Last Cloudia: Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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If you’re new to Last Cloudia, you’ll want to learn the fundamentals of the game to progress much more smoothly and efficiently.

And this guide is meant to teach you everything you’ll need to know to get a great start to your account. We’ll also provide a brief overview of each game mode too – just to help you get familiar with the mechanics.

Also, there are a few tips & tricks included in here that you can use to maximize the potential gains on your account in the long term.

With that said, let’s get to it!



Starting Off (Rerolling)

After you finish the tutorial, you’ll be presented with a summons screen, like this:

Tutorial Summons (Infinite Rerolls) / Last Cloudia

If you want the best possible start to your account, then you might want to pull three SSRs (Reds) at the very least.

They can either be Units or Arks.

You’re guaranteed at least 1 Unit per pull, but do try to pull at least 2 good units if you can along with one or more SSR arks.

For picking Units, here are a few suggestions:

  • Guardian Angel LukielJack of all trades unit. Can be built as a PDPS, MDPS, Healer, or Support unit.
  • Tinkilli the Diva – One of the best Support units in the game.
  • Inventive Queen Meredy – Great Rainbow PDPS unit with piercing attacks.
  • Gorm Crystalia – Tank unit extraordinaire who shines brighter in PVP.
  • Goroth the Insatiable – Dark breaker and bruiser who excels in farming waves of mobs and long fights.
  • Sea Rover Madine – Excels in quick fights and has a very high damage ceiling.

For picking Arks, here are a few suggestions:

  • Kaldina the Great – The “must-have” Ark as it gives you Covert Gun Trishula — a very strong weapon as its Ark Ether Reward.
  • The Silver-Grey Swordsman – Has solid learnable skills and excels when equipped by DPS characters against large bosses.
  • Unchained Beast – One of the best Arks to level up and equip for DPS units.
  • Pirate Ship Legnis – has excellent SCT-boosting skills. Useful for farming in general.
  • Sandwyrm – Useful because of the “Dual Wield” Ark Skill, but is more or less optional because most modern DPS units have it in their kit nowadays.

TIP: While it is possible to get 5 or more SSRs, settling for fewer (but good) combinations of units and arks is fine. No need to burn yourself out just rerolling for hours.


How Red & Blue Souls Work

Souls Spots List (Story Map) / Last Cloudia

The game uses a Blue and Red Soul resource system.

These Souls count as resources for upgrading Arks, and as “stamina” for clearing content.

Units and Arks require souls to deploy.

You can farm them mainly by unlocking the various Soul Spots in the Story Map.

TIP: To spend your souls wisely, try to upgrade Arks that have the skills you want your units to learn first – rather than just focusing on upgrading one Ark at a time.


Last Cloudia: Combat Guide

Story Stage (Aldana Ruins) / Last Cloudia

In Last Cloudia, there are three ways that you can initiate combat actions.

  • The first is by pressing Attack which deals basic attack damage to an enemy within range.
  • The second is by using Abilities — most of which are high-damage AoE attacks with elemental damage.
  • The third is by using Magic which allows you to cast any active spells you have equipped on a specific unit.

TIP: If you need to take some time to look around the field, you can stop time indefinitely by either clicking the Magic or Switch Target buttons.

This will allow you to make important snap decisions, like getting a Unit out of danger or singling out a specific enemy to be killed first.


Last Cloudia: Units Guide

Units should be your primary focus in the game.

A great Ark will only carry you so far. But investing in a decent unit will either make or break your first few weeks in the game.

Units are divided up into roles, so make sure to know the role each unit plays before pulling/investing into any of them.

Here’s the full list of roles in Last Cloudia:

  • Tanks
  • Healers
  • Support
  • PDPS
  • MDPS
Units Page / Last Cloudia

Units can also be Awakened, Enhanced, and Leveled-up in order to boost their overall stats and effectiveness.

However, the best boosts out of all power-up methods for every Unit out there are mostly:

  • Unlocking Abilities in their Ability Board
  • Increasing their Skill Points

TIP: Some units can fulfill two or more roles. Also, it’s highly recommended to only invest all of your resources into one DPS unit if you’re a beginner.

For your Main DPS unit, unlock as many nodes in the Ability Board as you can early on. This will make them exponentially stronger — especially once you manage to unlock their unique traits/abilities.


Last Cloudia: Arks Guide

Arks are your supporting cards.

They’re equipped to your characters not only to boost their stats and to apply buffs, but to also to teach them the skills the Ark has unlocked.

Unlike units, these Arks are divided by rarities.

In general, the higher the rarity, the better the Ark.

Arks Page / Last Cloudia

These Ark rarities are as follows:

  • UR
  • LR
  • SSR
  • SR
  • R

Just by pulling in the Gacha regularly, you can easily EXTEND R, SR, and even SSR Arks to boost the stat bonuses they give your units or max out their Ark Ether Rewards, which gives you equipment with unique effects.

UR Arks, however, are reserved only for players who spend money or insanely lucky ones.

They’re highly elusive, so don’t feel bad about not owning one within your first few months of playing.

TIP: Even some R and SR Arks are worthy of investment. Keep in mind that rarity does not equate to usefulness, so make sure to read what skills each Ark has & what they can do for your team.


Getting Started & What To Do

There’s a lot you can do in this game, so we’ve split this section up into distinct areas of gameplay that are worth learning about.


Clearing The Story Stages

Story Map (Full Screen Mode) / Last Cloudia

After the tutorial and the rerolling process, you should head for the Story Quests as soon as possible!

