSuba.

Yet there’s grace in her genuine smile, blessed feminine figure, and warm personality.

Just don’t call her by her real name – because it’s the only kind of humiliation she doesn’t enjoy.


1. Wiz

Wiz from KonoSuba anime

Yes, my #1 waifu pick is a supporting character who’s arguably the MC in many people’s hearts.

Wiz exudes great “ara ara” energy, especially with her mature figure that’s plump in all the right places.

She can be adorably timid and hopeless—especially in business matters.

But she can also be exceedingly mature when it matters.

And in a world where it’s hard to take anyone seriously, Wiz is that one character whose presence and legacy demands respect. Folks in Belzerg can still poke fun at their immortal shopkeeper, but they have full trust in her.

After all, Wiz is the most courageous and selfless of them all.

As an almighty archwizard, she joined the Demon King only to ensure that no innocent people would be affected.

Once Wiz realized that this was not the case, she fought his army and sacrificed herself to save everyone else, hence becoming a lich.

KonoSuba may have an abundance of succubi.

But there’s only one gentle and full-bosomed lich store owner who can make your waifu dreams come true (and instantly cast high-level magic).

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