Where To Farm Metal Plates in Last Cloudia

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Metal Plates can be farmed from all of the following sources:

  • Story Stages
  • Worldly Limit Breaker Stages (best method)
  • Friend Point Gacha
  • Tower of Trials Point Exchange Shop
  • Friend Point Exchange Shop
  • Event Exchange Shop

The best way to farm Metal Plates is by clearing Worldly Limit Breaker Stages located on the Training Page.

Alternatively, you should also consider buying them from shops if you need them simply because they’re very cheap and easily accessible.


Farming Story Stages


Stage 4-16 (Best of the Best)

Stage 4-16 Drops / Last Cloudia
Stage 4-16 Drops

Stage 4-16 (Best of the Best) is by far the best story stage to clear and autorun if you want to farm Metal Plates.

It has the highest drop rate for Metal Plates, although it does leave a bit to be desired when it comes to other drops.

Keep in mind that you must clear this stage on HARD Difficulty in order to get the most metal plates you can per run.


Stage 3-10 (Imperial Guard Commander 3)

Stage 3-10 Drops  / Last Cloudia
Stage 3-10 Drops

The tried and true Stage 3-10 (IGC3) comes in as another recommendation if you’d like to farm Metal Plates.

While it might not have as high of a drop rate for Metal Plates as Stage 4-16, Stage 3-10 makes it up for being a quick-clear stage with lots of precious drops.

Simply put, you can accumulate lots of Metal Plates and more if you decide to farm this stage exclusively over time.


Worldly Limit Breaker Stages

Worldly LB Field - GOD (Drops) / Last Cloudia
Worldly LB Field – GOD (Drops)

Limit Breaker Fields is your main source of enhancing materials, and the Worldly Limit Breaker Field is where you’ll find Metal Plates.

Metal Plates start dropping at Normal difficulty. But it is more efficient to farm higher difficulty stages because of the rare materials that drop along with Metal Plates.

If you can, try clearing GOD Difficulty instead of spending your Stamina Orbs on the lower difficulties.


Friend Point Gacha

Friend Point Gacha (x10 Pull) / Last Cloudia
Friend Point Gacha (x10 Pull)

The Friend Point Gacha allows you to get a lot of things — most of the time even for free because of your 3 daily free 10x summons which reset every 8 hours.

Of course, this includes Metal Plates which you’ll most likely see often because of their relatively high drop rate compared to other items in the drop pool.

Just remember to pull in this Gacha every day and you’ll be seeing lots of free Metal Players in no time!


Tower of Trials Point Exchange Shop

Trial Tower Point Exchange Shop / Last Cloudia
Trial Tower Point Exchange Shop

If you’re consistent on clearing the Trial Tower, then you’ll find that you can also exchange the points you get for Metal Plates in the Marketplace.

Metal Plates are rather cheap in this shop, although I’d recommend saving up for other more precious materials if you can.

The shop refreshes every month, so feel free to buy out the entire stock of Metal Plates if you need to.


Friend Point Exchange Shop

Friend Point Exchange Shop / Last Cloudia
Friend Point Exchange Shop

Aside from the Friend Point Gacha, you can also get Metal Plates by exchanging them for your Friend Points.

They cost 1,000 Friend Points each.

A bit pricey compared to its actual utility, but it’s still a viable purchase if you need metal plates ASAP.

It’s a matter of personal preference, but it would most likely be better to use your Friend Points on the Friend Point Gacha if you’re in no hurry to get Metal Plates or other resources.


Event Exchange Shop

Event Exchange Shop (3rd Anniversary Celebration Event) / Last Cloudia
Event Exchange Shop (3rd Anniversary Celebration Event)

Whenever there’s an event, you can always count on time-limited Event Shops to pop up in the Marketplace.

Enhancing Materials like Metal Plates and many others are almost always guaranteed to appear in these kinds of shops, so feel free to buy them out whenever you can!

Metal Plates in Event Exchange Shops are quite cheap, but it’s still recommended to pick up the rarest items in the store first just to avoid running out of event currencies right before the event ends.

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