Last Cloudia: Guardian Angel Lukiel Review (Is She Good?)

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Guardian Angel Lukiel is not just a good unit…

She’s a great one!

She is by far one of the best units in the general gacha pool who competes even against high-tier limited units.

Not only that, but she also has very few peers in terms of pure versatility. And she is more than capable of carrying a team either as a mage, support, or even as a physical damage dealer.


Overview (Archangel Lukiel vs Guardian Angel Lukiel)

Guardian Angel Lukiel is the much better and more streamlined version of its unshifted original unit named Archangel Lukiel’.

Anything her predecessor can do, she can do significantly better which places her among the best shift units in the game.

Archangel Lukiel (Fullscreen Mode) / Last Cloudia

Aside from being a niche Light DPS or Support unit, there’s very little use for Archangel Lukiel — unlike Guardian Angel Lukiel whom you can basically use in almost any game mode.


Skill Tree

Guardian Angel Lukiel (Skill Tree) / Last Cloudia

Guardian Angel Lukiel’s abilities are among her many shining points — especially her Special Ability.

They are as follows:

  • Ark Orbit: Long-range single target homing thunder element attack
  • Graceful Mine: Multiple thunder element homing attack with AoE heals for Allies
  • Particle Blaster: Large AoE thunder element attack
  • Innocent Judge (Special Ability): Time stops and boosts SCT recovery to all abilities

Her Unique Traits and Unlockable Passives are also very helpful for all kinds of roles in the game:

  • Avenging Angel: Applies STR and INT buff plus a skill damage buff once her Special Ability is activated
  • Holy Thunder Executor: Increases her damage cap and thunder attack damage
  • Thunder Critical & Damage Boosts: She has all sorts of physical and magic attack enhancing boosts
  • Gospel of Vitality: Grants her one auto-revive before the battle starts
  • Gospel of Ramparts: Reduces the physical damage dealt by the enemy towards her
  • Gospel of Devotion: Increases her healing efficiency. Also gives her permanent self-regen

General Uses

Guardian Angel Lukiel excels in most game modes, though she does struggle in a few — especially if she doesn’t have the appropriate build or party members to support her.

Nevertheless, she’s still a top-tier versatile unit that can be abused to fast-clear the hardest story & event stages with the use of her Special Ability.


Boss Battles

Boss Battle (GA Lukiel Magic Screen) / Last Cloudia

Against bosses, the most common and effective ability combo for Guardian Angel Lukiel is to charge up her Special Ability with another support before spamming Ability 3 as much as you can.

To maximize her potential as a DPS, it’s advisable to give her your Trishula and let her do her magic with her ability spams.

Keep in mind that this “cheese strat” requires you to have specific Arks and Units — most of which are locked behind the Gacha.


Farming (PVE)

Outside of Boss Battles (where she shines the most), general farming and autorunning stages are some other aspects where GA Lukiel also shows promise.

Story Stage Farming (Gorde Mines) / Last Cloudia

She has a few built-in Active Skills:

  • Valza Riser
  • Ex Radia
  • Lightning Gauge

And two of these are great time-stopping AOE thunder element attacks.

But if you’re still unsatisfied, give her Blizzard, some Casting Speed boosting skills, then equip her with a Radmoon Stone.

You’ll have yourself an excellent 1-second-clear farming unit!


Arena (PVP)

GA Lukiel in Arena / Last Cloudia

While she still does see some usage nowadays, she’s way out of the PVP meta and struggles to keep up against high-tier PSDP and MDPS units.

She’s a sitting duck as a DPS because of her squishiness and lack of Special Ability, although she can still be used as a secondary DPS or a healer in case you don’t have suitable units on your roster.


Suggested Roles & Tips

Guardian Angel Lukiel can be built either as a PDPS, MDPS, or a support/healer.

As a General DPS, Thunder-element boosts, CRIT boosts, STR boosts, INT boosts, Dual Wield, Slayers, Sharp Eyes (optional), and Skill Stock boosts (Important) are all essential for her to excel.

If you’re going for a Support/SCT Battery build, God Heal + Spirit Breath (equipped by your main DPS) is basically the best skill combo for you.

When choosing Arks, just equip her with some MP, MP Regen, and INT-boosting Arks and you’re good to go!

TIP: If you’re going full DPS, you can also equip her with damage-boosting Arks like Icy Guardian or Swordsman’s Tale.

Or for those who have it, Great War of Ruin is arguably the best Ark that you can give her – because it synergizes well with her Special Ability.

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