Heimerdinger’s Best Skins in League of Legends (All Ranked)

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Ever since Arcane came out, I just can’t stop thinking about how fluffy Heimerdinger is.

So since I’m already thinking about his looks, I might as well look into his skins library right? He’s got some great ones.

Here’s my ranking of the best Heimerdinger skins, taking into account all of their features, price points, designs, and my own opinion.


8. Blast Zone Heimerdinger

Blast Zone Heimerdinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: June 24th, 2010
Price: 520 RP

I honestly love the idea behind this skin – but I just don’t think the in-game model holds up all that well.

The theme of Heimerdinger being an even crazier scientist than he already was is pretty funny.

And giving him a derpy face and messed-up hair could have been an interesting look.

However, his hair model just looks too wonky. And his face absolutely terrifies me.

The skin does have a decent splash art though, and it even changes your turrets so they look a bit more burned up and defective. But the skin just doesn’t hold up compared to all the others.

I think this could be funny to use once or twice, but it’s definitely not the type of skin that Heimerdinger mains would use regularly.


7. Alien Invader Heimerdinger

Alien Invader Heimerdinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 13th, 2010
Price: 1820 RP

Alien Invader Heimerdinger is just another example of “cool concept, bad design” with the added description of “seriously overpriced”.

The character model is admittedly very cool, with Heimerdinger looking like a proper alien with his giant green brain making up 50% of his body mass. And even his turrets were redone to fit the alien invader theme a lot better.

However, the skin only offers 975 RP skin value – and yet charges a legendary sum.

There are no new emotes, his W and E are practically the same, there’s no voice change, nothing.

So even though I really like the idea itself (and you do get some of that “rare skin swag” here), it’s just not worth busting the bank for.


6. Piltover Customs Heimerdinger

Piltover Customs Heimerdinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 22nd, 2010
Price: 975 RP

OK I’ll just say it: this skin is really just okay in every way.

The character model is taken into a funkier “mechanic” direction, and I honestly think it fits the champion rather nicely. The luscious hair, the shades, the bandana, it all fits in well & gives you an idea of who this dude is.

You also get some minor ability changes, with the turrets now looking a bit more rough and metallic, which makes sense for the skin.

And even the splash art is just sort of decent.

But nothing about this skin is extremely memorable… although I also can’t say that there’s a single part about this design that I don’t like.

It’s just missing that “wow” factor – which we’ll see a lot more of as we get further in this list.


5. Snowmerdinger

Snowmerdinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 14th, 2011
Price: 975 RP

Right off the bat, I love the character model here.

And I know this is far from the only Christmas skin in League of Legends – but I think it’s one of the better executed ones.

Having Heimerdinger be this grumpy-looking snowman really leaves make me chuckling. And the design for his turrets is equally as impressive.

I especially like that the normal turrets are little snowmen in sled turrets, but that the ult turret is a nicely decorated chimney blaster.

Snowmerdinger’s splash art is a bit outdated now, but I don’t think it hurts the skin all that much.

However, you do lose out on Heimerdinger’s beautiful hair, which we all know is the third step of invention – so I’ll have to dock a few points there.


4. Heimerstinger

Heimerstinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 3rd, 2022
Price: 1350 RP

Whenever a bee-related skin comes out, you can count on two things:

It’s going to be cute, and the name is probably going to be a pun.

You take one look at Heimerstinger, and those assumptions are immediately proven correct. But what else does it have going for it?

For one, the new W (both normal and empowered) is just amazing. Seeing a swarm of bees zoom at your enemy will always put a smile on my face.

Secondly, the sound effects are really well-made. You get the expected bee buzz (which is especially nice during your ult) and some honey splatter effects on your E. It all ties in rather well.

However, the skin also has a few features I don’t completely stand behind.

For one, you’re cosplaying a bee instead of being a bee, like Ziggs. Which is kind of weird considering the fact that your backing animation hits at a little honey on the side.

Secondly, the skin could’ve gone a bit crazier. Maybe having the turrets shoot out their stingers or at least having the E being a pot of honey instead of a flower.

Overall not bad – but could’ve been better.


3. Pool Party Heimerdinger

Pool Party Heimerdinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 2nd, 2020
Price: 1350 RP

You can never really go wrong with a Pool Party skin. They’re always pretty top notch, and Pool Party Heimerdinger brings out all the bells and whistles that you’d expect.

Your turrets are little squirt guns with all of the water effects and particles you could wish for.

Your E is a beach ball, and your W is just comprised out of opened fizzy drinks. What’s there not to love here?

Even the character model is polished beyond belief, as your already-fabulous hair somehow appears even softer than before. And your swag walk hits even harder.

I was originally going to put this in the #2 spot, but since the Pool Party skin line is more expensive and way less unique, I decided to serve it some humble third spot pie.


2. Hazmat Heimerdinger

Hazmat Heimerdinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 13th, 2014
Price: 975 RP

If you’re looking for a terrific budget skin, this is it. Look no further.

Even though Hazmat Heimerdinger is only 975 RP, I can confidently say that it has no glaring weaknesses whatsoever.

As a mad scientist, the hazmat getup makes perfect sense for Heimerdinger. So the theme is solid.

The character model is also very well-made, with a little hatch at the top that opens up when you use your abilities, and also shortly shows off your luscious hair underneath. So S-tier attention to detail in that regard as well.

Even the animations are clean and polished here, with your turrets taking on that “nuclear weapon” form, and all of your particles getting recolored to green so they fit the theme better.

The emotes receive slight changes as well, and the splash art is pretty sick… everything is just well-made here. Definitely a skin worth considering.


1. Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: October 11th, 2018
Price: 1820 RP

Putting a newer legendary skin at number one might be predictable, but it’s also logical.

And that’s how Heimerdinger himself would probably feel too.

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is just way too cool to pass up.

The little dragon that sits atop your head and signals your ult is both adorable and badass.

And the fact that your emotes, homeguard animation, and backing animation summon even more dragons only makes the skin better.

I’m especially fond of the dance emote. I never imagined that Heimer’s original dance could have been improved, yet here we are.

The ability animations also come with lots of extras that such a high price point would entail. And everything here really just fits in together perfectly.

I will say that the death animation makes me unreasonably sad. But I can’t dock points just because I now have abandonment issues.

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