The Best High Mobility Champions in League of Legends

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League of Legends can feel a lil slow pace at times – especially when the game drags on to the 40-minute mark.

So why not change up the pace by maining a champion that literally lives in the fast lane?

There are two types of high mobility champions in League:

Champions that are exceptionally mobile in fights, and champions that can get across the map in recordbreaking times.

Below I’ve gathered the best champions of both mobility types.

So whether you’re in to outplaying your enemy with acrobatic-like movements, or simply want a champion that’ll outroam any laner, you’re sure to find your new main here.


14. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate LoL gameplay screenshot
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Twisted Fate has a few cards up his sleeve, the first one being his phenomenal mobility.

Thanks to his ult, he can teleport to any location he desires.

While the ability isn’t global, it’s range is still huge. And it comes with another added benefit: it reveals ALL enemy champions.

So yep, you can find any low health enemy attempting to sneakily recall, then teleport right beside them and give em’ a deadly jumpscare.

The only drawback?

The ultimate has a seriously long cooldown.


13. Talon

Talon LoL gameplay
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Talon is the king of parkour.

He can vault over any structure in his way, allowing him to “nope out” of unsavory situations, or take a zillion shortcuts whenever he wants to roam the map.

His ultimate also gives him a movement speed boost, and he even has a gap closing ability.

Sadly, Talon can’t parkour his way into the top spot.

The reason?

Vaulting over terrain carelessly can cost you greatly in the future; every time he vaults over a structure, it puts the structure on cooldown.


12. Quinn

Quinn gameplay LoL
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Flying her way into 12th place is Quinn, aka Demacia’s wings.

While she’s not the most popular champion out there – and players are still at a loss of what her primary role should be – one thing is clear:

Quinn has the highest movement speed in the game.

This is thanks to her eagle companion Valor, who flies her wherever she desires once she hits level 6 (pets are the true MVPs).

Unsurprisingly, Valor makes Quinn the queen of roaming. She can secure objectives or kills around the map before her lane opponent even has time to ping “enemy missing.”


11. Camille

Camille LoL gameplay screenshot
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Camille might have a high skill cap.

But if you’re looking for a mobile fighter that can slice the enemy to death? Camille is worth the zillion hours it takes to master her.

She can play around enemies like an acrobatic goddess, all while dishing out hefty damage and slows. She can even disengage and engage effortlessly.

Her ultimate is a total gamechanger too: she can jump onto an opponent and isolate them in a “battle to the death” zone (spoiler alert: she won’t be the one losing).


10. Shen

Shen LoL gameplay
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Right. Shen might have a reputation for… afking in the river.

But rest assured that the afking, no map presence “River Shen” isn’t a true representation.

Shen actually has tons of map presence, and is one of the most mobile champions there is, thanks to his global teleport ability.

Within mere seconds, he can teleport to an ally of his choice while granting them a shield that protects them from incoming damage.

Oh, and as soon as he teleports?

He then blinks in between his ally and the nearest enemy.

This mobile mechanic allows him to change any fight in his favor.

He can either help his ally disengage by tanking the blows, or engage on the enemy and finish them off to pad up his KDA.


9. Pyke

Pyke LoL gameplay screenshot
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Want a support that’ll let you roam so quickly, the ADC won’t even notice you’re missing (and spam ping you for leaving)?

A support that can engage on the enemy and one-shot their health bar? And can KS the ADC without being flamed?

Then you’re in luck, ‘cus Pyke is all of those things combined.

He’s got a movement-speed granting ability, hard CC, and damage that’ll plunge the enemy into watery darkness.

Pyke can even stealthily ambush his opponents, and he has tons of playmaking potential thanks to his hook and dash.


8. Hecarim

Hecarim gameplay LoL
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Any LoL player will know this list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of good ol’ Hecarim.

There’s no slowing down Hecarim and there’s no escaping him.

His E allows him to catch out overextended enemies in seconds, and also secure objectives before the enemy jungler can even reach them.

He isn’t all movement and no bite, though; he has a fast jungle clear, tons of CC, and can dish out hefty damage.

Pick up this zoomie-loving steed, and you won’t regret it.


7. Rakan

Rakan LoL gameplay
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Rakan’s the smoothest support in the game.