This is because you can only unlock some game modes after clearing certain parts of the story — not to mention that you also need to clear the story to unlock your Soul Spots.

TIP: For additional gems, clear the stages you’ve already cleared in HARD or GOD difficulty by going back to a previous location after each location you clear.

There are shops located in most towns, ports, and kingdoms that sell equipment.

Most of the stuff in those shops is worth buying — especially in the early game.

Also, there are hidden chests and side quests all over the map that reward you with lots of valuable resources – so keep your eyes peeled!


Use Training Stages to Boost your Account

Training Stages are where you get most of the Zell, Experience, Awakening Materials, Enhancing Materials, etc. that you’ll need to power up your units.

Each of them is further divided into stages ranked by their difficulty.

Of course, the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

Unlike in the Story Mode, you use Stamina Orbs to be able to play these stages.

You get a fixed max limit of 10 Stamina Orbs, where an Orb is restored every 30 minutes.

Training Page (Events) / Last Cloudia

TIP: The highest difficulty involves Multiplayer Stages where you can get help from other players by spending your own Stamina Orbs to create a room.

Take advantage of this and have them carry you.


Take Part in Limited-Time Events

Time-Limited Events Screenshot / Last Cloudia

Events and collaborations come and go every so often in Last Cloudia.

Along with them comes Exclusive Units, Exclusive Arks, Event Missions, Event Currency Exchange Shops, and more!

It’s very important to participate in events even as a beginner, simply because they will give you loads of free resources.

Not to mention that most of these events will also allow you to power up featured units much more easily, in terms of leveling them up and acquiring Unit Souls and Soul Prisms for them.

TIP: Starting your account shortly before (or during) time-limited events is highly recommended. This is because starting during an event can boost your account’s progress exponentially just in a matter of days, given all the resources and power-up materials you’ll get.


Battle in the Arena for Points & Free Souls Daily

Arena (Main Screen) / Last Cloudia

PVP is optional in Last Cloudia, although you can earn some free gems and Arena Points to exchange for valuable resources if you’re willing to climb through the ranks.

As a new player, you can completely ignore this game mode for the first two weeks of playing Last Cloudia.

Although keep in mind that winning 5 Stars (not matches) per day will give you a substantial amount of Red and Blue Souls every time.

TIP: All the way up to Gold Rank, you’ll encounter very weak teams with the 4 default characters (Kyle, Theria, Rei, Libette) since party members often if you refresh hard enough. Take advantage of this.


Conquer Stages for Unit Souls

Conquer Screen / Last Cloudia

You unlock Conquer after clearing the Royal Capital Aldana’s Main Questline.

There, you can farm Unit Souks passively.

Unit Souls are used to:

  • Increase a Unit’s Skill Points
  • Awaken them
  • Or activate the unit’s Wards in their Ability Board

You can get these Souls from the Training Stages as well, but Conquer will give you a consistent flow of Unit Souls every day.

Tip: For maximum cost-efficiency, only unlock up to 3 or 4 slots in the conquer stages. Any more will use up too many Gems that you can instead save for pulling for Units and Arks in the Gacha.


Send Units on Tours

Galdesian Thunderclap (1st Tour Stage 100% Clear Reward) / Last Cloudia

Tours give away not only EXP and Zell, but also some valuable power-up materials.

Simply put, they’re a completely passive way of gaining resources for your account.

And you also get some pretty good early-to-mid-game gear from it, as the “100% Reward” you achieve after clearing each map stage a certain amount of times.

TIP: You can use Tours as a way to level up your frequently unused or underleveled units.

Also, be sure to bring along units that have Compatibility Up to increase your chances of getting a Grand Success.

This multiplies the rewards you’re getting per Tour.


Use the Alchemy Lab Regularly

Alchemy Lab (Main Page) / Last Cloudia

The Alchemy Lab is where you can craft various items like equipment, awakening materials, Ability Board materials, and similar items.

You can also enhance your equipment here.

The Godforge subpages are more suited for veteran/endgame players, so feel free to ignore them for now.

TIP: If you’re running low on a specific Ability Board material but have an excess of another, feel free to use the Alchemy Lab to exchange them.

As part of your Daily Quests, you’ll have to craft 1 item, so remember to do so at least once per day.


Pulling in the Gacha

Gacha Page (Ultra DoH Banner) / Last Cloudia

The only thing you have to keep in mind about Last Cloudia’s Gacha system is that free crystal banners don’t have pity for Featured Units/Arks.

You can either get lucky or run out of gems trying.

Also, be careful on where you spend your F2P gems – since they’ll run out pretty quickly once you clear the Story Stages.

TIP: Unlike most gachas, Last Cloudia offers no discounts or rate-ups for doing 10x pulls. Feel free to do single pulls if you prefer them, since you’re only guaranteed an SR Ark when doing 10x pulls anyway.


Playing with Friends

Friends List / Last Cloudia

Filling your friend spots as much as you can is arguably the most important thing you can do as a beginner in Last Cloudia.

No joke.

Because then you can send and receive Friend Points, which you can use to exchange for important resources in either the Exchange Shop, or by pulling in the Friend Point Gacha.

Plus you can bring Friend Units along in most battle stages that you’ll encounter in the game (even the ones in Events) so pick your friends wisely.

TIP: Make yourself a more appealing Friend by changing your support unit and equipping the best or most useful Arks you have.

Also keep in mind that you can control Friend Units yourself to make your runs much easier – specifically against opponents that are much stronger than your current units.

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