The Best Female Champions in League of Legends

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There are tons of badass female champions in every position, and each with their own strengths that will help you climb the ranked ladder.

Of course, figuring out which ones are the reigning queens in the current meta isn’t easy – if you don’t know where to start.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of awesome female LoL champions (S11) based on factors including playstyle, survivability, and current win rate.

I’ve also made sure to feature at least one female champion from every role, so you’ll definitely find your new main here.


10. Vayne

Vayne LoL gameplay screenshot
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Clocking in at no.10 is the Night Hunter, Vayne.

Vayne is a badass hyper-carry that shreds through any opponent who dares to stand in her way, no matter how tanky they are.

She’s currently one of the strongest ADCs in League, which isn’t a surprise considering her powerful scaling, unrivalled DPS, and her ability to chase down any enemy.

And if you get fed on her?

You’ll be making the enemy shiver in their Ninja Tabis (which, let’s be real, barely make a dent in her OP damage output).

Vayne does have an insanely high skill cap though, so if you’re hoping to main this female champion, be prepared to make many, glorious “vaynespotting” moments.

This includes the good ol’ classics: saving an enemy with condemn, and tumbling into the opposing turret.


9. Ashe

Ashe Female Champion LoL
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Ashe might be one of the oldest female champions, but she would still put the young’uns to shame.

Her kit has everything you could possibly want in a marksman;

high attack speed, slows, global range CC and even a vision-granting ability. So yep, you can finally slay your opponents without having to worry their jungler is hiding in the bush.

She’s also one of the easiest female champions to play, making her a great beginner-friendly pick.

If you pick up Ashe’s bow of True Ice, you certainly won’t regret it.

The only reason why she’s not higher up in this list?

Well, as any marksman main will know from first-hand experience, ADCs don’t have the most impactful role in this early-game oriented season.


8. Katarina

Katarina LoL gameplay
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Katarina is a fierce assassin with a kit designed for one purpose:

To swiftly kill.

Her blades deal a deadly amount of damage, and her passive resets her ability cooldowns each time she lands a fatal blow.

She also has gap closers and tons of mobility, allowing her to dive right in to the action and reach even the most well-protected carry.

The best part of Katarina though is her snowballing potential: if she manages to secure even just one kill, it’s almost a given that she’ll become an unstoppable monster, slashing through squishy opponents left, right, and center.

She also has a flexible build, giving her great adaptability; you can go Electrocute on her to deal heavy burst damage, or opt for Conqueror for more sustain in lane.

Plus you can even build AP or AD, since her abilities scale with both.

Put simply: if you want a fierce snowballing female champion that’s flexible and mobile?

Katarina is your best bet.


7. Leona

Leona LoL gameplay screenshot
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Leona has consistently been a strong pick, and for good reason:

She’s a menace in laning phase, has great survivability and CC that will send even the most “zen” enemy on a tilt-spree.

While she can be played defensively in fights – yep, she can tank pretty much everything you throw at her – she can also start them effortlessly, thanks to her solid gap closer and engage options.

Not only that, but Leona is also one of the easiest champions to kill enemy wards with due to her auto-attack reset (gotta show your vision score some love).

The only drawback of Leona?

Once you’re in, you’re all in.

She has no means of escape, so you better pick your fights carefully!


6. Yuumi

Yuumi Female Champion LoL
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Next up is the magical feline all League players love to hate: Yuumi (Seriously. There is even a petition to remove her from the game.)

Despite her adorable looks, Yuumi’s a support that can turn any fight in her team’s favor.

Well, when she’s not distracted by fish.

Tons of CC, sustain and a projectile that can deal hefty poke – Yuumi’s kit has everything you need to put the enemy in perma-gray screen mode.

But what makes Yuumi one of the best female champions in the game?

It’s got to be her W.

She can hop onto any carry, and make them ten times more OP.

After playing Yuumi, I totally understand why the Egyptians worshipped felines!


5. LeBlanc

LeBlanc LoL gameplay
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LeBlanc is a burst mage that can deal ungodly damage in mere seconds, despite having high survivability.

Yep, because of her passive, insane mobility, and distortion ability, you can dive straight into a teamfight, one shot their carry, and “nope out” without breaking a sweat.

And hey, if you love tilting the enemy, LeBlanc with her many clones will allow you to do just that!

Truly, she’s a trickster that’ll deceive your enemies into giving you all the LP you could possibly desire.


4. Camille

Camille LoL gameplay screenshot
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Camille is a female top laner that strikes fear into all those who cross her blades.

She sports insane mobility, true damage, and an ult that gives her the advantage in any teamfight.

It allows her to isolate the carry and slice them to smithereens before they can even get in a single auto-attack on her other allies.

Although, like many other female champions featured in this list, Camille isn’t the easiest to pick up.

But if you love a challenge as much as Camille loves hextech body augmentation?

She’s the one for you.


3. Lulu

Lulu Female Champion LoL
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Lulu is not just one of the cutest champions in League – she’s also one of the best when it comes to climbing up the ranked ladder.

This fae sorceress will shape reality in your favor, with her far-reaching slow, vision-granting shielding and knock up ultimate.

And of course, who could forget polymorph? (aka, her “killing me is out of style, being an adorable critter is in” ability.)

With most of Lulu’s abilities being point and clicks, she’s a great (and easy!) support to pick up.


2. Evelynn

Evelynn LoL gameplay
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Evelynn is the epitome of the “femme fatale.”

She lures her enemies in close with her alluring looks, then reveals her true, ghoulish nature: a sadistic assassin who loves nothing more than tormenting and massacring all those around her.

But what exactly makes her so deadly, and one of the best junglers in League?

It’s her phenomenal ganking capability once she hits level 6.

At level 6, she gains the ability to camouflage, allowing her to sneak up close to the enemy without them even realizing.

And once they do realize, it’s almost always too late – she can charm her opponent to prevent them from escaping, and her ultimate, Last Caress, allows her to decimate them in seconds.

Besides being a strong ganker, Evelyn also deals hefty damage to camps and boasts impressive sustain.

Plus her kit allows her to easily escape unfavorable situations.


1. Fiora

Fiora LoL gameplay screenshot
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Taking the first spot is none other than Fiora, the Grand Duelist.

Fiora dominates top lane like no other champ, and she does it all with “precision and grace.”

Thanks to her high attack speed, critical strike attack and parry (Riposte), her dueling is unrivalled, giving her great lane presence and phenomenal split pushing capability.

She can even slice her way through tanks and turrets “in a blink of an eye.”

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, I introduce you to her ultimate, aptly named the Grand Challenge.

If you manage to pull off the challenge of hitting all four vitals, Fiora – and every ally around her – gains back virtually all their health.

Just imagine this ult in duels and teamfights; totally deadly, totally game-changing.

Considering her kit, it should come as no surprise that if played well, Fiora can also take on multiple opponents, making her a 1v5in’ battle queen.

And for those who still don’t believe she deserves the no.1 spot?

Well, Fiora’s only got one thing to say to you: begone, “insolent peasants!”

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