The Best Blind Pick Junglers in League of Legends

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Getting to go first in League’s champ select is far from an advantage; you have no idea what enemies you’re up against, and the enemy jungler will know exactly what to pick to counter you.

But the odds don’t have to be against you – there are jungle champions out there that have little to no counter matchups, and are versatile enough to play around any type of enemy.

So let us introduce you to these gamesaving champions.


5. Trundle

Trundle Jungler in LoL
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Smashing his way into 5th place is Trundle, the Troll King.

Not many champions can (or dare to) take on the Troll King; he dominates the jungle and is virtually impossible to invade.

He’s incredibly versatile – excelling at ganking, dueling, and teamfighting – and his CC combined with his high movement speed allows him to easily escape unfavorable situations.

Trundle can even melt through tanks thanks to his ultimate, which makes him a particularly viable blind pick in the current tank-dominated meta.

The only downside?

He doesn’t scale well, meaning you’ve got to thrash the early game.


4. Hecarim

Hecarim LoL gameplay screenshot
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How about a blind pick champion that’ll take you for a ride across the Rift?

Hecarim boasts insane movement speed that few champions can match – or counter.

He can effortlessly outroam the enemy jungler, secure objectives before the opposing team has time to react, and pull off effective ganks.

He also has CC built into his kit, meaning he can thwart even the most agile champion’s escape attempts.


3. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump LoL gameplay
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Long gone are the days of disco nunu; the rework has now transformed him into one of the best blind pick junglers in League.

Nunu sports high mobility, crowd control, and has virtually no counter matchups.

He can set up fights from afar with his snowball, and his AoE ultimate works exceptionally well in teamfights.

His Q even allows him to secure objectives with ease.

So yep, your teammates will no longer flame you for missing smite.

What makes Nunu truly blind pickable though, is his ability to remain within the game, no matter how far he falls behind.

Even if he gets utterly destroyed from an early level invade or failed gank, he can still impact the game and assist his team.

Oh, and if you love camping the enemy and tilting their soul into oblivion?

Nunu will let you do just that; his snowball allows you to easily gank a lane again and again.


2. Warwick

Warwick Jungler LoL
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Coming in second is Warwick, the beast on the hunt for kills, honor, and that sweet, victory screen.

Warwick’s a great blind pick because of his insane adaptability.

In fact, he’s literally the definition of “a jack of all trades.”

Want to play as a tank and bear the brunt of the enemy team’s attacks?

Yep. His ultimate grants him immense sustain.

Want to prioritize ganking and getting your laners fed?

Sure – his W ability lets him chase down low-health enemies, and he can CC all of their escape plans.

Or, if you want to show your team the true meaning of “jung diff” and turn yourself into a squishy-destroying beast?

Yep. Warwick’s still gotchu.

He has a high damage output early, which allows him to easily chomp through enemies and snowball himself into a killing machine.

To top it all off, he sports one of the most beginner-friendly kits in the game. So you can also focus on the macro side of things and shotcall your team to victory.


1. Jarvan

Jarvan LoL gameplay screenshot
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Jarvan isn’t just the Exemplar of Demacia.

He’s also the exemplar of blind pick junglers.

After all, countering Jarvan is close to impossible – there is virtually no champion that renders him useless.

Try to counter him with an assassin jungler? He’s healthy enough to tank all the burst damage.

With a bruiser jungler? He has heaps of CC to stop you in your tracks.

With a tank jungler? He’ll simply dive right past you into your backline, rendering your role useless.

He also excels at dueling, can’t be counter jungled, and is fantastic at both clearing and ganking.

And if that’s not enough to win you over?

Just like Nunu, even if he falls behind, he still remains a threat.

He can always set up teamfights thanks to his flag and ult combo, and his kit synergizes extremely well with AoE team fighters and dive-oriented champions, both of which are strong picks in the current meta.

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