Last Cloudia Mother Souls: How To Use & Where To Get Them

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Mother Souls are one of the most important and sought-after resources in the game.

These are used as a substitute for Unit Souls for increasing the maximum Skill Cost of your Characters — allowing them to use more passive or active skills during battle.

Due to how useful they are, Mother Souls are quite rare. But we’ll go through several sources of Mother Souls and show you how to get as much as you’d need.


What Are Mother Souls For?

Mother Souls (Inventory) / Last Cloudia
Mother Souls (Inventory)

Mother Souls are used for one thing and one thing only — as a substitute for Unit Souls when upgrading a Unit’s Skill Cost limit.

Mother Souls are very important, simply because acquiring enough Unit Souls to fully increase a Unit’s Skill Cost limit is quite hard and time-consuming.

Not to mention that you also need Unit Souls for awakening units, making it much harder to rely on Unit Souls alone when it comes to maxing Units out.


Where To Get Mother Souls

While they are quite rare, you can eventually accumulate enough Mother Souls to not worry about them if you know where to look.

Here are several of the best sources of Mother Souls to farm them over time.



Arena (Daily 5★ Rewards) / Last Cloudia
Arena (Daily 5★ Rewards)

You can earn Mother Souls simply by playing through the Arena and accumulating five stars every day.

While the daily rewards Mother Souls per day might not seem like much, keep in mind that you can also get Mother Souls from the Ranking Rewards.

The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to have a high ranking to get Mother Souls. All you need to do is to win at least 2 to 3 matches a day and you’re all set!


Unit Episodes

GA Lukiel Episode Reward / Last Cloudia
GA Lukiel Episode Reward

Unit Episodes are unlocked whenever a Unit is enhanced to certain levels. They are short excerpts about Units that — when unlocked — give you a total of 100 Mother Souls.

As you can see, you can accumulate tons of Mother Souls simply by enhancing Units and leveling them up along the way.


Event Exchange Shops

Marketplace (Event Exchange Shop) / Last Cloudia
Marketplace (Event Exchange Shop)

Event Exchange Shops are the shops that come with every other event. They’re only temporary, but they sell very precious resources much like Mother Souls.

While there are better items on sale every time an Event Exchange Shop comes in, be sure to at least grab a few Mother Souls here during the events!


Login Bonuses

Login Bonuses (February 2022) / Last Cloudia
Login Bonuses (February 2022)

Login Bonuses will give you a decent amount of Mother Souls if you’re willing to log in every day without fail.

Do note, however, that your progress stops depending on how many days you aren’t logged in, so make sure to log in enough times to get all of the Mother Souls on the reward list!


Friend Point Gacha

Friend Point Gacha (x10 Pull) / Last Cloudia
Friend Point Gacha (x10 Pull)

Pulling in the Friend Point Gacha is another great way to accumulate Mother Souls amongst other precious resources.

Moreover, you should always check for rate-up events for the Friend Point Gacha as they’ll drastically increase your chances of getting Mother Souls!


Crimson Ore Exchange Shop

Marketplace (Crimson Ore Exchange Shop) / Last Cloudia
Marketplace (Crimson Ore Exchange Shop)

The Crimson Ore Exchange Shop is reserved for veteran players who’ve accumulated enough dupes from the Gacha.

Even so, keep in mind that Mother Souls are also available here if you need them – though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying them from this shop all willy-nilly.

Use the Crimson Ore Exchange Shop for Mother Souls only if you have enough Crimson Ore to spare, as there are a lot of items in there that are worth saving up for.


Multiplayer Coin Exchange Shop

Marketplace (Multiplayer Coin Exchange Shop) / Last Cloudia
Marketplace (Multiplayer Coin Exchange Shop)

If you play Multiplayer stages often (which you should), then remember that you can also buy Mother Souls with Multiplayer Coins.

Sure, other rare and precious items can be bought in the Multiplayer Coin Exchange Shop. But Mother Souls are by far one of the best resources you can buy here.

Well, assuming that you’ve already saved up for and bought all of the damage cap-raising multiplayer rings!

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