How To Increase Damage Caps in Last Cloudia

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You can raise your Damage Cap by taking advantage of the following:

  • Using Elemental Damage Cap Raises
  • Equipping Cap-raising Ark Skills
  • Equipping Unique Skills
  • Unit Charisma
  • Self-Boosting Unit Traits
  • Team-Boosting Unit Traits
  • Equipping Cap-Raising Gear

Several of these aren’t that hard to incorporate into your Units, but some of them might require a fair bit of reading on your part.

After all, most Cap-raising features in the game require specific conditions to be met before they can be activated. Make sure to take some time and read descriptions of skills, traits, or equipment.


Elemental Damage Cap Raises

Ability Board Skills (Thunder Mega Drive) / Last Cloudia

Raising your Elemental Damage Cap will boost the damage of both your Element-based Physical and Magic Attacks.

Whether it be PDPS or MDPS units, these Skills are invaluable and must be a priority if you’d like to increase their damage output.

You can get these Elemental Damage Cap-Raising Skills either from Arks or as built-in Skills in your Unit’s Ability Board.

Most of them have “Mega Drive” in their name, so watch out for those!


Equipping Cap-raising Ark Skills

Doomdozer Ark Skills (Two-Handed Hammer) / Last Cloudia

Only very few Arks have Damage Cap-Raising Skills that Units can learn — not to mention that most of them also have very specific requirements for the Skills to activate (as shown in the image above).

However, you can still capitalize on these Ark Skills by first figuring out whether or not your Unit will be able to meet said requirements.

And considering most of these Ark Skills are Equipment-based, all you need to make sure of is whether or not your Units can equip the specific piece of gear that these Ark Skills want you to have.

TIP: One of the most notable Ark Skills that can be learned to raise your Unit’s Damage Cap is Dual Wield which you can find in the Sandwyrm Ark.

Dual Wield allows your Units to double their hit counts if you equip another weapon in the place of their armor.

This will allow your Units to surpass their prior Damage Cap significantly.


Equipping Unique Skills

Mikasa Ackerman's Skill Set (Snap Blade) / Last Cloudia

Almost every Unit in the game has Skills (mostly Passive ones) that are unique to them or their character type.

For example, some Collab or Limited Banner Units come with built-in Skills in their ability board that raises their Damage Cap once unlocked.

These Skills are often unique, and follow a theme that relates only to a specific Unit/Unit Type.

The good thing is that almost every latest DPS Unit nowadays has them – so all you need to do is look for and unlock these Skills in your Unit’s Ability Board.


Unit Charisma for Damage Caps

Beyland's Skill Set (Swordsman's Charisma) / Last Cloudia

There are only a few Units that have Charisma Skills that can boost either their own output, or your entire Party’s damage output and survivability.

As of this writing, the only Units whose Charisma Skills increase Damage Caps for your Party are:

  • Beyland
  • Sage Zekus
  • Lagrobos

We expect this to change with future Unit releases.

Keep in mind that not all Charisma Skills boost Damage Caps and that you cannot use more than one Charisma Skill at a time during battle.


Self-Boosting Unit Traits

Mikasa Ackerman's Traits / Last Cloudia

Just like most Units have passive skills that are unique to them, they also have Traits that differ widely from each other.

These Traits provide your Units with a variety of Bonuses like HP Boosts, Defense Boosts, Resistance Increases, or simply DPS Boosts.

Traits are unlocked by visiting a Unit’s Ability Board.

Do note that not all Traits increase Damage Caps, though most DPS Units nowadays have at least one Trait that increases their own Damage Caps.


Team-Boosting Unit Traits

Sea Rover Maddine's Traits / Last Cloudia

Traits that boost each of your team member’s Damage Caps work just like Charisma Skills.

You don’t necessarily have to use them in-battle to activate their effects.

However, what makes these kinds of Traits better is that they stack with Charisma Skills. Yes, even the one that boosts your Damage Caps!

The only catch is that Units with Traits that boost your entire Party’s Damage Cap are actually quite rare — even more so than Units with Charisma Skills.


Equipping Cap-Raising Gear

Equipment Page / Last Cloudia

Equipping specific Gear pieces is by far the most F2P way to raise a Unit’s Damage Cap.

After all, you can farm most Equipment in the game — not to mention level them up with farmable enhancement materials easily if you wish.

Scarlet Set Pieces and Multiplayer Rings are a few examples of Equipment that can increase your Unit’s Damage Caps.

Obtaining Gear pieces that increase Damage Caps require a ton of grinding.

But the rewards will surely be worth it as almost any Unit can equip them and have their Damage Cap raised in a jiffy!

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