And no, it’s not just because of his pick-up lines – he’s smooth on the battlefield too.

Thanks to his kit, Rakan can weave in and out of fights effortlessly, escape virtually any situation, and pull off slick engages that allow his team to secure ace after ace.

His CC ultimate even bestows him additional movement speed, upping his mobility by tenfold.

While he’s not the most popular playmaker out there (Thresh just hooks the playerbase in), he’s definitely the most mobile, and playing him is heaps of fun.


6. Lillia

Lillia LoL gameplay screenshot
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Sure, Hecarim might be the best four-legged sprinter. But Lillia is by far the best four-legged marathon runner.

The reason?

Whenever Lillia hits her opponent she gains increased movement speed, allowing her to dance and prance around them for eternity (and kite and dodge all their attacks).

She can even hinder the mobility of her enemies; her kit is brimming with CC like slows.

Truly, Lillia’s fun and highly mobile playstyle will become deer to any jungler’s heart.


5. Yasuo

Yasuo gameplay LoL
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Yasuo is one of the most mobile mid laners in the game.

He has an endless amount of dashes, high movement speed, and a point and click ult that allows him to blink to the enemy and slaughter them if they’re hit with CC.

Yasuo’s mobility does come at a price though: he has an exceptionally high skill cap.

But hey, if you’re determined to learn the ways of a 10/0 Yasuo (and can accept the fact that you’ll go 0/10 at least a dozen times while practicing him) then he’s a great high mobility champion to pick up.


4. Akali

Akali LoL gameplay
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Are you a sadist that finds great pleasure in one-shotting your opponent every time they get back to lane?

Then you’ll definitely love Akali.

She’s a highly mobile assassin that can dive right into a fight, take out the squishiest enemy in an instant, then escape without a single scratch.

Besides her mobility and high burst damage, Akali’s kit also has tons of slows, which will prevent even other mobile champions from escaping her lethal grasp.

Plus she can abuse virtually any melee champion early, allowing her to gain lane priority and kill pressure from the get-go.

While an all-round mobile assassin, Akali has a high skill cap, and is pretty vulnerable to hard CC.

Engaging at the wrong time will leave you staring at a gray screen.


3. Irelia

Irelia LoL gameplay screenshot
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Irelia is dedicated to mastering the art of slicing the enemy as fast (and elegantly) as possible.

So it should come as no surprise that she’s one of the best high mobility champions in the game.

She can constantly weave in and out of fights, allowing her to dodge, kite, and chase down stragglers effortlessly.

Plus she has tons of utility at her disposal, meaning she can remain a viable high mobility champion even if she falls behind in lane.


2. Akshan

Akshan gameplay LoL
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Swinging his way towards the top of the list is Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel.

Akshan’s middle name should be “mobility”. He literally fights his opponent while swinging around the map with a grappling hook.

Plus, while many mobility-granting abilities have a long cooldown, Akshan’s E ability cooldown is only 0.5 seconds if he scores a shutdown – allowing him to take to the sky multiple times in a fight.

Beside his trusty grappling hook, Akshan can also chase down opponents with his high movement speed and ultimate.

His ultimate allows him to lock onto an enemy, and fire at them no matter how far away they are.

Pick up the grappling hook, and I promise you the Rift will never feel slow or dull again!


1. Kassadin

Kassadin LoL gameplay
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A lot of champions on this list rely on specific “conditions” for their mobility.

Talon requires terrain, Yasuo needs minion waves or nearby opponents, and Lillia needs to slap the enemy with magical dream dust.

But Kassadin? (Or should I say, Kassawin?)

Nope. As soon as he hits level 6, he can blink to a new location multiple times in a row at just one click of a button.

The only “condition” is his mana cost, which doesn’t really matter once he gains a few mana-granting items (and his W ability also makes his basic attacks restore mana).

But what truly makes Kassawin deserving of the no.1 spot?

Most high mobility champions are incredibly hard to master.

Kassadin is – surprisingly – a relatively beginner-friendly champion.

So yep, you can play Kassadin and have fun without needing to spend all your nights practicing combos in the practice tool.

Sure, Kassadin might not be the flashiest champion out there.

But no other champion can rival his mobility (and damage) once he hits his power spike.

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