Last Cloudia: Crystal Cluster Farming Guide

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The best way to farm Crystal Clusters is to clear the highest difficulty of the Ability Gates in the Training Page as consistently as you can.

However, there are a whole lot of other ways that you can farm every type of Crystal Clusters.

Listed below are several of the most notable methods:

  • Clearing Ability & Grand Ability Gates
  • Autorunning Story Stages
  • Event Stages
  • Event Mission Achievement Rewards
  • Event Currency Exchange Shop
  • Friend Point Exchange Shop
  • Arena Point Exchange Shop
  • Friend Point Gacha

All of these give away varying amounts of Crystal Clusters, and are all highly recommended to keep in mind if you’re playing the game daily.

Let’s look into each process in more detail:


Clearing Ability & Grand Ability Gates

Ability Gates (Time-locked) / Last Cloudia

Ability Gates and Grand Ability Gates will give you the most sizable bulk of the Crystal Clusters in your reserve.

Although these Ability Gates rotate every day of the week, you can farm them as much as you’d like — provided, of course, that you have the Stamina for it.

Grand Ability Gates, on the other hand, drop more Clusters than regular rotational Ability Gates. The only drawback is that you can only clear them 3 times per day.


Autorunning Story Stages (Stage Recommendations)

Doing Crystal Cluster Autoruns regularly is one of the best ways that you can slowly but surely accumulate a ton of Crystal Clusters.

Cluster Farming can be done whilst also EXP Farming, Soul Farming, and Ark Ether Farming.

That’s four birds in one stone, as they say, if you know what Stages to clear.


Autorun for Green & Blue Crystal Clusters

Coming in as the best spot for farming Green and Blue Clusters is none other than Imperial Guard Commander 3 (HARD).

3-10 Imperial Guard Commander 3 (Stage Drops) / Last Cloudia

This stage is located in the Gragia Mountains and is also one of the best stages to farm Ark Ether on because of its one-wave setup.

If you can clear this wave in less than five seconds at most, then I highly suggest that you Autorun this stage as often as you can.


Autorun for Red Crystal Clusters

The Stage with one of the highest drop rates for Red Crystal Clusters is Ponderous Youth (HARD).

4-15 Ponderous Youth (Stage Drops) / Last Cloudia

Not only does it feature Red Crystal Clusters as drops, but also various other important resources such as Blue Crystal Clusters, Awakening Materials, and Gold Pieces.

This stage has more waves than most farming stages.

But by extension, it also has even more drops per clear compared to stages like IGC3.


Autorun for Purple Crystal Clusters

To farm Purple Crystal Clusters, your best bet is Autorunning A Light of Hope? (HARD) as it has the highest drop rate for them out of any Stage in Story.

4-13 A Light of Hope? (Stage Drops) / Last Cloudia

Like Ponderous Youth and Imperial Guard Commander 3, this Stage also drops two Crystal Clusters (Purple & Green) along with many other valuable resources.


Event Stages

Attack on Titan Collab Event (Grand Ability Gate) / Last Cloudia

Next to Ability Gates and Autorunning Story Stages, your next priority when it comes to farming Clusters should be clearing special Event Stages.

Most Events give you limited chances per day to farm all kinds of Clusters — even Rainbow Crystal Clusters which you can’t farm in the Story Stages!

While these often require you to spend Event Currencies instead of Stamina to clear, you should always prioritize clearing them.

After all, these Crystal Farming Event Stages have a higher drop rate for Clusters compared to the Ability Gates in the Training Page!


Event Mission Achievement Rewards

Attack on Titan Collab Event (Achievement Rewards) / Last Cloudia

This one method is more straightforward than the others, but it can be a bit more tedious to acquire clusters from them.

To clear Event Missions, you’re going to have to grind specific Event Stages repeatedly to earn points.

Sure it might be a hassle, but these mission rewards will often give you tons of Clusters when achieved as shown in the image above.


Event Currency Exchange Shop

Attack on Titan Collab Event (Currency Exchange) / Last Cloudia

When Playing Event Stages, you’ll be able to accumulate Event Currencies which you can then use to exchange for Equipment, Awakening Materials, and more.

Most notably, you will always find all kinds of Clusters in theSe Event Exchange Shops.

They all have limited stock though, so try to buy as much as you can before the Events end.


Friend Point Exchange Shop

Friend Point Exchange Shop (Crystal Clusters) / Last Cloudia

Do you need Clusters ASAP and can’t be bothered to farm for them at the moment?

Chances are, by now you’ve accumulated decent amounts of Friend Points – which you can use to buy Crystal Clusters of any kind.

The stock is limited and only refreshes every week, so try to buy the Clusters you lack the most before their stock is replaced.


Arena Point Shop

Arena Point Exchange Shop (Crystal Clusters) / Last Cloudia

Like Friend Points, you can exchange Arena Points for Crystal Clusters in the Exchange Shop.

The only difference is that you have to play Arena Regularly to be able to accrue enough points to buy anything in the Shop.

You don’t necessarily have to do this.

But playing Arena at least five times a day will help you get the Arena Points you need.


Friend Point Gacha

Friend Point Gacha (Rainbow Cluster Pull) / Last Cloudia

For the last method of farming Clusters, we have the slightly underrated Friend Point Gacha – which can give you every type of Crystal Clusters.

While pulling these rare Clusters is indeed a matter of luck, the fact that you’re given 5 Free Pulls a day will surely net you at least a few extra Clusters per week.

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