How To Farm Zell & Gold in Last Cloudia

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To obtain a lot of Zell, you’re going to have to farm the following items:

  • Copper Piece = 100 Zell
  • Silver Piece = 1,000 Zell
  • Gold Piece = 10,000 Zell
  • Large Gold Piece = 100,000 Zell

There are several ways that players can get these items — but clearing the Gold Rush Field is the best method for farming Zell consistently.

And although selling these Pieces you’ve acquired will make up the bulk of your wealth, you can also get Zell from other sources that don’t give you any Pieces.

Let’s look into all of your options.


Clearing Gold Rush Field (Best Method)

Gold Rush Field Stages / Last Cloudia

Clearing the Gold Rush Field daily is easily the #1 Zell farming method in terms of sheer consistency.

The NIGHTMARE difficulty will give you the most gold per stamina orb, but clearing HARD just once is also worth it because of its first-clear reward (Large Gold Piece).

What makes them so great is that they’re relatively easy to clear even for new players. Although keep in mind that they’re only available to clear 3 times per day.


Clearing the Infinite Zell Gate

Infinite Zell Gate screen / Last Cloudia

The Infinite Zell Gate is the lesser version of the Gold Rush Field.

Sure you still get some Pieces from it, but not as much.

However, it’s still viable for Zell farming simply because of its availability.

And unlike the Gold Rush Field, you can farm this one as many times as you’d like!

It’s recommended to only do this in case you need some Zell urgently though – but even then, there are other more convenient ways to get them if you have the resources for it.


Banner Event Exchange Shop

DoH Ultra Banner (Medal Exchange Shop) / Last Cloudia

Events can give your Zell reserve a considerable boost whenever they come around.

For example, if you’ve pulled in an event banner recently and don’t have anything to spend your medals on, it may be prudent to exchange them for some Large Gold Pieces.

They’re generally very cheap, and have high stocks (as shown in the picture above), though do spend your medals wisely as there are other better items in the exchange shop if you’re willing to save up for them.


Arena Point Exchange Shop

Arena Point Exchange Shop / Last Cloudia

If you play arena regularly, you’ll most likely find yourself with a ton of Arena Points by the end of each week.

So if you’re running low on Zell, all you have to do is to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Arena Point Exchange shop and you’ll find 1,000,000 Zell waiting for you weekly.

Well, provided that you can spare a grand total of 2,000 Arena Points. Which even for high-level arena players can be a slightly daunting amount.


Monthly Login Bonuses

Monthly Login Bonuses (Feb 2022) / Last Cloudia

To help alleviate the Zell shortage, Last Cloudia gives away some Gold Pieces on the Monthly Login Bonuses.

Basically, all you need to do is log in daily and you’ll eventually be able to accumulate a decent amount of Zell.

Not to mention that you’ll also get a ton of other useful rewards, such as Mother Souls, Crystal Clusters, and Gems.


Pull in the Friend Point Gacha

Pull in the Friend Point Gacha / Last Cloudia

The Friend Point Gacha is one of the more underrated ways to farm resources, and that goes for even Zell as well.

While every pull might be heavily dependent on RNG, you’re pretty much guaranteed to earn several Bronze, Silver, and Gold Pieces every week from your 3 free daily pulls.


“Secret” Method: Clear Gorde Mines Side Quest (Plot of Gold 1 & 2)

Gorde Town Side Quests / Last Cloudia

Players will be able to farm Zell passively (just like Blue and Red Souls) upon clearing every single stage of the Gorde Mines.

You can do this by completing two specific side quests:

  • Plot of Gold
  • Plot of Gold 2

As soon as these side quests have been cleared, simply go to the Gorde Town’s shop and buy the item called “Minecart”, which has been unlocked after clearing the side quests.

From then on, you’ll finally be able to collect Zell from the mine in the Story Map without doing anything!

At max level, the mine has a capacity of 44,000 Zell and generates about 5,800 Zell per hour.

Whoever said Side Quests aren’t worth it?


Event Mines

Attack on Titan Collab (Zell Mine) / Last Cloudia

Some Events feature separate maps that have their own upgradeable Blue Soul Spots, Red Soul Spots, and even Zell Mines.

They’re typically upgraded by event currencies rather than normal resources, so remember to keep an eye for these and feel free to upgrade them to max level ASAP.

These “time-limited” mines come and go with each event.

But considering how long events go for in Last Cloudia, you’ll be able to collect a ton of gold per day before they expire.

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