Last Cloudia: Ark Ether Farming Guide

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There are two main ways that you can farm Ark Ether for your Arks.

One is by Autorunning Story Stages, and the other is by collecting Etherions to level Ark Ethers directly.

Farming Ark Ether is among the most tedious things to do in the game.

But with time, lots of patience, and a little bit of knowledge about the game, maxing out multiple Arks to 100% becomes very achievable for any player out there.


Autorun Story Mode Stages

Story Map (Photo Mode) / Last Cloudia

The most consistent method to farm Ark Ether is by Autorunning specific Story Mode stages as often and as long as you can.

Every stage cleared gives you a 10% chance to earn 0.1% Ark Ether points for each Ark that’s equipped by the characters of your party.

The three notable story mode stages to farm Ark Ether from are:

  • Imperial Guard Commander 3
  • Find Theria!
  • Port Migal

NOTE: It’s recommended to edit your Ark/s to Level 1 before beginning your autoruns, since it reduces the souls consumed per run. In some stages you can even farm souls by doing this.

Also, it’s advisable to only bring along only SSR, LE LR, and UR rarity Arks for autoruns because Ark Ether for R and SR rarity Arks can be increased much more easily through the gacha system.


Imperial Guard Commander 3 (Gragia Mountains)

3-10 Imperial Guard Commander 3 (Drops) / Last Cloudia

Clearing IGC3 on HARD difficulty is by far the most popular and most efficient stage to clear for Ark Ether farming.

It’s a one-wave stage with enemies that — provided you have the appropriate units and quick-cast skills — can be cleared quickly, which leads to more clears per autorun session.

Not to mention that Imperial Guard Commander 3 is also a staple farming stage for Green and Blue Crystal Clusters, undoubtedly making it the best story mode stage to autorun out of the three for general purposes.


Find Theria! (Royal Capital Aldana)

1-8 Find Theria! (Drops) / Last Cloudia

Ideally, an average autorun clear time shouldn’t go beyond 5 seconds at most. Taking any longer would drastically lower the rate of clears per autorun session.

For this reason, newer players who struggle in clearing Imperial Guard Commander 3 quickly enough should consider “Find Theria!” as a great stage to autorun as a temporary alternative.

What also makes this stage appealing is that it features resources like Skill Books, Green Crystals, and Rainbow Crystallites as drops — all of which are invaluable for players who’re just starting out.


Port Migal (Port Migal)

1-3 Connection to the Sea (Drops) / Last Cloudia

Port Migal on NORMAL difficulty is the best story mode stage to autorun for either newbie players who struggle to clear the other two stages, or for players who just want to maximize clearing speed.

While the resources this stage offers are lackluster at best, it’s still by far the easiest one-wave stage there is in the game and takes no time at all even for an absolute newbie to clear.

For the sake of efficiency, however, you should consider this stage only as a stop-gap until you’ve obtained the units and skills required to autorun the first two stages in under 5 seconds.


Collecting Etherions (Various Methods)

This method might not be as consistent as autorunning story mode stages – but it can definitely compare to (and even outperform) story stages if done consistently and correctly.

Ark Ether Power Up (Etherion Usage Prompt) / Last Cloudia

One Etherion boosts an Ark Ether by 5%.

You can obtain this highly valuable and rare resource from the following:

  • Ark Level Up Rewards
  • Event Shops
  • Event Missions
  • Crimson Ore Exchange Shop
  • Arena Point Exchange Shop
  • Dupe Arks (Special Case)

Ark Level Up Rewards

Silver-Grey Swordsman Ark (Ark Level Up Rewards) / Last Cloudia

You can gain 1 Etherion for each Ark you level up to max (Level 10) which is unlocked at the “Library” section of the specific Ark’s display screen.

Keep in mind, however, that this is applicable only for SSR rarity Arks.

R and SR rarity Arks only give out gems at their max level, which is something to keep in mind when leveling up your Arks.


Etherions From Event Shops

Medal Exchange Shop (DoH Ultra Banner Event) / Last Cloudia

Event Shops come and go with each event, whether they be Collab or Banner Exchange Shops, but they more often than not give away free Etherions in exchange for event-exclusive currencies.

Naturally, Etherions should come as one of the top priority items you should get from these kinds of shops – as they’re among the rarest and hardest-to-get resources in Last Cloudia.


Clear Event Missions For Etherions

Event Missions (Training Field) / Last Cloudia

Like Event Shops, clearing the Event Missions is a time-limited method of farming Etherions.

Typically, you can get them by grinding a high amount of Event Points.

One thing to note is that players can oftentimes hit these Event Point requirements naturally by farming Event Currencies for the Exchange Shop. Neat!


Etherions in Crimson Ore Exchange Shop

Crimson Ore Exchange Shop (Etherion) / Last Cloudia

Three Etherions per month are also available in the Crimson Ore Exchange Shop for 5,000 Crimson Ores.

However, exchanging Crimson Ores for Etherions is a method more suited for endgame players.

This is because Crimson Ores are mainly obtained via pulling dupes of Arks with Maxed out Ether Points.


Etherions in Arena Point Exchange Shop

Arena Point Exchange Shop (Etherion) / Last Cloudia

Battling in the Arena regularly has a lot of perks, and among them is the opportunity to buy Etherion from the Exchange Shop for 100 Arena Points each.

There are Three Etherions available per each shop reset — all of which are easily purchasable, given that you win in the arena at least three to five times per day.


Pulling Dupe Arks

Gacha (7 Dupe Arks) / Last Cloudia

Despite the frustration that comes with it, pulling dupe Arks will still guarantee your account’s progress little by little — especially for non-veteran players.

It’s because pulling a dupe Ark also increases the Ark Ether of that specific ark by a whopping 5% — just like an Etherion does!

This is also the reason why UR, LR, and SSR Arks are given priority when it comes to using Etherion and autorunning stages.

After all, R and SR rarity Arks are much more commonly pulled in the gacha.

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