Last Cloudia: Dr. Stone Collab Units Tier List

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Last Cloudia Dr. Stone Units Tier List
Tiers Units
S-Tier (Must-haves) Gen Asagiri
A-Tier (Great Investments) Kohaku, Senku Ishigami
B-Tier (Niche) Chrome
C-Tier (Non-Priority) Tsukasa Shishio

S-Tier Units (Must-haves)

Gen Asagiri – Easily the best unit to have ever come out of the Dr. Stone Collab Banner. He’s an outstanding non-attribute damage dealer with a very wide range of utilities.

He can buff your team, debuff your enemies, recover your team’s SCT, and he can even be used as your party’s second DPS unit if need be!


A-Tier (Great Investments)

Kohaku – Kohaku is a very solid physical damage dealer with excellent wave-clearing and arena-blitzing capabilities — even more so when she’s built properly and is equipped with Trishula.

Her best features are her decent hit counts and quick-animation AoE skills, although her relatively low damage cap holds her back from being a true S-Tier.

Senku Ishigami – Senku lives up to his title as the MC as he’s actually a pretty great magic damage dealer because of his Science Magic spells — most of which have very low cast times.

Not only that, but he can also carry an entire team with his support capabilities alone.

He’s pretty squishy, but his buffs and debuffs are so fantastic that they more than make up for it.


B-Tier (Niche)

Chrome – Chrome might just be a B-Tier unit. But his specialized utility makes him a hidden gem amongst the other units in the banner.

While he can be a good magic damage dealer, or even a physical damage dealer when built properly, his true calling is being used for farming.

In fact, he’s the best farming unit you can have — especially if you like doing autoruns!


C-Tier (Non-Priority)

Tsukasa Shishio – Unfortunately, one of the strongest characters in both the anime and manga isn’t that great as a playable unit in Last Cloudia.

Simply put, ya boi’s been done dirty.

He’s a pretty decent Dark-element bruiser and breaker when built appropriately so he’s not entirely useless.

But he’s easily outshone by his peers in the Dr. Stone collab banner — not to mention by most high-tier DPS units out there.

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