How To Level Up Units Fast in Last Cloudia

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You can level up your heroes quickly by a few methods:

  • Using them consistently when clearing stages
  • Autorunning story mode stages
  • Farming Power Potions and EXP in Super Training Gates (recommended)

That last method is the best leveling strategy out of the three.

And you should also watch out for Event Stages that greatly boost the EXP gained for collab units or newly added units, since that can help out too.

Max leveling units in Last Cloudia can be a bit harder compared to other games. But using these strategies should save you a ton of time and effort.


Autorun Story Stages on Hard Difficulty

As a general rule of thumb, you should only autorun the hardest stage you can clear as quickly and as consistently as you can for maximum EXP gain.

There are, however, a few exceptions.

This includes specific stages that are quick and easy to beat, give away tons of useful resources per run, and can be used as an ark ether farming stage alternatively.

The most famous example of this is Imperial Guard Commander 3 on Gragia Mountains.

Gragia Mountains: 3-10 “Imperial Guard Commander 3” Drops / Last Cloudia

Imperial Guard Commander 3 is a “staple stage” not only for AFK EXP and Power Potion farming, but also for Blue and Green Cluster Farming.

It only has one wave and can be easily cleared by units with quick-casting AOE spells

All you have to do is leave your game autorunning and you’ll be able to efficiently farm EXP, items, and Ark Ether all in one go!

Note: Try to use fewer units (just use one if possible) when clearing any stage, because running with many units will divide your EXP gained amongst all party members.

Note #2: Also, don’t forget to set your Ark Levels to 1 in order to conserve Blue and Red Souls per run. You can even farm them from certain stages if you do this!


Clear Training Gates

Super Training Gate Stages / Last Cloudia

Clearing Super Training gates is by far the best and most consistent method to level up your units very fast.

Super Training Gates are only clearable 3 times per day.

But the amount of EXP they give per stage cleared is much, much bigger than any of the other methods can give.

Training Gate Stages Preview / Last Cloudia

Training Gates, on the other hand, give less EXP and Power Potions compared to Super Training Gates – but these are accessible at any time.


Watch Out For Event Stages (Training Grounds)

Event-exclusive Training Stages (Attack on Titan Collab) / Last Cloudia

Most events in Last Cloudia feature Special Training Grounds for new and Collab Units.

Clearing these stages typically multiplies the amount of EXP gained for each relevant unit, and more often than not exceeds the amount that even Super Training Gate stages provide.

The only drawback is that these event stages are very time-sensitive, so take advantage of them whenever you can.


Ark Recommendations

There are a couple of Arks that are definite must-haves when it comes to farming unit EXP, and they are called Game Master and Aldana Coliseum.

Ark: Aldana Coliseum / Last Cloudia

You can get Aldana Coliseum from both the general and exclusive gacha pools.

Since it’s only an SR Ark, you’re pretty much guaranteed to come across this Ark eventually during your pulling sessions.

Investing in this Ark is recommended because of its Ark Level 10 Skill: EXP Up.

This skill allows your units to gain 20% more EXP for every stage you clear, which will undoubtedly be a huge help.

Ark: Game Master / Last Cloudia

Unlike Aldana Coliseum, you can only get Game Master by unlocking the Game Master’s facility near Port Lidel and clearing certain requirements (mostly by playing through minigames).

It’s basically a free SSR Ark that you can unlock at any time at your own leisure.

Just play through the story and you’ll come across this Ark somewhere along the line.

It boosts the amount of EXP your units gain, much like Aldana Coliseum’s unit skill, but Game Master’s EXP Up II offers a 35% EXP Boost (compared to Aldana Coliseums’s EXP Up which only offers 20%).


Pack Recommendations: EXP Gain Boosters

Training Booster Shop / Last Cloudia

If you don’t mind spending some of your hard-earned moolah, then the one pack I would suggest for general EXP farming is EXP Gain Boosters.

The pack costs around $1 to $5 if you buy normally, depending on how much EXP multiplier you want.

You can multiply a single unit’s EXP gain by x1.5, x2, or even x3 by using this pack.

And if you really want to get a specific unit to max level, keep in mind that all of these boosts are stackable.

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