Last Cloudia: Blue & Red Soul Farming Guide

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The best method of farming Red and Blue Souls is upgrading all of your Soul Spots to max level as soon as possible, and reaping the rewards after.

But of course, this isn’t the only way to farm them.

In total there are quite a few methods you can use to obtain Souls:

  • Autorun One-Wave Story Stages
  • Play At Least 2 Arena Matches Per Day
  • Level Up Your Soul Spots
  • Clear Soul Field Stages
  • Keep an Eye Out for Event Soul Spots

Autorun One-Wave Story Stages

Imperial Guard Commander 3 (Drops) / Last Cloudia
Imperial Guard Commander 3 (Drops)

Autorunning Story Mode Stages regularly can net you not only a ton of resources and Ark Ether, but also Souls if you play your cards right.

You can do this by setting all of your Ark’s levels to 1 — therefore reducing your Soul usage and turning you a profit because of the Souls you get as loot per run.

This method is much more effective when it comes to farming Blue Souls, but you can conserve (or even earn) Red Souls by taking only one Ark that requires Red Souls to upgrade.

The best Stages for farming Souls are the One-Wave Stages that also give you a lot of resources per run — like the famous Imperial Guard Commander 3 or Blaze Gardens.


Play At Least 2 Arena Matches Per Day

Arena (5★ Reward) / Last Cloudia
Arena (5★ Reward)

If you want to farm as many Souls as you can, then you’re going to have to brave the Arena on a daily basis.

You don’t have to worry too much though, as you only need to collect 5 Stars (which amounts to 2 Wins) in order to receive your daily Arena Rewards.

These Arena Rewards give you Blue and Red Souls — not to mention a decent amount of Mother Souls per day. Not a bad return for doing something fairly easy!


Level Up Your Soul Spots (Best Method)

Soul Spot List / Last Cloudia
Soul Spot List

Unsurprisingly, out of all these methods, leveling up your Soul Spots will provide you with the most Blue Souls and Red Souls in the long term.

This is exactly why you should prioritize discovering each of them throughout the Story and leveling them up as much as you can.

Once you’ve leveled your Soul Spots enough, you’ll be collecting enough Souls daily to level up any Ark you’d like!


Clear Soul Field Stages

Soul Field Stages / Last Cloudia
Soul Field Stages

If you need an immediate influx of Blue and Red Souls for upgrading, then clearing Soul Field Stages will be your best bet.

Clearing the hardest difficulty will give you the most amount of Souls per clear. So make sure to only farm the HARD stages as you can only clear 3 Soul Field Stages per day.

What’s great is that these Soul Field Stages require 0 Stamina to clear, so make sure you do them every time they come around.


Watch for Event-Exclusive Soul Spots

Attack on Titan Collab Event (Boss Stage) / Last Cloudia
Attack on Titan Collab Event (Boss Stage)

Events don’t always feature event-exclusive Soul Spots, but when they do? Boy oh boy, do we get a lot of extra Souls for a limited time.

Collab events with maps of their own usually have these limited-time Soul Spots. It’s not guaranteed, however, so you’re just going to have to keep an eye out every time an event comes around.

You cannot upgrade these limited-time Soul Spots by using Zell or Blue Souls.

Instead, they consume event currencies which can be pretty easy to accumulate — making them far easier to upgrade than normal Soul Spots.


P2P Recommended Pack: Soul Gain Booster

Training Boosters (Soul Gain Booster) / Last Cloudia
Training Boosters (Soul Gain Booster)

If you don’t mind forking over some cash for Souls, then the Soul Gain Booster is the pack to go with.

This pack will double the output of your Soul Spots for 30 days — essentially giving you a tremendous advantage over players who don’t have it, in terms of the total Souls you collect per month.

TIP: It’s advisable to only buy this pack after you’ve discovered and upgraded a lot of your Soul Spots to max level. or at least near max level.

The normal version of this pack costs a little under $12 worth of Paid Crystals to purchase, although it has a limited “one-time purchase only” version which costs only $1. So feel free to try that out first!

Training Boosters (Limited-Stock Soul Gain Booster) / Last Cloudia
Training Boosters (Limited-Stock Soul Gain Booster)
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