How To Farm Dragoneyes in Last Cloudia

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You can farm a lot of Dragoneyes mainly by clearing Worldly Limit Breaker Field Stages.

But like most resources in the game, that’s not the only way to obtain them.

In total, we’ll go over 6 different ways you can farm more Dragoneye for yourself.

These methods are:

  • Autorunning Story Stages
  • Clearing Worldly Limit Breaker Field Stages (best method)
  • Event Missions
  • Event Exchange Shops
  • Friend Point Exchange Shop
  • Friend Point Gacha

Since Dragoneye is quite a rare resource (not to mention a common requirement for high-level Enhancements), it might be wise to refer to different parts of this guide as needed, so you farm as much as you can.


Autorunning Story Stages (Stage 4-16)

Holy Castle Odal 4-16: Standing in the Way (HARD) / Last Cloudia
Holy Castle Odal 4-16: Standing in the Way (HARD)

There are quite a few Stages in the Story Mode that feature Dragoneyes as drops.

Mostly, you can find them on HARD Difficulty Stages.

As for the best Stage to Autorun, Stage 4-16 Standing in the Way in Holy Castle Odal should be a good candidate. Because it has one of the highest drop rates for Dragoneyes.

What makes 4-16 even better is that you can also farm Red Crystal Clusters and Blue Crystal Clusters in it too — both of which are arguably more precious than most Enhancement materials out there.


Clearing Worldly Limit Breaker Field Stages

Worldly Limit Breaker Field (GOD) / Last Cloudia
Worldly Limit Breaker Field (GOD)

Clearing Worldly Limit Breaker Field Stages is by far the best method of farming Dragoneye.

Provided you can spare some Stamina Orbs and have Units that are strong enough to clear the harder Stages, then you’re basically guaranteed a ton of Dragoneyes if you farm consistently.

The higher the difficulty you can clear in this game mode, the better.

After all, you stand to gain other rarer and more precious Enhancement Materials if you can clear NIGHTMARE or GOD Difficulty Stages.


Farming Event Missions for Dragoneyes

Event Missions (x5 Dragoneye) / Last Cloudia
Event Missions (x5 Dragoneye)

Event Missions are a pretty simple yet effective way of farming Dragoneyes, along with a lot of other highly valuable materials.

These missions become available whenever an Event comes around. And they provide you with a lot of rewards — assuming you can farm enough Event Points for them.

The good news is that while most rewards require a ton of grinding, Dragoneye (as well as other 5★ Enhancement Materials) generally doesn’t require that many Event Points to unlock!


Event Exchange Shops

Trials of the Summoned Beast (Event Token Exchange Shop) / Last Cloudia
Trials of the Summoned Beast (Event Token Exchange Shop)

If you’re still not satisfied with getting a decent amount of Dragoneyes from Event Rewards (or if they’re just not available there), you can just check your Event Shops to see if they’re sold there.

Note that you can farm a ridiculous amount of Dragoneyes from these Event Shops if you’re willing to spend some Event Tokens for them.

Of course, buying them over other items in the shop is completely up to you.

But I highly recommend getting at least a few of them every time a new Event is launched.


Friend Point Exchange Shop

Friend Point Exchange Shop / Last Cloudia
Friend Point Exchange Shop

The Friend Point Exchange Shop is yet another Shop where you can buy Dragoneyes from.

Unlike Event Shops, however, the maximum limit of how much you can buy here is very limited.

So it’ll only amount to 5 or 6 Dragoneyes per month.

Still, the Friend Point Exchange Shop might be worth keeping in mind if you’re short on Dragoneyes and need them at a moment’s notice.


Friend Point Gacha for Dragoneyes

Friend Point Gacha (Free 10x Pull) / Last Cloudia
Friend Point Gacha (Free 10x Pull)

The Friend Point Gacha has it all — including Dragoneyes.

Pulling on it consistently is a completely passive and hassle-free way of farming all kinds of materials, regardless of the rarity and type.

This is exactly why players need to pull on it every single day.

You never know what you’re going to get, but you’re practically guaranteed to get some Dragoneyes if you try frequently enough!

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